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Reading I came across this lovely little article. Apparently Ralph Nader is jumping on the fucking stupid bandwagon started by that preacher I mentioned before in a previous article,  that violent games cause real life child molestation to cause a huge panic that will lead to them getting banned and gamers possibly put on sexual offender’s registries…… I quote…

“We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment]. Television program violence? Unbelievable. Video game violence? Unprecedented, I think he should sensitize people that they should protect their children family by family from these kinds of electronic child molesters.”

Electronic Child Molesters? I thought that preacher was the only moron saying this… Apparently there ARE other idiots trying to claim that Violent games actually cause child molestation. This is disgusting… There is not one shread of credible evidence, NOT ONE, to prove that violent games have caused child molestation… NOT one child molestation case with a link to violent games, not one school shooter with links to pedophilia, NOT ONE!!!! These claims are complete fabrications being pulled out of people’s asses for the sole purpose to cause a moral panic. The preacher before posted his crap on youtube and millions heard. Now Nader echos this statement, a nonsense claim with no proof, whatsoever… I don’t have to keep saying the industry does NOT market violent games to fucking 2 year olds, but again I will, ESA did a study that proves that the average age of gamers is 34. Thirty-fucking four..

There is absolutely no proof that video gaming companies are taking advantage of “innocent little children”, who are far from innocent, breaking computers, torturing cats, throwing fits, biting random people, you name it!!!  So fucking be it… No one even cares…. But once someone even dares to claim that violent gaming industry is perpetrating pedophilia and child molestation, the nonsense will begin again.

The Oklahoma Legislation and the recent claim by Obama that he will get the CDC to investigate video game violence, will no doubt spiral out of control to mention this Bullshit claim that violent games cause child molestation. There is absolutely no excuse for this. No proof whatsoever. Then billions of anti-gaming groups will do falsified studies to “prove” that violent games cause child molestation, leading to another attempted ban on violent games and more drastic action, like putting all gamers in “brainwashing” camps to get rid of “paedophile” urges that don’t exist by cruel treatment, harassment, exhaustion, electroshock therapy and even beating the “urges” out of people. Sounds like a nightmare to me… But it’s what these people want!!! Mark my words!!!

I personally know 15 people who have played violent games. NONE of us have ever had the urge to molest children. NONE. Where is this crap coming from? it has to end…. I plan to oppose this by starting at least one petition on This bullshit has gone far enough!!!


Back on, there was a poll that asked how much gaming legislation impacts voting choices, and many ignorant fools kept saying that it didn’t… But it does…. One of our candidates, wants violent games banned, and he is still in the race, and it’s preposterous to assume that if people vote for him, that the gaming industry will survive, for his comments, in 2008 proved that he wanted “something to be done about retailers who sell violent games”…I am obviously talking about Mitt Romney. According to this site, his words in the 2008 election were quite proving if his motivations. I quote :

“I want to restore values so children are protected from a societal cesspool of filth, pornography, violence, sex, and perversion.”  “I’ve proposed that we enforce our obscenity laws again and that we get serious against those retailers that sell adult video games that are filled with violence and that we go after those retailers.”

Notice not once did he say that he would “go after” retailers who sell them to kids, just sell them, PERIOD…  If you think that the gaming industry would survive after this, you are crazy. He is clearly talking about Shutting down ALL retailers of any game with violence included, 99% of violent games today… It’s obscene to think that in America, that politicians can get away with such freedom tarnishing regulations.  It shouldn’t even be allowed in this country, anything that could allow for an effective ban of violent games to all age groups. It’s what the morons who attack games want. Romney’s speech proves it!.  Nevermind all his BS on the cesspool of filth and how he claimed Harris/Klebold “drank from this cesspool” when in fact it was proven through a freedom of information act request that a police rape incident in Jan 1998 triggered the school shooting as a revenge crime… (Look it up)..

