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(This is a really old article published here several years ago that got accidentally deleted, but I thought it was important to republish it)

After reading about that article complaining about the ‘game’ (really a Half-life 2 MOD)  school shooter 2012, I began to wonder how the people writing the biased article linked in that debunking got their hands on the mod. It’s not like the mod was popular. It wasn’t even popular in the HL2 Community, so how the hell did the people attacking the game on the article find out about it?

Mod communities are closed communities. Fans of the game the mod is made for, and only those fans, go to the communities looking for mods for it.  So how does a nanny state representitive who wants to find the newest violent game to complain about find out about a mod, to complain about it?  In the case of a real game like GTA, there is countless ads on TV, articles about it coming out, etc. For mods none of this exists.  So for someone to find that mod to attack it on a site, must mean that they are in the Community releasing the mod, at least I think so. Do the anti-gamers go to gaming mod sites, and then write articles complaining about the mod being released by the mainstream video game press… It seems likely this is the case…

Only problem, is this is the only time that I’ve EVER seen a mod for a game, be targetted like it’s a game, by the violent game attackers. The thing is that this is not the first time someone has made some tasteless school shooting level or mod for a game. Go to Doomworld idgames site (where doom levels are hosted) and you will find this lovely gem, from back in 1997. Overlooked by all the anti-gamers. Was really the same thing as school shooter : american tour 2012, minus the kill yourself ending. Not that I like this kind of game, but….. It’s been done before. What caused SSAT 2012 to get so much negative press? It’s content is horrible, making light of the school shooting tragedies, make no mistake, but if this article would never have been written, no one would have commented on it outside the gaming community. There are tasteless mods for many games online… None are complained about in the media.

Who is inside these communities finding this stuff to write about? Is it someone being an idiot and seeing all the bad responses to get something to laugh at, because he has a sick sense of humor? Is he someone doing this on purpose to see how idiotic the comments are about violent games, to see what misconceptions they spread? Was the whole mod made for that purpose? Or is the writer some anti-gamer latching onto a mod that is tasteless to use it as ammo to attack Valve software with. It’s not like Valve hasn’t been hit with lawsuit threats before. Some lawyer threatened to sue valve when ‘he’ (the lawyer – in a news article, no less) named counterstrike as an influence to the V-Tech Killer’s rampage. With no other proof that Cho played counterstrike, presumably to use it as ammo against valve in some big lawsuit, even though valve did not make Counterstrike. The thing is that he said that ‘Cho Played Half-life’.  Currently, the articles slamming the Mod (or “game” as they label it for this purpose) don’t mention Valve. But what if one did? The company who has developed some of the best FPS games ever (half-life, HL2, Portal, Left 4 dead 1/2) would be ruined…. Out of all the gaming companies that DON’T deserve this kind of link to a school shooting, valve is it.  Their games are usually puzzle intensive, where combat is a challenge, and violence is not rewarded like in GTA. They pretty much started the ideas that formed the tactical shooter revolutioin, and lead to Far Cry, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., etc.

Valve would get lawsuit threats, a crapload of media complaints, and maybe even another senate hearing that could lead to stronger restrictions, a govt enforced rating system that I think could be abused to ‘effectively’ ban violent games to all age groups in the US. Is this the purpose of the article……

I don’t know. But I would love to find out


So I was browsing the net looking for a certain candidates views on violent game bans that I was writing about last week, when I  came across this lovely right wing Conservative site that is spreading utter BS about violent games to people, claiming to be a trustworthy source. Now I will add a disclaimer,  the site may not be Intentionally doing this, but many of the PRO side points are quite suspicious at best, and down right fabrications or bad misinterpretations at worst… Anyone looking at this will believe the points debunked below, because most people believe what they hear: Here is the site I am talking about.

Now on  to the debunking, shall we.. After all, this IS what I do here, debunk BS spread about violent games by ANYONE!

“97% of 12-17 year olds in the US played video games in 2008, thus fueling an $11.7 billion domestic video game industry. In 2008, 10 of the top 20 best-selling video games in the US contained violence.”

