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So…. I’ve been on Twitter following the Boston Bombing since it first happened on April 15’th. I suspected someone would try  to blame it on violent games. A preacher from Worcester did, but that doesn’t nearly piss me off as much as this……   Some idiot anti-gamer set up this article DARING to link violent games to an OBVIOUS Terror attack where the perps are Radical Islamic Terrorists, not even gamers and you get a bunch of people trying to link Violent games to the Bombing, Gamers and video game Manufacturers to Terrorists, and worse…. Here is a text link to the comments in question… insert the http:// in front of this address if it does not load:

Notice how all of them IMMEDIATELY assumed the “terror on the streets” game was being sold to kids despite proof that the Industry does not sell violent games to kids…

“To answer your question, Greta, yes. Something should be done about these violent games. They are a form of mind control as they ‘train’ a brain. A child’s brain is not fully developed until his or her early 20s. If they choose to play such games after age 25, then let them choose to do so then. The First Amendment, as I understand it, protects a person’s right to speak freely, even assemble publicly, when done in a peaceable manner. Somewhere along the line manufacturers inserted themselves into the First Amendment, and some profiteering attorney supported them. I don’t recall there being a statement that anyone has a right to manufacture demoralizing and brain training products and sell them to young persons. Has anyone noticed how lax so many parents today are? The children who run a house? Grandparents are raising their grandchildren because mom or dad don’t want to be bothered–and these dear people are tired; they may let things slip because they aren’t aware of what the kids are doing, or perhaps they do know, but need some rest, so they allow it. Let these game makers (and abundantly violent TV and film producers) create their games for their own pleasure. They can sit in their lounge chairs and play/view their lives away. We need to make them feel our opinions of their work in their pocketbooks.”

This is more BS that claims violent games “train kids” when this blog post completely debunks the claim.. There is also the BS claim that kids are running households. This idiot blames THAT on violent games? There is only ONE thing that can cause THAT… BAD PARENTING… Simple as that… This is a BS excuse to support more BS that shows up later in the article…  He also claims that some lawyer and the industry have perverted the 1st amendment/free speech… That’s also BS coming from an anti-gamer idiot..  This shit is being used to attack VIOLENT games after the Boston Bombings?

“It’s not the game makers,it’s the sickos that buy these games and the sicko parents who buy these type of games for their children. If there was no market for these type of disgusting games they would soon stop being mad. Blame society not the game manufacturers.”

Again the nonsense claim the game is being sold to kids… It probably isn’t even being sold. NOT ONE person went out of their way to even remotely prove these games are FREE online games made

by internet idiots and not games sold to kids!!!!  Then this idiot who wrote this quote goes out to say we gamers are all sickos? He’s the sicko!

“The game of this nature is sick and demeaning as well as anyone who plays the game. Yes, this is free speech without respect and dignity to those involved.”

Another fucking idiot claiming gamers are sickos…. Rinse and repeat…

“It’s part of free speech however as others have posted -we should make every effort to ridicule and marginalize the developers, sellers and users of these products.”

Yet another idiot proponent of anti-gamer stereotypes… This sick shit SHOULD not be happening after a Terrorist Attack. NO GAMERS caused this terrorist attack but these people are acting like it’s our fault…

“This is preying upon young innocent lives for what purpose? When trash goes in…trash comes out. And this sickness n violence is being drummed into these young lives and everyones lives 24/7 from the “Entertainment” industry.”

Another complete idiot calling violent games “Trash”….. And putting “Entertainment” in quotes like the Violent games are more than entertainment, like training simulators for terrorists maybe….

“Warped minds that create these games brainwash the minds of those who “enjoy” playing these games. The Lanza boy played violent videogames and then acted them out. The parents of Newtown should be suing the manufacturer of the games that enthralled this mass murderer. Hitting these lowlives in the pocketbook will send a clear message that these violent brainwashing games’ creators will be held financially responsible for the disturbing results of their depravity.”

Another fucking idiot trying to link Sandy Hook to Violent games when there is NO  proof he “Acted them out”… This claim is just made up because there is NO game sold by the Industry where you go around killing kindegardeners…. If there is it isn’t the industries fault that 1 out of 1000’s of games is sick like this…. He certainly wasn’t acting out “Call of Dury” or “Mass Effect” when he committed the massacre. The mere claim that he was is just BS by an anti-gamer.