If he is seriously planning on making it illegal to simply sell any game with violent content, how far will he  go is the real question. How would and other places be affected? I know that I plan to get several FPS games this Holiday season and into my birthday, next march. This kind of dark ages, knee jerk, save the children bullshit regulation is uncalled for.  This country should be ABOVE complete bans of violent entertainment, to EVERYONE. Every other country is for this crap. We are supposed to be civilized to know that my  freedom as an adult to buy violent games MATTERS…

That’s why I say, that voting for Romney, is voting for the death of the gaming industry, porn, etc…. He WILL try to legislate morality and there WILL be no gaming industry left when NO stores are legally allowed to carry any game with violent content in them..  Back in Brown VS EMA the Supreme court struck down a law trying to do just this. Don’t be fooled by the claim that the CA law would have fined retailers who sell violent games  to kids. The law used Obscenity clause language to determine how the board of censorship in CA would judge a game. If the game is offensive to  them they would claim that it lacks “scientific, literary, and educational value” and they then would fine any store that carries it. Stores, not knowing just WHAT games would be effected would pull ANY game that COULD be fined, effectively banning violent games without a strict law saying that this should happen… DONT VOTE FOR ROMNEY!

Since I deleted all my old youtube videos I posted here a year ago, to avoid any possibility that  idiots I know finding out about them and getting me in trouble, I have uploaded 3 new “video game violence BS” videos on my alternate youtube channel, which is here. 2  nights ago I filmed the first one, as said by my last short post on the subject, but I needed to do some more. The problem is that I didn’t think I could get away with part 2 yesterday, so I did a 17 minute long video last night, and uploaded it to youtube only to find out that It wouldn’t be accepted due to my stupid 15 minute limit that can only be removed by more views (unlikely), or a mobile phone number, when I don’t even have a mobile phone. So I recorded 2 video’s the instant I got up today to remedy this. The first came out like crap (the redo of the video I couldn’t do yesterday morning, not the one that uploaded to youtube but got rejected), so I ended up having to redo the first video I did today later on this afternoon with my parents around, a huge issue. I got away with it and it’s available here.

That video is about BS the media spread after school shootings to implicate violent games as the sole reason the school shootings happened. I also did a second video on mandatory and non-mandatory web filtering, plus my thoughts on the paranoia surrounding violent games being marketed to kids, and violent game ads in public places being taken down. You can watch this second video here:


Since I opened this blog to debunk BS claims made about violent games by certain groups who apparently all wanted extreme anti-violent games legislation passed (such as bans, 100% taxes on companies, taking down all sites related to violent games, etc), I’ve seen quite a bit of Youtube video’s by other gamers talking about the so-called (or non-existant) link between violent games and school shootings, etc. Many of the video’s were really well done, some weren’t but none that I have seen have gone to lengths to debunk claims that are made against violent games that are utter BS, or fabricated. I am attempting to change this trend on Youtube to educate Gamers and Gaming Groups to the danger of fabricated claims being used against violent games that are possibly being done in an attempt to introduce draconian violent games legislation like Mr Poster boy Presidential Candidate is apparently supporting.  Here is a link to my first video of an extended series of video’s all disproving various claims that are utter bunk, that are all being used to attack violent games.


DOOM iPod (Photo credit: scottkellum)

My last 2 posts went into 3 very questionable newspaper “articles” written by 3 different newspaper writers in 3 different newspapers, and how they claimed Eric Harris had modified Doom to allow him to train for Columbine on it, with features that (surprise!) Doom Could not do in 1999.  The newspapers, Denver Post, The rocky Mountain News, and Times Magazine, all mentioned the same hate site tracking group, but differed in the “quote” said by (virtual) dying students in the mod supposedly found, and had different features in each article, but some were the same between them. Denverpost mentioned nothing about Infinite Ammo, Extra Weapons, a Second Shooter, but did mention the “quote”. Rocky Mountain news said the mod had “Infinite Weapons” (how the hell is that even doable in ANY shooter?), “Infinite ammo”, dying students in certain places that say a quote (but it was a different quote than the denverpost article). The Times article failed to even mention the quote, but mentioned a second shooter, infinite ammo, and the shooter running out of  (the infinite?) ammo  first dying automatically.  The times news article was quoted by an APA paper on media violence, but the running out of ammo and dying part was left out. Later on the Paper was cited in this thesis on Video Game Violence, claiming to prove violent games cause real life violence, done by a college student in some Biology class.

When reading this “Thesis” for the first time I was shocked to see how many lies it contained. It mentioned how the Military used Doom as a training tool (debunked by the Design Synthesis Blog article : “Training our kids to kill”), mentions all the “Hate site tracking group found a modified version of doom” claims minus the ammo kill one, and worse. I wanted to see how many articles “cited” this as proof violent games cause real life violence. I was in for a shock.

