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Lo and behold the BS over sandy hook has not stopped, 2 years later! A news article claiming a massive 7-by-4 foot “gamer score sheet” spreadsheet detailing 500 previous murders weapons and kill counts is being used to attack the gaming industry now.  The supposed spreadsheet, which was 7 by 4 feet and had 500 names on it, could not have existed due to the fact that at a 9 font (it was mentioned it had a 9 font) it is impossible to fit 500 names on a spreadsheet that big. (my previous post goes into details on this).


This claim has been cited on Dozens of sites, all calling it a “gamer score sheet”. It’s disgusting.


What is really annoying is that the claim is A) Being called a “Score sheet” by many people, thus attacking the Gaming Industry, and B) Dozens of sites are citing this claim as if it were real, and even worse C) The official investigation claims it’s real as well! It’s disgusting really.



Gamers don’t compete for “real life scores” by killing real people. Mentally deficient terrorists (harris /klebold)/Gun Nuts(lanza)/anti-religious terrorists(norway shooter) do! You don’t see real gamers killing people because gamers are people just like any other person and usually don’t do something like that. In fact the odds of gamers killing people the year of the Sandy Hook Massacre are so low that it isn’t funny. There were 211,000,000 Gamers word wide that year. Only 2 killed. Only 2. That’s 0%! Meanwhile 40% of smokers get lung cancer. These “newspapers” and “news sites” are using Hoaxed Evidence to attack violent games Again! And it doesn’t just attack games. They attack gamers too. Every single one of the articles calling it a “score sheet” has unknowingly attacked gamers. The Lupica article attacked gamers, Made up BS claiming the massacre was planned as if Lanza was playing a violent game, mentioned BS about a “Code of a Gamer” that made it preferable to kill yourself in a real life, which is BS, and worse. These “journalists” should all be Arrested for spreading Hate Speech.


And I  can’t believe the State of Connecticut would use Hoaxed Evidence in a Report. That’s a real problem, although not as bad as the “gamer score sheet” BS, it still is stupid. Since this “evidence” attacks gamers by default, so does the report now. Connecticut decides to attack gamers in an official report on the shooting? What’s next. blaming us for the shooting? I wouldn’t be surprised if BS like that was spread by them, I really wouldn’t, because their attorney General was whining about games being sold where you can rape people in them (they haven’t existed since 1984). I totally despise Connecticut for the Crap they are pulling off.


It’s really disgusting, and it must stop!







I am writing this article to express what I have been thinking behind the scenes of this war against violence in entertainment for years… I have been collecting evidence, looking at claims, even going deep inside conspiracy theory circles on Sandy Hook, Columbine, Marathon Bombing and more.  Until Sandy Hook, I never believed one shred of the conspiracy nonsense, but now I don’t know what I believe…. But I still believe one thing that is quite controversial and it’s based on tons of backed up evidence… That there is a conspiracy in this government going on since 1997 to get violent games banned after a massacre happens using fake evidence, media yellow journalism, government intervention, dozens of not to be trusted studies, and other things as well. It’s a reality to me and I want to explain why I believe this, and why you should to. Especially if you are a gamer.


Lets start at the crimes themselves that lead to moral panics surrounding youth violence and entertainment violence, columbine and sandy hook especially. Marathon bombing and aurora aren’t so big in this but there have been one or two people spreading lies after them so they are in the background.   If you look behind the scenes, ignoring ALL the media’s claims about such crimes and go to conspiracy circles, you get tons of evidence to suggest such crimes are engineered. This helps to link this to a conspiracy but doesn’t proof it’s part of the conspiracy.   In Sandy Hook’s case, it’s been proven by the Social security that Adam lanza died 1 day before the massacre. What would this mean for the idea of a conspiracy, well, for one thing, if what social security says IS true, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Lanza to be the killer, so someone else must be the killer instead… So since this someone else hasn’t even been investigated AT ALL by the government after  the killing (they REFUSE to investigate the possibility of the governments involvement), we have to assume they are in on it.     In columbine’s case, there are TONS of student evidence to suggest more than Harris and Klebold were involved, at least 6 other people where never caught in columbine… A white man throwing bombs, a man with acne that does not look like either of the reported shooters, and more. Who are these people? Since the government never once investigated this, and the FBI has been proven to withhold evidence on the crime,  how do we know the government isn’t involved in this at all. In sandy hooks case, there is also a claim of a second shooter, the police “investigated” but this guy was let go later. All of this leads to the possibility the government is involved in BOTH crimes….