Really, 97% of 12-17 year olds played video games? Shocker. Notice it said video games, not VIOLENT ones…  It then tries to claim that this is the reason that the gaming industry made so much money. Then it immediately tried to assume this 12-17 year olds must have played  the violent ones!!! So  “10 of the top 20 best-selling video games in the US contained violence” Shocker!!!
Let me tell you one thing. Most violent games aren’t even played by such “young kids”… The target demographic is 18-35, according to the ESA. They also say that the average age of gamers are 30 years old… They even did a study proving this, unlike the article linked above, which tries to imply that 12-17 year olds are playing “violent” games. Now Let me define violent game. A game with Combat in it, and killing. Not neccisarily a Uber Violent one like GTA where you run over old ladies, or games where you decapitate people, BLAH BLAH BLAH. The media for years has been using examples of rare tastelessly violent games as a way to say most games are like this, but it’s more than wrong because, according to a study I did using a wikipedia list of 605 FPS games released since 1986 on my other blog, only 4% or so were what I think most people would  consider “tastelessly” violent. That’s 21 out of 605. Not even 1/10! The real number of tastelessly violent games is actually lower than this because FPS games make up only 1/5 of total violent games and tastlessly violent games, at least to me, seem quite rare… Now on to the more severe lies…

Increasing reports of bullying can be partially attributed to the popularity of violent video games. The 2008 study Grand Theft Childhood reported that 60% of middle school boys who played at least one Mature-rated game hit or beat up someone, compared to 39% of boys that did not play Mature-rated games.”

The sample size is not mentioned here, 60% of anything less than  5000 people means nothing… A lot of studies  that try  to prove this stuff use small sample sizes to make it look like it’s an serious issue, and by possibly manipulating the results to show high percentages of people pre-chosen to show the result they want they can fudge the study. Recently a study was done saying that 1000 people all supported violent game legislation. 1000 people may seem like a lot to the untrained eye, but 1000 is TINY, like in 625 times smaller than the Population of Boston, MA in 2011, 625,000 or so. So finding 1000 people who support legislation ignores the other MILLIONS who do not. It’s statistically insignificant, and the fact that such studies, more than likely pick and chose 1000 people who support it anyway, means that they should not be trusted. Not saying the study above isn’t trust worthy or the one mentioned in the article but you have to learn how to critically examine such studies…

Video games often reward players for simulating violence, and thus enhance the learning of violent behaviors. “

Most violent games don’t even do this at all. Ones that do are things like GTA, Sure, and uber violent games like blood, but many games don’t even make dead enemies drop items at all these days. Very few actually force players  to even kill any enemies, notable exceptions are quake 2, and serious sam type games. So much for rewarding violent behavior. Yes, killing is part of many games, but to kill, in order to survive hostile opponents trying to kill you, isn’t really rewarding anything but survival. Very Few FPS games that I have played (and I have played 100’s), really give you substantial rewards for killing… The whole realism thing in modern shooters (a BIG thing today) prevents significant rewards because realism requires minimal rewards per kill… A lot of these games focus on puzzles and missions to accomplish as well. Killing enemies is secondary. You can beat 90% of shooters without killing enemies. Just because killing is part of these games doesn’t mean they reward “simulating violence”. Also the claim that games that “reward simulation of violence” enhance the learning of violent behaviors is crazy. Most people who play violent games won’t go out and kill people because they have been rewarded in a game to do so in the game, not in real life… These points mentioned completely ignore that real life violence is different than simulated violence in a game, on purpose many times, to make it look like people who play violent games will want to kill for real… 

Violent video games desensitize players to real-life violence. It is common for victims in video games to disappear off screen when they are killed or for players to have multiple lives.”

There is actually no real evidence to support the idea that violent games desensitize people to real life violence. Define Real life violence, then look at what desensization really means. It means that people who consume violent entertainment get more used to the violence in it. Real life violence is Completely separate from  this, Period!  There is evidence to suggest that consuming said violence entertainment, or anything really, will make a person more used to it. That’s all the evidence is really saying. Saying it proves that people get used to a completely separate, different thing (real life violence), is a willful, stupid, and deceitful misinterpretation of studies that prove something different. If there is any study that says violent games desensitize people to real life violence, then I seriously doubt that it isn’t flawed like all the other video game “aggression” studies being linked as proof of violent games causing real life violence by anti-gaming morons everywhere for 10 years. 

Now on to the claims that there are lots of games that have multiple lives, and disappearing characters. Where the hell did they get this from? Only Extremely KIDDIE games like Super Noah’s Ark 3D have Disappearing characters that completely disappear. Only one recent game series features this, that’s serious sam. Most games have corpses that NEVER disappear. Making Dissapearing characters is way to make a game seem LESS violent to kids, and is only done in KID type games to prevent the game from showing off VIOLENT DEATHS… HELLO!  And the idea that people in games have multiple lives. I can name all the popular games in FPS history that conform to this. Wolf3d, Descent Series, and Serious sam. THATS IT. Most FPS games ditched the whole lives thing because it made it too easy. The change was made in 1993 for gods sake, with Doom, which revolutionized  the idea that players who die don’t get to come back without restarting the level or loading a save game. Lives in FPS games are almost non-existent.