The anti-gamer shithead then goes on to saying that we need “to hit this lowlifes in the pocketbook” and calls violent games “brainwashing” when they aren’t… REAL brainwashing is done to people like this by religious zealots. This idiot is probably ALREADY brainwashed at a “treatment” center they all use to force people to by zealots that uses Military Discipline to make people zealots… He calls for a lawsuit of violent games makers after Newtown when they weren’t even responsible. Only an idiot would blindly believe such tripe. Idiot doesn’t begin to describe this moron. These kinds of people should be locked up…

“Free speech is a cornerstone of our law and our society, but not all “speech” should be protected and these video games are Exhibit A for what needs to be banned to have any chance of having a civil and well-ordered society. Bryan T. Hodges,”

An idiot calling for the complete ban of violent video games. Oh Jee. He even left his email address. I will not personally send him hate mail, but if anyone reads this and decides to hate mail him, I will definitely not say you shouldn’t. He’s an idiot. And it’s HIS fault he left his email in the comment. He’s asking for it…

“What’s disgusting is that some ‘adults’ play these games with their children.

Of course something should be done, but if they are put on a ,only adults could buy them, Some adult or parent will buy them for kids.

What we have a problem with is too many liberal thoughts in the country today.”

Another moron implying violent games should not even be sold to “adults” (like were not adults but SCHOOL SHOOTERS/TERRORISTS/CHILD MOLESTERS/SATANISTS/any other stupid stereotype we gamers have been called), because “adults” sometimes play “these” violent games with their kids, so now because of that “adults” should not be able to buy these games, and because of this “too many liberal thoughts” are the problem… This moron is clearly a wackjob!!!

“Or better yet, why do people in our society pay money to partake in depraved violence as entertainment?

People who support censorship are not understanding the root problem. If people didn’t buy this junk, no one would be making it. No amount of censorship is going to fix the core problem in our society – it’s going to take a society that shuns depravity, like we once did.”

This idiot is complaining about people “buying this junk” (where junk is violent games AGAIN), and claims that that is the problem and we need to stop this “Depravity”. Like adults buying “Uber violent” games like Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Doom, Hexen, Jedi Knight and other “SUPER Violent Killing games” which the media keeps on scapegoating as the cause of Newtown is depravity now? None of those gamers are “uber violent”. But the media keeps on quoting features from 1 or 2 super violent games like Postal 1-3 and GTA and keeps on saying “most games” are like this so you get idiots like this who think that they are….

“This is pornography with violence being the subject matter. Stop this type of violence. Young minds do not know how to assimilate this mayhem. It is being shown as popular, when it is not. This trash media thrives on the destruction of societal values. Please stop them NOW!”

Another idiot calling violent games “trash” AGAIN…  Asking this “TRASH” to be stopped and (assumingly) their Creators as well because this person FAILS to even mention WHO should be stopped. Another brainwashed fucking idiot.

“It is called indoctrination to blunt the young so that they will be numb when they see death or are apart of it. It is going on in the radical jihad nations. If these video games are not stopped we are going to see more school and other place killings.Indoctrination is not free speech it is like stoking a fire and hoping it won’t burn but it does.”

Ok… So violent games are indoctrination now… Do they make gamers “DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY FUCKING MAGGOT <insert racial slur here> FUCKNUT”… No. Do they sleep deprive people.. Not in normal circumstances… Do they wake you up at 4 am every day after being put to bed at 2 am. No… Do they take the players completely out of their normal life 100% of the time so all they can do is be indoctrinated. NO… Do they do ANYTHING REAL INDOCTRINATION like in Military training camps do.. NO. Because they can’t.. Violent games can’t train anyone.. That requires. 1) Abuse 2) Intimidation 3) Indocrination 4) Removal from normal life and complete

isolation from it.  5) Constant drills, sleep depravation and exhaustion. Games do NONE of this. Who ever is comparing Indoctrination to games has probably been brainwashed to do so and is another fucking brainwashed asshole.