But the real proof of the conspiracy lies somewhere else, in the investigation of nonsense spread after the school shootings themselves by both known and Unknown parties.  This nonsense is almost always of an anti-gaming nature, making it look like the shooter was solely influenced by violent games.  I did several articles discussing hoaxes perpetrated by unknown parties that seem to be used  to cause an outcry against violent games and even in the Supreme court to hijack EMA vs Brown. Such hoaxes are quite devious and NO one has even investigated and punished the perpetrators of these, especially the “Doom will become Reality” hoax. Supposedly Harris Said Doom Will Become Reality on his website. But the page was not his site, it was uploaded on April 21, 1999, one day after the massacre and It was proven by the FBI to be Fake later. But the sheer amount of attack sites, sites ran by extremist groups, all hell bent on making violent games look bad after columbine, Especially Doom, have used this claim as proof that doom caused Columbine. Later on a news article on some website said this site was not Harris’s Real AOL page but a fake page, but later on this site was simply taken off line!! A coverup?



Even more Sinister, the Conspiracy idea is brought further to light with the Newspaper articles of 1999 that claim Harris modified Doom to use in training for the massacre. Three articles all basically said the same basic premise, A Hate site tracking group found a modified version of Doom on harris’s Site. But each article had different, contradictory features, some not even possible to even Do in Doom in 1999.  One said that this modified version had 2 shooters, infinite ammo, and the  first shooter who ran out of Ammo died first (An Impossibility to do with doom in 1999!), another article took this last part out and claimed the version had infinite weapons, ammo, 2 shooters, and begging students saying a quote. Then Denverpost ran a similar article without these modified features mentioned but  the quote was Changed, and the way it was said was also changed, but all three articles mention  the same hate site tracking group, even going so far to quote their members, but when I did searches for this groups corroboration of this version on their website, I could not find it!

My article on this goes into this in more detail for people who are more interested in this part. It’s a long read but interesting anyway..  The real issue, is like the “Doom Will become Reality” Hoax, this has also been used on dozens of dozens of attack sites to demean the industry after the Industry, even though it’s fake!  It was also used in the EMA vs Brown Hijacking mentioned above as well.


Doing research into the nonsense studies that attempt to prove violent games cause real life violence, you get evidence of groups like the Center for Successful Parenting wanting to “change” culture to get rid of the violence (to ban it really), and earlier studies had .PDF files online that mentioned previous studies had used Electroshock therapy to bias their results, only on the kids who played violent  games in the study to boot. But later on, searching for this .PDF file in the same exact search, showed that it was deleted! So was the Amicus Brief that cited the 2 hoaxes. It was taken down too, the link that worked during Brown VS EMA, all of the sudden was taken down and there was no way to back up the claim that they used fake evidence besides my own blog saying it was. I never even bothered screenshotting the Amicus brief in question, not knowing it would be taken down. Conspiracy?



In Sandy Hook’s case the Media nonsense was almost as bad.  Right after the massacre, Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan was identified as the shooter.  When he supposedly liked Mass Effect’s Page on Facebook, a bunch of Religious Zealot trolls attacked the site to try to flood it in an attempt to take it down while harassing gamers with religious hate threats (“Burn in hell”, etc). The thing is none of these trolls are even on Facebook, I checked, looking for any of these attackers, and ALL Their accounts were nonexistent. It’s like a certain mid western religious zealot/pro family/anti freedom/gaming group used a bunch of fake accounts to take down Mass Effect’s Site….. No investigation was done into this…. More Ammo to prove a Conspiracy.


