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Censoring Life Podcast Episode 1.

This is a podcast talking about nonsense surrounding video game violence. I recently did it.  I will do another one tomorrow night if it gets views… Check it out…


Lo and behold the BS over sandy hook has not stopped, 2 years later! A news article claiming a massive 7-by-4 foot “gamer score sheet” spreadsheet detailing 500 previous murders weapons and kill counts is being used to attack the gaming industry now.  The supposed spreadsheet, which was 7 by 4 feet and had 500 names on it, could not have existed due to the fact that at a 9 font (it was mentioned it had a 9 font) it is impossible to fit 500 names on a spreadsheet that big. (my previous post goes into details on this).


This claim has been cited on Dozens of sites, all calling it a “gamer score sheet”. It’s disgusting.


What is really annoying is that the claim is A) Being called a “Score sheet” by many people, thus attacking the Gaming Industry, and B) Dozens of sites are citing this claim as if it were real, and even worse C) The official investigation claims it’s real as well! It’s disgusting really.



Gamers don’t compete for “real life scores” by killing real people. Mentally deficient terrorists (harris /klebold)/Gun Nuts(lanza)/anti-religious terrorists(norway shooter) do! You don’t see real gamers killing people because gamers are people just like any other person and usually don’t do something like that. In fact the odds of gamers killing people the year of the Sandy Hook Massacre are so low that it isn’t funny. There were 211,000,000 Gamers word wide that year. Only 2 killed. Only 2. That’s 0%! Meanwhile 40% of smokers get lung cancer. These “newspapers” and “news sites” are using Hoaxed Evidence to attack violent games Again! And it doesn’t just attack games. They attack gamers too. Every single one of the articles calling it a “score sheet” has unknowingly attacked gamers. The Lupica article attacked gamers, Made up BS claiming the massacre was planned as if Lanza was playing a violent game, mentioned BS about a “Code of a Gamer” that made it preferable to kill yourself in a real life, which is BS, and worse. These “journalists” should all be Arrested for spreading Hate Speech.


And I  can’t believe the State of Connecticut would use Hoaxed Evidence in a Report. That’s a real problem, although not as bad as the “gamer score sheet” BS, it still is stupid. Since this “evidence” attacks gamers by default, so does the report now. Connecticut decides to attack gamers in an official report on the shooting? What’s next. blaming us for the shooting? I wouldn’t be surprised if BS like that was spread by them, I really wouldn’t, because their attorney General was whining about games being sold where you can rape people in them (they haven’t existed since 1984). I totally despise Connecticut for the Crap they are pulling off.


It’s really disgusting, and it must stop!






I was browsing when I came across this article. Apparently some moron in the inept Texas crime punishment system is blaming violent games and music for crime. What kind of music? Not heavy metal this time, thank god, but rap, which he hits the nail on the head on, to his credit. He is right about that. But then he goes down  to try to say that playing violent games will make you more likely to commit crime and then attacks various popular games (thank god none of them are actually good games)… I quote:


“As the body becomes physiologically accustomed to a little lift from a gateway drug, the person graduates to harder drugs,” Williams said, “I see video games as something where once the thrill of playing a video game is gone, what’s the next step?”


He’s basically saying that crime is directly caused by playing violent games. Which is BS, because in the last few years when games were really violent and popular, crime has been dropping.  He is trying to say that gamers become criminals after they get bored of a game. It’s preposterous, stupid, and just a plain fucking lie. There is no way violent games will make you want to commit crime after you get bored of them. I have gotten ‘bored’ of the crappy games I played to death like the ones he mentions, and not once did I want to steal cars for real like I did when I was playing the shitty excuse for a series GTA is. And I don’t know where he gets this info. He has no hard evidence to back up his claim whatsoever here, NONE. And here is proof:


“It should be noted that Williams did not cite a single case he had been involved in over the last 28 years where there was a correlation between playing video games and a crime being committed by a juvenile offender.”


This is proof that he is pulling BS out of his ass. Like this said there hasn’t been a single cited case where he mentions how a juvenile offender played violent games and then committed a crime. He just says there is but can’t back it up because he’s an anti-gamer asshole.



“Williams also took the time to list the games “kids are playing today” including Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, Postal 2, Postal 3, and Grand Theft Auto V. At least he mentioned two games that teens might actually be playing…”


He then tries to claim kids are playing these games (GTA, Postal 2/3, Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat). Call of duty he is right about. But the others, not so much. The average age of a gamer today as found out by the ESA is 30. 30! Not a kid. The whole idea that kids play violent games and only kids play them is nonsense that I have debunked on a blog post somewhere in a myths post. It’s nonsense.