Searching on google using the URL for the site revealed 15+ pages of results with at least 28 articles demonizing violent games among them. Searching with the title of the thesis revealed 10+ pages with 31 articles all demonizing violent games, and finally, searching with the quote claiming the hate site tracking group found the modified version of doom revealed 10 more pages with 11 articles attacking the games. All these results cited the search choice and I decided to study how many of each type there were.

Types included articles that asked whether games lead to real life aggression, articles that said that they definitely do, articles that asked “should violent games be banned”, articles that said they should, articles asking if games lead to real life violence, articles saying they do, articles asking if there was a link to real life violence, articles saying there was, articles saying violent games change the frontal lobes brain in brain scans of people who played them, articles claiming violent games were a “danger to society”, articles complaining about the EMA vs Brown decision by SCOTUS in 2010,  and finally one forum which basically said, “Violent Games breed Psychos!”.

URL Used in URL Search:

Title Searched in Title Search : Video Games: A Cause of Violence and Aggression

Quote used in Quote Search : “The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which tracks Internet hate groups, found in its archives a copy of Harris’ web site with a version of Doom. He had customized it so that there were two shooters, each with extra weapons and unlimited ammunition, and the other people in the game could not fight back.”

Here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I used…

Out of all 31 articles found while searching with the Thesis Title, 22% asked do violent games cause aggression, 32% said they cause violence, 22% asked if they did, and 16% said they cause Aggression. Pretty high totals for such a small sample size, yet it’s still quite alarming due to the questionable and even fabricated evidence cited. Out of all 28 articles found while searching with the Thesis URL, 32% asked if violent games cause aggression, 32% said they cause Violence, 22% asked if they did cause violence, and 14% said they cause aggression.  Notice a pattern? More people think violent games cause real life violence than mere aggression, even though the studies “prove” the former…. Just goes to show you how believable the hack psychologists claims on the talk shows in the 1997-2002 period were….  Now this is not true for the search done with the quote. I got a lot more extreme stuff with those results. 27% of the search results were the same page saying the following quote in it’s title :  “is violent games bad for childrens brain?”. I had less articles found in the results that said or questioned if violent games caused violence. That’s a good thing. But here’s the bad thing. Out of all the search results with the quote, 11 of the articles were from LAST YEAR… The quote came from a times news article done right after columbine. The BS was still being brought up in 2011!!!! How is that for ridiculous. I ended up debunking it recently but still a lot of it is really obviously “questionable” and no one questioned it even after 10+ years? It is so insane that no one ripped this one journalist from Time Magazine for posting these impossible doom features  in an article, yet they get cited by over 50 pages, once by the APA, and even a college Essay Writer cites them? How improbable is that? To show you how impossible these are, lets first look at the program dehacked.

Dehacked was made by Greg “Tree” Lewis in 1995 to edit the thing,frame,sound, and sprite data tables found in the Doom EXE (main program). These tables allow people to drastically change how the games enemies and weapons work. To do any kind of modification to Doom at this time, dehacked would be required, IF it allowed the editor to do them…. BIG if in this case, for the thing table has no property for friendly AI, whatsoever. Impossible in 1999. PERIOD. Later on a source port called MBF would develop such a way to do this in dehacked patchs but No one did it till 2000, and no documentation was released till then, at the earliest. So that’s not going to work either. Even if I am wrong there… The next 2 claims are still impossible at this time, with the normal Doom or MBF. The photo below shows the thing table property list for all things (they all share it) on the bottom pane.

The next claim is that this modified  version of doom added extra weapons + infinite ammo for both shooters.  Another bogus statement. The weapon table has 9 entries in it and the total number of entries depends only on the game (Doom, Doom 2) that is being used. Doom lacks one gun Doom2 has so Doom 1 has only 8 weapons. There is no way in dehacked to even add extra weapons without replacing others… And to make them work with the second shooter would also be impossible for weapon switching code for AI is FAR beyond ANYTHING dehacked can do, so is any 3rd party AI fire coding needed to even make this work. These things are not doable in dehacked, PERIOD. The photo below shows the weapon property screen with no  “Add Weapon” Button or Key at all.

So now we come to the most stupid quote ever uttered in an article attacking Doom.

“Harris’ customized Doom game was programmed so that the shooter who runs out of ammunition dies first. “

1) How can you run out of ammo in a mod with INFINITE AMMO? You can’t. Assuming that is possible…..