Even after that, when the guardian, a tabloid from England ran an article that Attempted to prove that Adam Lanza Played Call of Duty , but Failed, despite this failure, dozens of dozens of newspapers quoted the article as Proof  he played COD, all at once, like 50 in one day!!!!


Then you get into what I call the Tornado of Bullshit, a never ending cycle of nonsense that seems to be brought up over and over again by the media, the government and others, that always seems to fuel censorship or violent games legislation. Here is a diagram to show this off:




In this diagram the same thing seems to happen over and over again…

A) A school shooting happens, it is blamed on Violent games

B) Fake evidence such as the hoaxes, is used to “prove it”, hack psychologists go on talk shows

and say violent games are used to break down the inhibition to kill, (a Lie)

C) Hoaxes get debunked but sites get mysteriously shut down later

D) Public Outcry Happens

E) The Government gets involved and demands changes

F) Unknown parties instigate “Evidence Gathering Campaigns” against gaming sites, to prove gamers get violent for the things to come. Tactics such as harassment, abuse, threatening their lives while using fake names happen. This leads to fake evidence being gathered using abusive tactics.

G) Senate Hearings happen.

H) Studies are done to link violent games to aggression

I) Hack psychologists claim  these studies prove “Violence!” not aggression

J) More Public Outcry,

K) More Senate Outcry, this time legislation is brought up

L) Legislation fails and goes to the supreme court

M) The Hoaxes are used to sway the justices by pro family/anti-gaming groups

N) The justices find the law unconstitutional…

O) Now the hack psychologists call gamers druggies and sociopaths

P) Other fake “media violence experts” lie and say their life is being threatened

Q) More public outcry, more fake evidence, more Legislation!




In this conspiracy theory, who is involved? Good Question….. The government is part of this but they are far from the only people… Any news writer mentioning fake evidence is definitely in on this, that includes the writers of the 3 articles that claimed a fake version of doom was found on Harris’s site. Any public outcry group that uses fake evidence against games, is possibly involved (depends on if they know it’s fake or not, doesn’t it?). Then the right wing zealot groups who tried to hijack Brown vs Ema, they are definitely part of this… Anyone who takes part in evidence gathering campaigns or Video game Slander attack campaigns like the Facebook Mass Effect BS trolling mentioned above is probably involved…. In the forum debacle linked in the Evidence Gathering Campaign link above, the Email Services (justicemail), the Forum itself, the thread the forum took place on, the post the troll posted claiming he had found evidence that the gamers get violent (by our responses), all of this got mysteriously deleted no more than 3 years later… Conspiracy? I say YES!!!!


What does this mean for the future of gaming… It’s not good, that’s for sure…. Every time a school shooting happens and “proof” is found the shooter like violent games, be wary of it. Most of the time it’s fabricated, made up proof, part of a much bigger scheme…. I don’t trust any site claiming to show a link between a school shooter, and a motive involving video games making him commit the crime, such evidence such as the hoaxes are just that, Nonsense hoaxes perpetrated by the people involved in this conspiracy to fuck with our freedoms… Who knows if the real perpetrators of Sandy Hook, Columbine (?), Marathon Bombings, etc, are in on it too. Those are brought up to make people think before I went into the meat of the article, proof of a coverup, the first step to prove a conspiracy… I’m not sure myself if Columbine was a false flag, or if Sandy Hook Was, but if the evidence Social Security has given was NOT a mistake on  their part, then it MUST BE…. And people must act… How they must act is dependant of the future events attacking violent games in the Media, the Government etc…. Don’t let the Administration fake evidence to make violent games look like a Culprit if PROOF has been found Lanza died 1 day before… IMHO, Taking away violent games is part of a much bigger conspiracy to control our minds.  Also part of this is constant boot camp style brainwashing done at a lower but not friendly intensity to make people perfectly loyal, controlled subjects during the Education process from 2nd grade till the graduate college. Gaming, Sexuality, Music, Entertainment, Our right to get third party music (what RIAA is fighting), Our right to bear arms, our right to privacy, our right to fair and legal justice (their is none anymore, murderers get off and innocents like Aaron Swartz are put to death every day for crimes they did not commit), all of this goes against control. All of it. So it’s a no brainier, that if they are conspiring to control us all, why would they NOT conspire to get rid of stuff that makes it harder for them to do that in the first place?