“Violence in the media is what is desensitizing our culture. Hollywood and msm don’t want to take any responsibility for what they market as entertainment – violence for violence sake- they line their pockets at the expense of our youth. They stand by abortion Dr.s as “choice” yet save the baby whales…. They assuage their guilt by “social activism” that suits their self aggrandizing persona”

Even  though I proved at the beginning of this article the Industry doesn’t sell to kids, this idiot goes on and claims violent games are “desensitizing our culture” to violence I assume, but fails to even what they are desensitizing the culture to, Blames hollywood, claims they are making money off of kids, blah, blah, blah, Fuck you! They claim Hollywood supports abortion, so therefore so must gamers and game companies now! Right? Right? Isn’t this what this fucking shithole is implying. So now abortion is something gamers and game companies support… We’re all a bunch of fucking toddler torturing baby killers!!!! OH NOES!!!! No proof whatsoever for such an allegation of pure bullshit is there? Nope. NOT ONE SHRED….

“Free speech is only free when it is harmless. You can not do something without consequences if you hurt someone. These type of things, video games, videos etc, that are promoting violence like this one should not be permitted. These things are giving bad ideas to others to be copy cats and the promotion is giving the wrong message like if it is OK to do those kind of things to others. GOD HELP US. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO WILLING TO DO OTHERS HARM, AND THEN PROMOTE IT AS HARMLESS TOO. SICK.”

Another bullshit claim by an idiot… Saying free speech should not apply if something is called “non harmless” (probably by an idiot because only idiots call violent games harmful…)  He then claims violent games cause “copy cat” murders and more BS…. What an idiot.. But he’s nothing compared to the next moronic turd…

“We cannot afford any more legislation that takes away liberties. People need to step up and make these gamers stop the gore by protest and boycot. Maybe their backgrounds need to be checked to make sure they are not themselves terrorists.”

Ok… So were school shooters (us gamers that is), child molesters, and worse… But this idiot dares to claim that “gamers” are “terrorists” now… One step away from blaming “Gamers” for the Bombings in boston no doubt…  I quote:  “Maybe their backgrounds need to be checked to make sure they are not themselves terrorists.”. Does this idiot REALLY believe gamers are terrorists? Apparently so. So now we, game manufacturers and Terorrists (we are all of the above now) need to be “Boycotted”. What a fucking moron. Anyone who DARES to equate “Gamers” to “Terrorists” is a fucking idiot… Nothing more to say… Just hope this doesn’t spread to more morons who believe everything they hear like 99% of the dumbfuck population of this Country after a Terrorist attack done by NON GAMERS.

“There needs to be a better online system to monitor not only those who created this offensive video game, but also those monsters involved in child porn, drug distribution, etc. We need to prosecute those who are inhumane. ”

Another moron doing the following A) Saying game manufacturers should be monitored like Child Porn creators. B) Implying Child porn is caused by violent gamers like that boykin moron I attacked earlier in the year… What an Idiot…

“These DAMAGED people who put this TRASH out for everyone to see are just as DAMAGED as these two terrorists. Three PD’s who gets three public defenders,stop wasting taxpayers money and put him out of his misery….”

Whoops. Not two sentences later and someone else DARES to blame the Terrorist attacks in Boston on VIOLENT GAMES! What a fucking moron…  And also calls for the execution of whoever “him” is… Could be anyone…

“Personally….I think the game makers should be added to the terrorist watch list.”

Another moron calling game makers “terrorists” DARING to claim we should be put on a “Terrorist” watch list for WHAT? We didn’t do the fucking bombing. 2 RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS from the middle east did. WTF? How are we “terrorists”. These fucking turds can’t give a straight answer can they?

“I take it they are making money on it .. a class action lawsuit by the victims would be good .. .hit them in the pocketbook .. make them defend their sick game.”

Another moron daring to claim that Parents should file a class action lawsuit against the makers of this “sick game”, not even stating what “sick game” it is!!!! It could be any fucking game this moron finds “sick”…. Any!!! Any!!! Another Litigational loser..

Out of 144 stupid comments attacking violent games, only 3 tried to link them to the Boston Bombings, but about 17 more spread bullshit about Gamers, Gaming Companies, and Violent games.. Complete bullshit like this fuels censorship… It’s disgusting.. But what is even more disgusting, is we have “Lowlifes” so paranoid that they must find a scapegoat for a TERRORIST ACT that has a Suspect  in Custody with Charges filed against him, but that isn’t good enough for them.. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s  the violent gamer child molesting Satanic Toaster Terrorists!!!” (Gamers)…. It’s our fault… More bullshit from assholes on the internet. People should NOT BE SCAPEGOATGING games AND Gamers for something they did not do. WE are NOT terrorists, we should NOT be put on “Terror” watch lists… It’s all bullshit…