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For years, news writers have been claiming Adam Lanza created a massive 7 by 4 foot spreadsheet detailing previous killers murders. The article that it  first was mentioned in had massive anti-gamer stereotyping in it, claimed it as a “gamer score sheet”, mentioned a bullshit “code of a gamer” which says it’s preferable to kill  yourself then to be caught, and other nonsense.


The police and the state of Connecticut have been massively anti-gaming from the get go, back to the time of Senator Lie-Berman’s BS. It’s no surprise they are using this against gamers, but I still don’t like it. The article stereotypes gamers as murderers, and the police are directly behind the nonsense in that article. Nonsense? Well according to me, this spreadsheet cannot exist.




The spreadsheet supposedly is 7 feet by 4 feet, written in a 9 font, and contains 500 murders in the columns. I looked at a spreadsheet made in Open Office (identical to Excel in everything but name) and found out that with a 9 font, 1 inch equaled 5 columns. Multiply that by 12 to get columns in a foot and you get 60. Multiply that by 7 and you get only 420 columns. This spreadsheet is impossible! It cannot fit 500 names in it. Therefore, it can’t be real.


It’s BS and the official investigation claims it’s real. The state of Connecticut is using faked evidence to attack games again. And they are stereotyping gamers as murders when only 2 out of 211,000,000 gamers (0% of gamers) have killed people in 2012.  It’s complete BS and it must stop.


It’s stupid that Connecticut is doing this. Their Report is a farce. It never mentions why he killed

those people in the school. It only claims he was a gamer and uses that as a stereotype to attack the millions of gamers who haven’t killed anyone. Bullshit like this must be stopped people!




Ok… This is OLD news,,, From February 2013, But after Mentioning the Hypothetical conspiracy to ban violent games in this country, an old story popped in my head. In the article below, it’s said that a huge 7 foot by 4 foot spreadsheet, meticulously detailing tons of different school/mass shootings, going all the way down to what weapons were used, and other little tiny details…  Then it goes on to say  the following horrible quotes that all link Adam Lanza to Violent Games and “deranged gamers”.

” “According to the veteran, Stebbins said the State Police believe Lanza saw the massacre in terms of a video game. It has previously been reported that investigators found “thousands of dollars worth” of violent games in his house.

“They don’t believe this was just a spreadsheet,” the longtime cop said. “They believe it was a score sheet,” and that it was “the work of a video gamer.” ”

“It’s why he didn’t want to be killed by law enforcement,” said the veteran to the Daily News. “In the code of a gamer, even a deranged gamer like this little bastard, if somebody else kills you, they get your points. They believe that’s why he killed himself.”

Well you can see where this is going….

Number 1, there is no “Code of the gamer” that says it’s preferable to KILL yourself in a game to save your points…. Almost No violent games HAVE points anymore, some do, but NONE that I know of take your points away if you get killed by the opposition, in Multi player, which can only what this is describing, because the whole game ends if you die in single player 99% of the time, and in cases where it doesn’t (rare), I can’t remember ones where dying made you loose points and the opposition got yours.

Number 2, this whole score sheet thing sounds fake, like the hoaxes I have debunked that are publicized in the Media to make it look like the Shooter  was influenced by violent games, things like the “Doom Will become reality Hoax” (debunked here), and the 3 news articles saying a modified version of doom was found on Eric Harris’s site with Impossible to do features in 1999 (debunked here). To make things worse, this whole article mentioned above has been Refuted by the REAL police, making it obvious that the quote about the sick gamer and the score sheet are NOT VALID OR REAL, at all…. If the Police claim this score sheet isn’t real, then….

Here is an interesting quote from a comments section of an article quoting the original New York Times Article…. Found Here..

“An article I read said this spreadsheet was printed 9 font, on print paper 9 feet long (one article) 7 feet long (another article) and 4 feet wide (both articles). Printers that can do that are usually used for blueprints and drawings. They are very very expensive…sometimes as much as a new sports car…which is why they are rented and usually not bought. The paper goes in the printer in huge rolls and the size is trimmed by the printer, based on document size. Hardly the kind of printer most folks have access to, and I don’t see him asking Kinko’s to print this out for him. My guess would be that as more people realize that, the size of the print paper will be omitted from future articles. Just sayin….”

Here’s the problem. Using the 9 font thing, I found that for the 500 names mentioned in the articleto fit on the 7 foot by 4 foot spreadsheet, the font has to be smaller than 9. Since the font is not mentioned as anything but the 9 font (unlike the dimensions, which vary article to article, suspicious…), we can assume that with a 9 font, based on my monitor size, that 1 foot = 54 rows long, or 18 columns wide. If you multiply 54 by 7 to get the total names listed in this font size the names come out to 378. So It’s IMPOSSIBLE to fit 500 names on this spreadsheet

this way!!! Now try columns. It is even less, 126 or so. IMPOSSIBLE. Add the police refuting this and the variation of size in articles and you get a NEWSPAPER HOAX designed to make it look like gamers are the cause of the school shooting. If you use the 9 foot value, it STILL isn’t enough for 500 names to fit on the spreadsheet!!!! Even if Lanza Doubled them up, it would make the data

bigger and the size would be off, so it doesn’t matter. It’s STILL A hoax… I can’t believe no one in the gaming community attacked the Newspaper for this… Seriously!!!