So I was looking through info on possible scapegoating of Violent games after the Boston Bombings… I searched for “Violent Games” + “Boston Marathon” and came up with nothing… But when I changed “Violent Games” to “Violent Gamers”, something I’ve been doing in recent searches to see if anyone is daring to call all gamers violent, I came up with a link to this lovely site, written by a “crime researcher” quack, who is attempting to link violent games to sandy hook AGAIN!!! But what’s even worse is that this moron is trying to stereotype all gamers as “baby Killers”.  Here is the link to the site, which is text linked.

I quote:

The obsessive video-gamer showed up at the school just as morning classes were commencing dressed as a character from Call of Duty, a single-shooter game that features that same rifle.

Games like Call of Duty are developed and used by the U.S. military as well as many other armed forces for conditioning soldiers to kill. 

Investigators report that baby killer Adam Lanza played these kind of violent videogames “for hours everyday” in a windowless basement of his home, to the apparent exclusion of any other activity.”

Notice how he paints Lanza as An Obsessive video gamer and refuses to even mention mental illness once in this quote. NOT ONCE. He then tries to say that Investigators claimed that the “baby Killer” lanza “Adam Lanza played these kind of violent videogames “for hours everyday” in a windowless basement of his home, to the apparent exclusion of any other activity.”

Where did he get this BS from? He pulled it out from his ass, because this basement claim (which is BS) came from an article which A) Claimed the same thing and B) Quoted the Tabloid article that made up the claim in the first place, that I mentioned above.

Number 2 : “Games like Call of Duty are developed and used by the U.S. military as well as many other armed forces for conditioning soldiers to kill.”

This is complete bullshit.

The military has only made 1 series of games out of over 600, America’s Army. Most are made by gaming studios like Epic, ID, Valve, etc, not Military contractors!! This link disproves the claim he makes that games like this are used by the Armed forces to break down the inhibition to kill. It’s a blog, not written by another “Gamer babykiller”, but by a US Marine Corps Soldier who served time in IRAQ. I quote:

Let me give you some background. I am coming out of a four-year stint in the United States Marine Corps. I spent six months in Afghanistan and two months in Iraq (crossing the Line of Departure a mere 72 hours after the word was given by the President).

While not in a combat unit, every Marine’s primary job is basic rifleman. We are all considered trained enough to put steel on target when the lawful order is given.

Video games are poor training tools. For anything, really. I think the last games I learned from were Sticky Bear Math and Number Munchers.

I’m not aware of any military unit that uses video games to break down the inhibition to kill.

In fact, this breakdown really only occurs in one place: Boot camp.

Boot camp doesn’t even specifically concentrate on the inhibition to kill. Rather, they follow the CIA training manual for brainwashing almost point by point, in order to instill in recruits ‘instant and willing obedience to lawful orders’ – that is what they do. The assumption, of course, is that these orders may be to kill; But they could be to drag a wounded child to safety, or set up a bunker in 100 degree weather, or pull night watch after being up for a 36-hour convoy.

The inhibition to kill can only be broken down by, wait for it . . . killing.

When we were parked on the outskirts of Fallujah and watched as night fell and the Iraqis came out onto the streets, even though our orders were much more liberal than the current Rules of Engagement, there was still hesitation. And this after our convoy had turned around after taking fire at the front.”

Now to ruthlessly BS Filter the rest of the BS this moron types:

With this year’s announcement by U.S. military officials that they plan on redesigning their simulated killer programs to now include “female suicide bombers” in them, and the billion-dollar gaming industry’s morbid penchant for imitation, public attention is also shifting to the role such popular sims play in the recent spate of massacres against unarmed civilians.

Those who’ve studied the negative impact graphicly violent games have on habitual players fear that adding female shooting targets in them will greatly increase the likelihood of more mass gunman targeting women and children. Perhaps even in teams, since these unstable types tend to copycat and are always competing for top scores.