2) Even if you could run out of ammo, there is no variable in dehacked weapon table (image above) that tracks your current ammo. Dehacked does NOT let you edit these variable because it’s in Memory and always changes. Dehacked also cannot let you do anything that involves doing a certain action (killing the player/or the “shooter” when a variable meets a certain value. So this whole quote has been invalidated even if the infinite ammo COULD allow you to run out of ammo.

The screenshot below shows NO way to kill the player if he runs out of ammo for any gun, or health (that happens automatically anyway), or any statistic, whatsoever. The players properties are his max health, speed, whether he can even be hurt (how GOD mode can be done in dehacked), etc.

Now to discuss this “quote” supposedly said by dying students. Number 1, nowhere in the Times article is it even brought up. This article was done BEFORE the denverpost article and also BEFORE the rocky mountain news article. So the quote is most likely  bogus. But not neccisarily. This idea CAN be done in doom. I’ve tested it several ways and there is nothing stopping this idea from being real, but the 2 differing quotes, and the 2 different ways of saying it (Shouted in Denverpost vs Cried in Rocky Mountain News) should make it questionable at the very least. It’s weird that the denverpost article  cut out all the stuff that Doom Can’t do. Too Weird. This stuff would invalidate the article completely by fans of the game who would all call in complaining. Did Denverpost know this ahead of time? I don’t know…. But it’s very odd. Why not publish that stuff to add to the “controversy” if it’s not questionable…. The only way that it makes sense is that it IS questionable feature wise and they knew it… But that’s not something I am certain of.

Now for the most Bullshitic ™ response to the whole “paper”…. I quote:

“Of course people who create, sponsor/support gaming industries, and those who love playing the games will say it has no affect, just as tobacco companies said there was correlation between cancer and cigarettes! But we now know just how wrong they were on that don’t we!! Let’s just put it on a simpler note. DOOM WAS CREATED TO TEACH SOLIDERS TO MURDER EFFICIENTLY…. THIS SAME GAME IS BEING PLAYED BY THE MASSES……SO WHAT ARE THEY LEARNING???? I have never used a gun outside of the shooting range, but i learned how to load and shoot one before i ever had a real one in my hand….how? Video games….. Say what you will but the thought that there is no correlation between the two isn’t holding water!”

Number 1 : DOOM WAS NOT CREATED TO TEACH “SOLIDERS” TO MURDER EFFICIENTLY!!!!!! That’s Complete Fucking BS. This moron makes it look like Doom was created as a military training tool first and nothing more, by the military, BLAH BLAH BLAH.  The military training Modification by the Marines, was not even done till 5(!!!!) years later after Doom was created… Doom was created to be fun, nothing more. There is no MURDER in the game because murder requires Intent. Combat with a hostile enemy force (demons in the game are not innocent, they qualify as that) is not murder. Marines modified doom to train soldiers group tactics in such combat with enemy forces, not to “TEACH ‘SOLIDERS’ TO MURDER EFFICIENTLY”.   Obviously this peon has been believing the media lies and BS WAYYYY Too much…

Number 2 : People who play violent games end up having violent tendencies… There is not ONE study to even back this up. Aggression (which as been “proven” by “millions” of FLAWED Studies), is NOT the same as a real violent tendencies. To say gamers have violent tendencies ignores all the obvious issues that REAL Killers like Harris had, Racist Thoughts, Uncontrollable Anger,  Serious Mental Issues, etc. No normal gamer has any of these… Period!!!

Number 3: Comparing the gaming industry to the Tobacco industry (More BS!!) Is more proof this person is a moron. The tobacco industries ads went to the length to entice kids with Joe Camel. I don’t see that in Violent game ads, at all, hell I’ve never seen one of those  Violent game ads on billboards in public that everyone keeps whining about, outside of 1 bus in Boston 5 years ago. Number 2 there is actual scientific evidence to prove Tobacco causes cancer. There is NO Scientific evidence to prove violent games cause Real life violence. A bunch of right wing game hating morons purposely misquoting studies that prove “Aggression” to make it look like they cause real life violence does NOT COUNT…. PERIOD.

Number 4 :  The claim that you can learn how to “load” and “shoot” any gun by playing video games is BS. Video games lack realistic firing physics (recoil, etc) in many cases, and the older FPS games teach BAD tactics like hold down the trigger until all enemies are dead. They don’t work in real life due to recoil making the gun fire higher and higher and they do not force the player to adjust because of the lack of recoil in many games. Anyone who says they learned how to handle a gun through a video game is a LIAR.