ESRB “Mature 17+” rating symbol, displayed on the packaging of computer and video games appropriate for audiences over the age of 17. Part of the ESRB Video Game Rating System. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I thought this Moral Panic on  violent entertainment causing Sandy Hook was done. Apparently not… Lo and Behold, Senator Grassley, a Repooplican from Iowa starts ranting on how the Gaming Industry’s Voluntary Rating system isn’t good enough, how it “lets these violent games get to kids”. What violent  games are these, “ones that glorify killing of innocent people”. Sure… I quote:

“There are too many video games that celebrate the mass killing of innocent people — games that despite attempts at industry self-regulation find their way into the hands of children,” 


Talk about a moronic claim…. Number 1, the “attempts at industry self-regulation” (like they are a complete failure, despite the FTC study that says that the ESRB ratings are better than the MPAA ones, enforcement wise), have nothing to do with why these “violent games that glorify the mass killing of innocents” fall into the hands of children. Number 1, the Industry itself isn’t to blame if the Stores refuse to card the people buying the games, or the 2/3’s of parents who refuse to read the ESRB ratings in the first place, right? Apparently to this moron, the parents aren’t to blame and somehow the industry made the parents not read the ratings or the stores are being all run by the industry and purposely start selling GTA games to kids…. This whole claim is bunk, and he knows NOTHING about violent games, the industry or the “attempts at industry self-regulation”. He just blindly believes all the nonsense being spread that violent games are marketed to kids because “oh noes, the kids can buy games…” BLAH BLAH BLAH

To make things worse his claim of how their are too many games that “celebrate the mass killing of innocent people” is a bogus claim too. I regularly debunk crap like this. It’s just a blanket statement, used to demean the industry based on shitty games, ones that do allow the “mass killing of innocent people”, which are few and far between. Using a list of all released FPS games on wikipedia, I calculated that the sheer lack of “uber violent games” is astounding, despite what scaremongering is being said by people like Grassley.

This list spans all the way back to the 1970’s with Sega titles such as “Jet Rocket”, long before the dawn of PC gaming, so it does count everything…. No picking and choosing, no editing of the total data to show a point, pure unadulterated Facts…. Something anti-gamers almost never provide, it’s almost always rhetoric, false data, or misinterpretation.

When You look at the spreadsheet, look at the column “gms kill inno”. This is how many games out of 650 allow you to kill “innocent civilians”, where innocent civilians are defined as characters who can’t fight back. I have 2 rows, one with all 650 games in the FPS category, and another with all FPS games + Postal + all GTA games.  That one is the second row, the lower one with 658 total games. The top row with 650 games is just FPS games. “gms rwd inno” is how many games that reward killing of innocent people.  “gms nrwd ino” are games that punish killing innocent civilian characters. Look at the % with and without GTA and Postal applied, tiny %, less than 10 in each case…  There have only been 19 FPS games EVER released that allow the killing of innocent characters. Only 4 of these reward it. Tiny numbers when you factor in the 650 total FPS games ever made. 8 Punish the killing of innocents.  IF you count in GTA  games and Postal 1 you get 27 total games in this list that allow the player to kill innocent characters, and only 8 reward it. 15 Punish the killing of innocents!!! You see a pattern, equal amount of FPS games punish the killing of innocents, and in the case when you add in GTA, more punish than reward. Apparently Grassley can’t stand the fact that there are 8 games since 1970(!) (when the list started) that reward killing innocents. But he mentioned mass slaughter of innocents!!!

Grassley’s complaint about “too many games that celebrate the mass killing of the innocent” is a nonsense claim. Because this suggests that there are games where you are rewarded for mowing down big rooms of innocent civilians in such a game. Here’s the thing. No ESRB Game like this Exists! In any game with civilians, that reward it, it’s never been huge numbers killed at once. People might say “GTA!” but GTA, despite the nonsense claim about it, does NOT reward  the killing of innocent civilians. It punishes it. You get the police after you for doing stuff like this, get arrested, etc… That’s punishment, not rewarding. The last game to reward mass killing of innocents, the only one was before the ESRB, so the esrb has nothing to do with it, that was Carmageddon! In 1997! The only game I know where it :”rewards” the mass killing of innocents….. Under the ESRB, the “voluntary rating system” there have been 0 games that “glorify the mass killing of innocents!!!”. NONE! Zip! Zero!! Zilch!!! Grassley is a liar… Surprise!!

So Grassley is making up crap, just like a lot of morons who attack games do. It’s stupid. It has to stop. He is also hinting at regulation of the industry by the government and using biased claims and utter lies to support it??? I thought this country was beyond it. IF they do decide to regulate the games like this, what’s to stop them from setting up a system where they purposely rate any game that is only slightly violent or above, to their equivalent of Adult Only, so the stores won’t sell them.. Hmmm… Because thats what I think people like this want, just to get rid of all the violent games so no one can buy them, no adults can too, no gaming companies can sell them so the industry just goes out of business. These people shouldn’t be in office if they use nonsense like this to fuel censorship, and make no difference it is. The gaming industry does not need to be regulated!! Just the Congress!!! Seriously…