Notice how he singles out those 5 games and tries to claim all violent games lead to crime? Well I did and this is total bullshit. Games like that are a small percentage of violent games. There are tons of idiots in newspaper articles singling out Postal 2 as an example of what “most violent games are like” to attack the EMA vs Brown Decision. This is no different. It’s blatant stereotyping. There are many shooters/RPG’s/other games that are violent and do NOT push the envelope like GTA or Mortal Kombat does.  GTA and it’s ilk make up less than 10% of total violent games ever made. He is simply using his position, like cops do to try to demean the gaming industry by making it look like these 5 crappy games are good examples of “realistic” violent games (when they are not), and then saying all games cause crime. It’s Bullshit, Don’t believe it. And he’s an ass.







Well.. Reading lately has not gotten me much to work with, story wise. But this article has me scratching my head… Basically the Deputy UK prime minister is saying GTA (and probably games like that) turn people into addicts who live in their bedroom or living room and don’t talk to people, becoming “hermetically sealed”….. This is the last time we need more of this BS! You know why?


Whether Nick Clegg knows it or not, he is helping to perpetuate the stereotype that all gamers are sociopaths. Sociopaths that only play violent games, aren’t social, don’t talk to anyone, and just play all day, isolated from others. Stuff like this re enforces the nonsense that gamers are sociopaths, cretins, low lifes, etc. I know most gamers are NOT sociopaths. The ones that do do not make a majority. Saying all gamers live in their bedroom reminds people of Adam Lanza, who was reported by the Tabloids to have lived in his basement. To their mind now, Clegg is making gamers look like criminals.  It’s pathetic and it has to stop. I play only 2 hours of Video games per day, I am a social person. I don’t need nonsense like this to be spread. It’s bad for all of us… The more people stereotype us as living in isolation, or any stereotype really, the worse it will get..


What really gets me is how Nick Clegg decides to complain about how he can’t limit gamers gaming type through any law or edict near the bottom. Because people like him love to regulate us as much s possible, but since the unfortunate fact that his Country is a Free Country, he unfortunately cannot do that. Anyone like this should not be in office. Who elected him? People who don’t like violent games? It makes me wonder. Do we really have world leaders complaining about Freedoms that get in the way of controlling people because they view those people all as sociopaths and school shooters?


While reading, I came across the below article, talking about how the Whitehouse is not considering attacking the industry (thankfully) for the Navy Yard Shooting. So I started reading the comments, and came across one commenter who kept on spewing nonsense about violent games over and over again, and after reading his crap again I realized something. He is really not who he appears to be, in fact he is actually an anti-gaming crusader using a fake name. I won’t reveal his probable real identity but gamers who know who he sounds like know how that person behaves.  Here are a few quotes from him:

“Sorry to bust your bubble but your wrong. In Paducah Kentucky, the 14 year old shooter had never fired a gun before his murder spree, except for once the day before. He played violent video games where it showed him how to aim a gun. He shot his victims with such accuracy that the only explanation is the video games taught him how to shoot so well. Look it up for your self. Not all kids that play these games end up killers, but all these killers played these violent games!”

This is one of the biggest BS claims going out there right now. That Micheal Carneal learned how to aim just from Playing Doom. There are tons of problems with this. First of all, doom at the time lacked vertical aiming. A random number generator determined how high your bullet went. You have no control over how high you shoot at all. Explain how carneal hit 3 of his targets in the head then? He couldn’t have. He fired 8 individual shots with semiautomatic pistols that don’t fire multiple rounds when you hold the trigger down, and hit 8 kids in the head or chest. Doom trains you to hold down the mouse button down, your gun in the game will fire multiple times. All of the guns do. Unlike anything but full auto guns in real life. After killing all the enemies in the current room you let go and rinse and repeat in the next room, etc. If Carneal trained on Doom, he would fire one round while holding down the real guns trigger and no more shots would fire, and would not be able to hit all 8 targets at all.

Another thing is that this poster claims is that lots of mass shooters played violent games. Only 4 have. Harris/Klebold, The Norway Killer, and the Navy Yard shooter. 1 News paper tried to claim Cho (V-Tech Killer) played Half-life (meaning counterstrike I think), but the neighbors of Cho said they never saw him obsess over “violent” games. Adam lanza was quoted by some plumber in a Tabloid to have played call of duty because “people who play call of duty know about realistic models of tanks and weapons from ww1-ww2” because of the posters showing Weapons and Tanks From WW1-WW2. No other proof given. To me that’s proof he Did NOT played COD. James Holmes played Some RPG’s (oblivion, etc), all Sword fighting games, combat wise. He killed people, with a gun. That doesn’t work.  The norway shooter said he used COD to train for the massacre. That’s it.  One other shooter said he played “Guitar Hero”. Is that the morons definition of a “violent game” now? I guess it’s because of the Heavy Metal and it’s fake Satanic cult who molests kids who happen to be part of every Metal band and metal Fan worldwide… Go Figure.