Shadow Warrior

Image via Wikipedia


Over the last night I’ve been thinking of how modern FPS games (Quake 4, Halo, Doom 3, Bulletstorm, Crysis, etc)  seem to be absolutely terrible in comparison with oldschool games like Doom, Quake, Duke3d, Heretic, ROTT, Dark Forces,  and even middle of the road FPS games like Jedi Knight, Half-life 1, Unreal, Clive Barker’s Undying, Deus-Ex,  etc. What irked me is that total enemy count reduction (100 plus in Doom 2 levels, reduced to 35 or so in Quake etc) and the introduction of badly done story and grating characters in modern shooters (with few exceptions). I kept looking at valid reasons to reduce total enemies each time a new game comes out, and to introduce story in a way so that all the rooms that had enemies in Doom/Quake For instance, half of them would become empty and have “scripted story” sequences.. One really controversial idea popped up……. Shooter developers reduced this due to the controversy following super violent games in the 90’s.

After columbine, dozens of newspapers ran stories that made up stuff about doom to make it seem like it influenced Harris/Klebold, like Pipebombs and killing kids, are things that doom has. Add the hundreds of medical journals, news articles, video game attacking articles by “violent game censorship” groups quoting “Doom will become reality” (a hoax proven here), and the questionable claim that there was a version of Doom on his site that allowed him to train for columbine complete with a “second shooter”, “infinite ammo”, and other things not possible to do in doom in 1999, and you get a controversy over violent games that seems 90% fabricated, (everything but one quote by Harris that seems to link Doom as something that Influenced him/Klebold to Commit the massacre seems to be made up by the media or at least questionable). The next month, two bills were considered in senates of 2 states that would have completely banned violent games to every age group. They both failed.  Next came the senate hearings to see how violent games were effecting kids, to question if violent games made kids violent.

I noticed a pattern over the last few years in total FPS games that have come out that I actually thought were as engaging and combat intensive as older games. There was only 1 game, Serious Sam 3 that fit this description. Most shooters tried too hard to put in a story and intermittently mix it in with combat so every other room had the above mentioned “scripted sequences”. Leaving less total monsters per room. And also I’ve noticed a trend over total violence levels in MOST fps games from 2002 till now. They are FAR less violent than the older ones. Call me crazy, but I think most FPS games Like Halo, Half-life 1/2, Call of Duty, etc, are actually far less violent than duke3d, shadow warrior, blood, Serious Sam, etc. So I needed some hard data to measure the phenomenon.

This Wikipedia  List of all released PC FPS games was used as a base.  I looked at only FPS games, and only ones I have either played and finished, or have seen most or all of the game in Youtube Lets plays videos. That leaves about 100 games to do the study on. Here is picture of the completed spreadsheet.

I used this spreadsheet to measure total violence level per year, by using my own experience of each of these games to find out violent each one was. 1-nonviolent 10-horribly violent. Same thing with enemy count % 1-almost no enemies 10-insane counts (1000+ per level). I also measured how good I thought each game was based on my play through or the lets plays I watched. (1 – Horrible, 10 – Perfect). I calculated the total per year by using formulas for average for all three categories. I also added controversy level per year,  based on my recollections of controversial issues relating to violent games in the year and controversial games I knew had been released that year. I used this list of controversial games to help me on that.

The chart to the right, is viewable below:

Notice the two BIG spikes in controversial Game related issues (yellow) in 1999-2000 and 2006? 1999 is Columbine, and the media nonsense spreading around blaming it on Doom.  2006 however is less known. the Controversial stuff that year was a texas plan to 100% tax “violent” games, the Hot Coffee Controversy in GTA III, and other related controversies.  Notice the obvious Drop in quality of games (green) for the 3 or so years after these? Is there a correlation? Also notice that during the big 2 “violent” video game controversies, the actual level of violence in games overall is lower than when there isn’t…. There isn’t a huge overall rise of violence in games to spark the controversy, just people saying violent games lead to this and that (falsely mostly). The small rise of controversy around 1997 has to do with 3 things, Paducah, Violent games being ‘misidentified’ as something the military uses to break down the inhibition to kill with, and overly violent games like Duke3d, Shadow Warrior,  and Blood. The overall violence around 1997 is higher than 2000+ because of these 3 games, mostly.  Take out games like this and you notice the actual violence level of games is lower around 1999-2000 because of the lack of duke3d, shadow warrior, and blood type games post 1999.