This upcoming Friday has been designated as an international day of mourning and memorium for the Sandy Hook victims. In a self-conscious move this week, major spokesmen for the Gaming community have publicly appealed for a virtual ceasefire in honor of that day.

Researchers note that besides dangerously elevating aggression in participants, these violent videogames are also psychologically addicting, so it’s not known if any  gamers will be able to abide by their leaders’ request, even if they wanted to.”

Number 1, the whole “Scores” thing is BS…. There is a claiming going around that the perpetrators of School shootings, particularly Columbine and Sandy hook killed kids to get a higher score. But here’s the thing. Very Few “Violent” FPS games EVEN HAVE SCORES IN THEM AT ALL. Since doom, the whole concept of “Score” has been rarely used at all, because it takes away from the survival aspect of FPS games… Since then only, the later COD games and Serious Sam have even had Score as a Stat in the games. But even if that weren’t true, the BS claim that the psychotic killers Lanza/Harris/Klebold/etc weren’t killing kids for the “highest” score. In every school shooting, there is always another reason, most of the time swept under the rug or covered up by the FBI. 

In columbine’s case, no one knew the REAL reason till 2012! A freedom of information act revealed that the FBI had been withholding evidence that Harris was raped by the Colorado Sherriffs in an 1998 arrest for bomb making materials, and whole massacre was a botched terrorist attack planned to kill as many kids as possible to get the police to storm the place so they could kill as many cops as they could before going out in a suicidal blaze….. Absolutely nowhere in harris’s writings does he say, directly, or indirectly “Doom is great. Let’s go out and kill kids in CHS to make it more real.” or something like that. All the evidence the media  keeps on bringing out is merely based on internet hoaxes proven by me to be hoaxes in these articles. Article 1 written by me, mentions the “Doom will become reality on april 20’th” hoax virally spread after the Shooting by the media and how it’s based on a Fake Eric Harris Site. There was also a claim that Harris modified Doom to make it into a “School shooting sim” which is BS because the articles spreading this claim claim he was able to do things Doom could have not done in 1999, such as infinite weapons, Friendly AI, etc… I debunked that in article 2.  

The other thing is the BS claim that Women in violent  games will lead to more “baby-killing” gamers killing women and children. This is complete BS, and is backed up by NOT 1 SINGLE FACT…. Number 1, the only “Baby killing Gamer” in History, is…. DRUMROLL… ADAM LANZA. THATS IT. No other gamer has killed young children. There are millions of gamers world wide, only 1 has killed little children. 

The whole claim that little children will get killed by  “baby killing gamers” is just bs to start a moral panic that involves locking up gamers or “treating them” (no doubt by military disciple/electroshock therapy/harassment/sexual abuse) which is being recommended already to “violent” and “nonviolent” mental illness victims, like people with aspbergers. Already BS is being spread about how violent games cause mental illnesses, and if Military discipline and Army boot camp like treatment are being recommended for Aspbergers, then it’s wise to assume it will be used to “treat” the “baby killing” gamers that haven’t committed a crime in their life, nevermind killed a kid. The real issue is that this is being possibly recommended to stop a tiny, less than 1% percentage of gamers from killing babies. 

Another thing. Adam Lanza didn’t even kill babies. Babies = less than 2 years old. He killed pre-schoolers. NONE OF THEM WERE BABIES. They were toddlers. This is scapegoating to make us all look like “baby killers” nothing more. Here is the % of gamers who have killed toddlers. 0.3%. % of Gamers who have Killed babies = 0.001%, based on all the cases I’ve read. The sandy hook shooting doesn’t count. No babies were killed in that. Just toddlers. 


More bullshit from the article:


In addition, Obama has publicly vowed to open a “meaningful” dialog now about guns and violence, particularly as it pertains to the rising crime wave among the young and these now-commonplace mass assaults.

Discussing discussions is a good start, of course, but advocates for gun control will be the first to say that it’s also a long overdue move, with too many dead having piled up during an inordinate and unjustified delay.

What’s more, if these proposed talks fail to address the role of violent videogames in this surge of violence, and if the billion-dollar gaming industry itself is not also forced to come to the table, this will all be for naught.