“Look up the work by Col Dave Grossman. He trains our military on how to kill people. He knows what he is talking about.

“Grossman argues that the techniques used by armies to train soldiers to kill are mirrored in certain types of video games. The conclusion he draws is that playing violent video games, particularly light gun shooters of the first-person shooter-variety
(where the player holds a weapon-like game controller), train children
in the use of weapons and, more importantly, harden them emotionally to
the task of murder by simulating the killing of hundreds or thousands of
opponents in a single typical video game. Grossman uses blunt language
that draws the ire of gamers—during the heights of video game controversy,
he was interviewed on the content of his books, and repeatedly used the
term “murder simulator” to describe first-person shooter games.”
As for your assertion that this has been tested… nice try. You are wrong!”

Col Grossman was a shrink from the Military. He had NOTHING to do with training people to kill. Boot Camp does. The whole idea that violent games are used to break down the inhibition to kill is debunked by this blog, not written by some “gamer druggie”, but a person who actually served in the military.  I quote his lengthy debunking below:

“Let me give you some background. I am coming out of a four-year stint in the United States Marine Corps. I spent six months in Afghanistan and two months in Iraq (crossing the Line of Departure a mere 72 hours after the word was given by the President).

While not in a combat unit, every Marine’s primary job is basic rifleman. We are all considered trained enough to put steel on target when the lawful order is given.

Video games are poor training tools. For anything, really. I think the last games I learned from were Sticky Bear Math and Number Munchers.

I’m not aware of any military unit that uses video games to break down the inhibition to kill.

In fact, this breakdown really only occurs in one place: Boot camp.

Boot camp doesn’t even specifically concentrate on the inhibition to kill. Rather, they follow the CIA training manual for brainwashing almost point by point, in order to instill in recruits ‘instant and willing obedience to lawful orders’ – that is what they do. The assumption, of course, is that these orders may be to kill; But they could be to drag a wounded child to safety, or set up a bunker in 100 degree weather, or pull night watch after being up for a 36-hour convoy.

The inhibition to kill can only be broken down by, wait for it . . . killing.

When we were parked on the outskirts of Fallujah and watched as night fell and the Iraqis came out onto the streets, even though our orders were much more liberal than the current Rules of Engagement, there was still hesitation. And this after our convoy had turned around after taking fire at the front.

When we got ambushed, it was actually unfortunate that my extensive game-playing hadn’t prepared me at all for the sheer confusion, excitement, fear and horror of those moments.

If you think America’s Army is anything but a half-decent game and a lame recruitment tool, you’ve never run an obstacle course, or been ‘quarterdecked’ by a DI.

If you think Halo can help you learn how to shoot, you’ve never tried to get ten in the black from 500 yards with the piece-of-shit M16A2, with your elbows getting ground by sand trapped in your cammies and the sun causing sweat on your forehead which drips into your eyes.”

One more quote by the anti-gaming activist pretending to be a poster with a fake name:

“Trust me I hunt, competitive target shoot and have a concealed pistol permit my self. Just look at my profile pic. It’s of the late great Col. Carlos Hathcock. I also play these same video games. I never blamed guns as the problem and never said all people that play these games are going to be killers. What I am saying is when you add these games without parental supervision, mentally unstable kids, etc… your going to get a few killers in the outcome.”

The fact that the same anti-gaming activist has called gamers “Junior” like this guy (read the comments he has said), and has berated gamers in emails, just like this person proves they are the same person. They are virtually Identical. There is no way this guy plays violent games. If he did, he would know the BS he spreads is NOT TRUE…

I have suspected for years that anti-gaming activists have been spreading nonsense like the Hack Psychologists claims under fake names, after I read several posts by odd people quoting his claim. Now I know the truth…. It IS happening. It’s quite disturbing. Why the hell groups like this allow people like this do do this kind of crap is beyond me.

Well lo and behold, this new moral panic on the nonexistent link between violent games, and the Navy Yard shooting hasn’t fucking ended. It got 500 times worst, folks. Wayne Lapoopiere has reared his ugly fuckin’ head again!!!! This time blaming the shooting on the yet to be released GTA V.

“The evidence against Grand Theft Auto is not to be disputed. Clearly, excitement over the imminent release of this game led Mr. Alexis to commit celebratory murders… Either that, or [Alexis] was going on a ‘practice run’ in anticipation of playing this degraded piece of garbage.”

Obviously, Lapoopiere has had his head up his ass all of  his life because it’s plain to see that Mental illness caused this shooting. I quote

Alexis had been suffering a host of serious mental problems, including paranoia and a sleep disorder, and had been hearing voices in his head, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the criminal investigation was still going on.”