I’m not obsessed with violent content in games, but it seems like the more combat and blood in the game, the better it was. It wasn’t because of the blood. More  combat made the game have a bigger Adrenaline Rush. Serious sam is the best example of this. Hundreds of enemies per room. And they don’t stop coming. The whole game is an adrenaline producing experience. It seemed to me that games past 2000 had less blood because pressure from censors made them need to replace blood with story.
This brings me back to my theory. After BIG violent game controversies the industry in the US  has been making dumbed down FPS games to avoid worse controversies. 2000 was the last year that a lot of good FPS games that had fun gameplay and good stories came out. Modern FPS games started throwing in too much story. They kept on reducing total enemy count and violence and gore level. Notice the violence level past 2000. Two big games caused the violence to jump up in 2006 and 2011. F.E.A.R and Bulletstorm, respectively.  Twitch shooters and those two are responsible for the raise of violence seen past 2000.  But most games I played in the years past 2000 were LESS violent than the ones in 1996 and 1997, blood and gore wise, even though the graph seems to show that games have been getting more violent past 2000. They (with a few exceptions) have been getting LESS violent in the US. Twitch shooters like Serious Sam/Painkiller/Bulletstorm made the exception to this trend.  99% of those are european developed. US games besides Bulletstorm in the years past 2000 have been far less violent, blood and gore wise. The twitch shooters also had much more enemies per room than most shooters, even oldschool shooters like Doom/Duke3d/Shadow Warrior. All other shooters that weren’t twitch shooters seemed to have less than 10% of the enemy count per level found in the twitch shooters, at least in 2000 and later.  This leads me to a theory of mine which I briefly mentioned. In the US, (possibly) due to threat of lawsuits for the years after columbine (2000-now) there has been a severe reduction of what makes FPS games fun to me. Story is added in to make the game less violent. Plain and simple. Back in 1998 US fps games had NO story, whatsoever, besides Half-life. They had tons of fights with enemies and really bad gore in some cases, and all had a decent amount of blood, with the only exception being Half-life which concentrated on puzzles and realism instead.  Now… Most games have blood but very little gore. And monster count has been reduced from 150 per level to 35 now. Why? To fit in the story that IMHO is used to make them less violent, because they can say (‘there is more to do now that there is more than killing in the game’) to critics. Why is this happening? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect censorship has lead to times when the industry is afraid of censorship and start toning down their games.

In fact this dumbing down is what is ruining modern shooters. Adding story was good at first with Half-life, Unreal, Undying, etc. But FPS developers weren’t very good at keeping this up. They weren’t designed to make story intensive games, unlike RPG developers that Concentrated on it. The story got worse and worse, IMHO, with all the ” realistic war” games like COD, Medal of Honor,  America’s Army, etc.  These games suck horribly. They are way too intense and are simply aren’t FUN! You cannot relax and play these, because every 10 seconds some drill instructor asshole is yelling at you to “MOVE IT”. Even if you got their in 000.35 miliseconds. Doom 3 and Quake 4 abused this BS tactic to make it so insults from friendly characters were guaranteed to happen no matter how quick you got to the insult trigger.   This is partially the fault of censors. They pressured the industry to make FPS games less violent. This, IMHO lead to the story driven shooters of today that had 10 enemies per level and crappy stories. FPS games like this aren’t nearly as good as Doom, etc.

And the graph clearly shows a correlation between big game controversies and horrible games coming out after them, overall. We’re in a 5 year period that has had only 3 good shooters with good story come out, because everything else has been dumbed down. Same  thing after 1999-2000.

I decided to do a debunking video twice a week till I cannot do anymore due to battery life issues on my Digital camera.  This video debunks a not-so-widespread claim that Doom can train real marksman skills. I’ve debunked it before on a blog post but I’ve decided to debunk it in a video to show off the reasons why this simply isn’t possible. The claim surrounds Paducah, and Micheal Carneal, and was spread by people condemning violent games, claiming he had no practice with a fire arm and Doom taught him how to be an “efficient killer”. My debunking proves that this isn’t the case because the game isn’t realistic enough to train real firearm techniques. I also briefly talk about libel threats to blogs and the reasoning behind me pulling 10+ articles off this blog to prevent that.  My next 2 videos will be done either both next sunday or one next sunday and another next Wednesday.  Not sure which. Don’t know what things I will talk about either. It all depends on what I read before that.  Hope you enjoy it.