Remember, Klebold and Harris, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Adam Lanza…all these young mass murderers and many, many more just like them were violent video-gamers. All of these dangerous psychopaths methodically trained as expert marksmen via simulated single-shooter programs and a “harmless” little joystick.

Number 1, Klebold and Harris = Psychotic Terrorists. made psychotic by POLICE RAPE covered up by the FBI and the government and BS spread about Doom influencing them was the only proof found. This BS was put on fake websites and other places and has been debunked…

Jared Loughner = A psycho. NO MENTION of violent games mentioned on the Wikipedia page mentioning him…

James Holms = Militant Terrorist type. Played Fucking Guitar Hero. A guitar game. NONVIOLENT.

Adam Lanza = Psycho who killed young children.

And for the claim that “many other mass killers” played violent games, this is BS too. Only one other did, and he was an Anti-Islam Extremist Hate mongerer from Norway. Which do you think triggered his rampage, Hate mongering, or playing World of Warcraft… HMMM, There are no others!!!! Even if there were it would be less than 10% of the millions of gamers who are killers.. That means 90-95% ARE NOT KILLERS and this claim therefore is BULLSHIT.

This is the problem I’ve been keeping on talking about, Ad Nauseum. There is too much stereotyping of Gamers as killers, School Shooters, etc. But this is much worse then that… This takes it to a new level. We’re now Baby Killers. That’s right…. Fucking “Baby” Killers. Even Though Adam Lanza didn’t even kill one baby. Just a bunch of pre-schoolers. What have we done to deserve this title? 99% of the gaming population has done NOTHING to deserve this. This moron writes his own books and keeps on stereotyping us as the problem. We’re not.




DOOM iPod (Photo credit: scottkellum)

My last 2 posts went into 3 very questionable newspaper “articles” written by 3 different newspaper writers in 3 different newspapers, and how they claimed Eric Harris had modified Doom to allow him to train for Columbine on it, with features that (surprise!) Doom Could not do in 1999.  The newspapers, Denver Post, The rocky Mountain News, and Times Magazine, all mentioned the same hate site tracking group, but differed in the “quote” said by (virtual) dying students in the mod supposedly found, and had different features in each article, but some were the same between them. Denverpost mentioned nothing about Infinite Ammo, Extra Weapons, a Second Shooter, but did mention the “quote”. Rocky Mountain news said the mod had “Infinite Weapons” (how the hell is that even doable in ANY shooter?), “Infinite ammo”, dying students in certain places that say a quote (but it was a different quote than the denverpost article). The Times article failed to even mention the quote, but mentioned a second shooter, infinite ammo, and the shooter running out of  (the infinite?) ammo  first dying automatically.  The times news article was quoted by an APA paper on media violence, but the running out of ammo and dying part was left out. Later on the Paper was cited in this thesis on Video Game Violence, claiming to prove violent games cause real life violence, done by a college student in some Biology class.

When reading this “Thesis” for the first time I was shocked to see how many lies it contained. It mentioned how the Military used Doom as a training tool (debunked by the Design Synthesis Blog article : “Training our kids to kill”), mentions all the “Hate site tracking group found a modified version of doom” claims minus the ammo kill one, and worse. I wanted to see how many articles “cited” this as proof violent games cause real life violence. I was in for a shock.

Searching on google using the URL for the site revealed 15+ pages of results with at least 28 articles demonizing violent games among them. Searching with the title of the thesis revealed 10+ pages with 31 articles all demonizing violent games, and finally, searching with the quote claiming the hate site tracking group found the modified version of doom revealed 10 more pages with 11 articles attacking the games. All these results cited the search choice and I decided to study how many of each type there were.

Types included articles that asked whether games lead to real life aggression, articles that said that they definitely do, articles that asked “should violent games be banned”, articles that said they should, articles asking if games lead to real life violence, articles saying they do, articles asking if there was a link to real life violence, articles saying there was, articles saying violent games change the frontal lobes brain in brain scans of people who played them, articles claiming violent games were a “danger to society”, articles complaining about the EMA vs Brown decision by SCOTUS in 2010,  and finally one forum which basically said, “Violent Games breed Psychos!”.