How could anyone call games “degraded pieces of garbage?” I have no clue. It disgust me. Games =/= Garbage! It’s fucking assholic! Wayne Lapoopiere is no better than the rest of the anti-gamer fucktards out  there.

“at anything other than Grand Theft Auto V for this tragedy is morally irresponsible,”

You mean, that blaming GTA 5, a game that couldn’t have caused the massacre is NOT morally irresponsible? Stop smoking Crack Lapoopiere! It’s just an agenda by these deranged gun nuts who helped to create the Sandy Hook Shooter to cover up  their role in the shooting. Lapoopiere should be held accountable, not the NOT YET RELEASED GTA 5! The next quote is the worst of the bunch…

“It’s high time Congress and our president backed sensible video game regulation. Anybody that wants to purchase a copy of Grand Theft Auto V must undergo a background check, a psychological evaluation, and a five-day waiting period. Most importantly, all copies of the game must be kept under lock and key when not in use.”

What the Fuck?! We need background checks, psychological examinations for people buying violent games now! Since when has anyone actually found ACTUAL proof that Alexis even played them? If you take all the BS the media spreads that says ALL the shooters in mass shootings were violent game addicts as the truth (it’s not), you still get a mere 0.00% of all gamers have had any violent crimes associated with  them. There are 211,000,000 gamers world wide this year alone, and only 2 has killed people according to the media.  So all copies need to be kept in lock and key? Even OUR OWN BOUGHT COPIES? WTF! Someone needs to throw Lapoopiere in the fucking insane asylum for talking through his ass…. Do we really have idiots like this who would do what he wants in our administration? I say we do!! It’s fucking idiotic!!! NONE of those 211,000,000 need to get background checks and psych evaluations!! NONE!!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP WAYNE LAPOOPIERE!

In other news, the site that posted this garbage article kept on giving me this crap every time I tried to copy quotes from it, showing up in  the bottom of the pasted text every single time!!!. Unwanted advertiser assholes they are!! sigh…

Read more: <article URL>”

It seems this country has to keep spewing nonsense over and over again about a non-existent link between video games and real life violence…  They wait till everyone is not thinking about it and use crap like this to attempt to start another video games moral panic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…. But it’s fucking stupid and it must stop…

A murder in Australia,  has been associated with violent games.. The police have supposedly searched the killers twitter posts to find out he played call of duty…  Like call of duty may have impacted the killers decision to shoot 3 people for the sheer fun factor of it…  Well.. When you go to the shoutbox on (where I found the article), you get an article linked in it which links to another article by an Australian News site mentioning gangs… Gangs aren’t even mentioned in the fox article linked in the shoutbox. It seems Faux news has no problem with leaving out information that proves games had nothing to do with the killings when they want to pin games as the SOLE REASON… For moral panic reasons!!!!

To make things worse, there is a video in the article which part of the Faux news “medical team” rambles on about his completely bogus theory that every big mass killer since 1999 is addicted to violent games… That’s mentioned in the first article I linked… This idea is preposterous, there is no proof to back it up, whatsoever. Sure Klebold and Harris among others played violent games. But the proof for V-TECH, and others is a media Fabrication coming from newspapers like this. The one person linking V-TECH to Counterstrike said an article which used HIS evidence was the proof. He basically cited himself saying that there was a link when there wasn’t.  In fact there is NO evidence to suggest the following people besides Harris and Klebold and Lanza were addicted to violent games…

(Eric Harris, Dylan Khebold, Seung Hui Cho, Jared Loughner, Anders Brevik, James Holmes,  the eight-year-old who accidently shot his grandmother recently and the three teens who murdered an Australian tourist too)

Anders brejik was a TERRORIST who mentioned video games make great training tools. There has been no evidence to suggest he was addicted, same for James Holmes, or the rest of the list as well. None but Harris and Klebold have ANY link to video game addiction, it’s bullshit.Anders played World of Warcraft, far from your average Violent Game.  James Holmes played Guitar Hero. Is that their latest “Violent” game to attack now? Really… This is stupid….

To make things worse, the medical “Expert” claims that the medical industry has found “proof” that there is a link between real life violence and video games, and has gone out to say that link exists, even though NO study has found a causation link between violent video game exposure and real violence. The ones that attempt to find a link between violent games and aggression are extremely flawed and biased… My YouTube censoring life radio show goes into the studies a lot more… This “trusted source” then went on claiming that violent games were drugs and we need warning labels put on them, like that’s gonna do anything…

This pisses me off. The last thing we need is a “trusted source” (who isn’t) starting a moral panic on video game violence after it has cooled off!!! This kind of stuff is what was rampant on news stations after columbine and  the moral panic skyrocketed after that… It’s frankly, disgusting….