URL Used in URL Search:

Title Searched in Title Search : Video Games: A Cause of Violence and Aggression

Quote used in Quote Search : “The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which tracks Internet hate groups, found in its archives a copy of Harris’ web site with a version of Doom. He had customized it so that there were two shooters, each with extra weapons and unlimited ammunition, and the other people in the game could not fight back.”

Here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I used…

Out of all 31 articles found while searching with the Thesis Title, 22% asked do violent games cause aggression, 32% said they cause violence, 22% asked if they did, and 16% said they cause Aggression. Pretty high totals for such a small sample size, yet it’s still quite alarming due to the questionable and even fabricated evidence cited. Out of all 28 articles found while searching with the Thesis URL, 32% asked if violent games cause aggression, 32% said they cause Violence, 22% asked if they did cause violence, and 14% said they cause aggression.  Notice a pattern? More people think violent games cause real life violence than mere aggression, even though the studies “prove” the former…. Just goes to show you how believable the hack psychologists claims on the talk shows in the 1997-2002 period were….  Now this is not true for the search done with the quote. I got a lot more extreme stuff with those results. 27% of the search results were the same page saying the following quote in it’s title :  “is violent games bad for childrens brain?”. I had less articles found in the results that said or questioned if violent games caused violence. That’s a good thing. But here’s the bad thing. Out of all the search results with the quote, 11 of the articles were from LAST YEAR… The quote came from a times news article done right after columbine. The BS was still being brought up in 2011!!!! How is that for ridiculous. I ended up debunking it recently but still a lot of it is really obviously “questionable” and no one questioned it even after 10+ years? It is so insane that no one ripped this one journalist from Time Magazine for posting these impossible doom features  in an article, yet they get cited by over 50 pages, once by the APA, and even a college Essay Writer cites them? How improbable is that? To show you how impossible these are, lets first look at the program dehacked.

Dehacked was made by Greg “Tree” Lewis in 1995 to edit the thing,frame,sound, and sprite data tables found in the Doom EXE (main program). These tables allow people to drastically change how the games enemies and weapons work. To do any kind of modification to Doom at this time, dehacked would be required, IF it allowed the editor to do them…. BIG if in this case, for the thing table has no property for friendly AI, whatsoever. Impossible in 1999. PERIOD. Later on a source port called MBF would develop such a way to do this in dehacked patchs but No one did it till 2000, and no documentation was released till then, at the earliest. So that’s not going to work either. Even if I am wrong there… The next 2 claims are still impossible at this time, with the normal Doom or MBF. The photo below shows the thing table property list for all things (they all share it) on the bottom pane.

The next claim is that this modified  version of doom added extra weapons + infinite ammo for both shooters.  Another bogus statement. The weapon table has 9 entries in it and the total number of entries depends only on the game (Doom, Doom 2) that is being used. Doom lacks one gun Doom2 has so Doom 1 has only 8 weapons. There is no way in dehacked to even add extra weapons without replacing others… And to make them work with the second shooter would also be impossible for weapon switching code for AI is FAR beyond ANYTHING dehacked can do, so is any 3rd party AI fire coding needed to even make this work. These things are not doable in dehacked, PERIOD. The photo below shows the weapon property screen with no  “Add Weapon” Button or Key at all.

So now we come to the most stupid quote ever uttered in an article attacking Doom.

“Harris’ customized Doom game was programmed so that the shooter who runs out of ammunition dies first. “

1) How can you run out of ammo in a mod with INFINITE AMMO? You can’t. Assuming that is possible…..

2) Even if you could run out of ammo, there is no variable in dehacked weapon table (image above) that tracks your current ammo. Dehacked does NOT let you edit these variable because it’s in Memory and always changes. Dehacked also cannot let you do anything that involves doing a certain action (killing the player/or the “shooter” when a variable meets a certain value. So this whole quote has been invalidated even if the infinite ammo COULD allow you to run out of ammo.

The screenshot below shows NO way to kill the player if he runs out of ammo for any gun, or health (that happens automatically anyway), or any statistic, whatsoever. The players properties are his max health, speed, whether he can even be hurt (how GOD mode can be done in dehacked), etc.

Now to discuss this “quote” supposedly said by dying students. Number 1, nowhere in the Times article is it even brought up. This article was done BEFORE the denverpost article and also BEFORE the rocky mountain news article. So the quote is most likely  bogus. But not neccisarily. This idea CAN be done in doom. I’ve tested it several ways and there is nothing stopping this idea from being real, but the 2 differing quotes, and the 2 different ways of saying it (Shouted in Denverpost vs Cried in Rocky Mountain News) should make it questionable at the very least. It’s weird that the denverpost article  cut out all the stuff that Doom Can’t do. Too Weird. This stuff would invalidate the article completely by fans of the game who would all call in complaining. Did Denverpost know this ahead of time? I don’t know…. But it’s very odd. Why not publish that stuff to add to the “controversy” if it’s not questionable…. The only way that it makes sense is that it IS questionable feature wise and they knew it… But that’s not something I am certain of.

Now for the most Bullshitic ™ response to the whole “paper”…. I quote:

“Of course people who create, sponsor/support gaming industries, and those who love playing the games will say it has no affect, just as tobacco companies said there was correlation between cancer and cigarettes! But we now know just how wrong they were on that don’t we!! Let’s just put it on a simpler note. DOOM WAS CREATED TO TEACH SOLIDERS TO MURDER EFFICIENTLY…. THIS SAME GAME IS BEING PLAYED BY THE MASSES……SO WHAT ARE THEY LEARNING???? I have never used a gun outside of the shooting range, but i learned how to load and shoot one before i ever had a real one in my hand….how? Video games….. Say what you will but the thought that there is no correlation between the two isn’t holding water!”

Number 1 : DOOM WAS NOT CREATED TO TEACH “SOLIDERS” TO MURDER EFFICIENTLY!!!!!! That’s Complete Fucking BS. This moron makes it look like Doom was created as a military training tool first and nothing more, by the military, BLAH BLAH BLAH.  The military training Modification by the Marines, was not even done till 5(!!!!) years later after Doom was created… Doom was created to be fun, nothing more. There is no MURDER in the game because murder requires Intent. Combat with a hostile enemy force (demons in the game are not innocent, they qualify as that) is not murder. Marines modified doom to train soldiers group tactics in such combat with enemy forces, not to “TEACH ‘SOLIDERS’ TO MURDER EFFICIENTLY”.   Obviously this peon has been believing the media lies and BS WAYYYY Too much…

Number 2 : People who play violent games end up having violent tendencies… There is not ONE study to even back this up. Aggression (which as been “proven” by “millions” of FLAWED Studies), is NOT the same as a real violent tendencies. To say gamers have violent tendencies ignores all the obvious issues that REAL Killers like Harris had, Racist Thoughts, Uncontrollable Anger,  Serious Mental Issues, etc. No normal gamer has any of these… Period!!!

Number 3: Comparing the gaming industry to the Tobacco industry (More BS!!) Is more proof this person is a moron. The tobacco industries ads went to the length to entice kids with Joe Camel. I don’t see that in Violent game ads, at all, hell I’ve never seen one of those  Violent game ads on billboards in public that everyone keeps whining about, outside of 1 bus in Boston 5 years ago. Number 2 there is actual scientific evidence to prove Tobacco causes cancer. There is NO Scientific evidence to prove violent games cause Real life violence. A bunch of right wing game hating morons purposely misquoting studies that prove “Aggression” to make it look like they cause real life violence does NOT COUNT…. PERIOD.

Number 4 :  The claim that you can learn how to “load” and “shoot” any gun by playing video games is BS. Video games lack realistic firing physics (recoil, etc) in many cases, and the older FPS games teach BAD tactics like hold down the trigger until all enemies are dead. They don’t work in real life due to recoil making the gun fire higher and higher and they do not force the player to adjust because of the lack of recoil in many games. Anyone who says they learned how to handle a gun through a video game is a LIAR.