2000 FBI report (187 KB)  includes playing violent video games in a list of behaviors associated with school shootings.”

Ok… So there is this study that lists risk factors for school shootings, and it listed being obsessed with violent entertainment. So a bunch of anti-gamer DickNozzles starting purposely interpreting it as proof that playing violent games is the risk factor, not being obsessed with any form of violent entertainment. Since I couldn’t actually quote the study, I screenshotted it below. Lo and Behold, this proves it again. The people who made this site committed this crime.

Nowhere here does it A) Single out violent games B) Make it so simply playing them is a risk factor like the article linking to it says.  The article above is Purposely misinterpreting the facts to create a moral panic. Plain and simple.   The FBI study finds that “themes of hatried, violence, weapons and mass destruction Recur in virtually all his activities, hobbies, and past times”. So simply playing violent games will make this happen? WTF! Sounds like these people who posted the article Don’t know people who play violent games mostly Do NOT obsess over real life violence. The study also says “The student spends inordinate amounts of time playing games with violent themes and seems to be more interested in violent images than the game itself”. Where does this equate simply playing violent games with school shootings. NOWHERE.   Then it says “On the internet the student regularly searches for web sites involving violence, weapons, and other disturbing subjects. There is evidence the student downloaded and kept material from these sites”. Where does this equate playing Violent games, with school shootings? NOWHERE. It equates being Obsessed with Real violence, Hatred, And wanting to commit real violence, as a risk factor. This whole paragraph DOES NOT simply link playing violent games with school shootings. It links OBSESSION WITH VIOLENCE IN GENERAL. These people are making up BS about this…. The FBI wouldn’t actually link simply playing violent games at all. They aren’t pro family enough to do  that… Only right wing nutjobs who want violent games banned do that..

Violent video games cause players to associate pleasure and happiness with the ability to cause pain in others.”

Looking at  the source of this proved that it came from one of the “hack psychologists” going around on talk shows in April 1999 claiming the military uses violent games to break down the inhibition to kill, all while selling his book, a big batch of lies… If a blog run by an actual person who was in the armed forces debunks the claim, then this claim sounds suspicious as well.. I know for a fact that even though I played wolf3d for the first time at age 13, duke3d at age 16, etc, I did not “associate pleasure and happiness with the ability to cause pain in others”. The whole idea that this happens, is using the same analogy as people misinterpreting desensitizing studies to prove that violent games desensitize people to real life violence, not the fake video game violence. This makes it look like games that make people want to cause pain in a virtual environment make people want to do it in real life. It’s BS… Just trust me on that… If it were true, you would have a LOT more cases of gamers hurting real people. I don’t see that, or any evidence that that is actually happening… So this is more than likely bunk too, IMHO.

A 1998 study found that 21% of games sampled involved violence against women (165 KB) . Exposure to sexual violence in video games is linked to increases in violence towards women and false attitudes about rape (47 KB)  such as that women incite men to rape or that women secretly desire rape.”

Number 1, the (probably) flawed study was done in 1998! More than 10 years ago! Number 2, since then most FPS or violent games, don’t even have women to kill in them. And if they do, that’s not saying they do this on purpose to single violence against women on purpose. Then the thing makes up the claim about sexual violence. Like all the other claims of “rape simulators” in violent games, this is also BS, because the last time a game actually had a scene where there was a controllable rape scene where a woman was a victim and the player was a perpetrator was, Custer’s Revenge, in 1989, an ADULT only game not sold in normal stores!!!! Since then only 3 games have even had rape in them, Phantasmogoria, which features the player being raped in a cutscene, and Fear 2, which ends with the evil chick villian Alma, Raping you in arguably  the most fucked up ending any game has ever had, but get this, it is most likely a dream sequence….  Not once has there been a game that had virtual rape in it where a women was a victim, and if a guy was a victim, well, I have never heard of it. And the claim  that violent games lead to “increases in rape” came straight out of a moron Fox news put on their “bullshitting” on Bulletstorm 3 years ago, which they tried to say bulletstorm causes real life rape, with this analogy “Since Rape is a violent crime and violent games cause violence, then violent games have caused rape”… It’s Fucking bullshit. The person saying this had NO proof that violent games caused real life rape, just said they did without actual evidence.

Violent video games can train youth to be killers. The US Marine Corps licensed Doom II in 1996 to createMarine Doom in order to train soldiers. In 2002, the US Army released first-person shooter America’s Army to recruit soldiers and prepare recruits for the battlefield. “

Nowhere here, did they mention that the first was a training for group tactics, and was a Modification of the game not the game itself, with HEAVY REALISTIC changes to gameplay, and graphics, almost nothing from Doom in it at all. They want to make it look like the military uses real games like Doom 2 to train soldiers to kill on, but the blog ran by the military dude linked above “design synthesis” disproved that, didn’t it?  Now the thing about americas army is true, it WAS a recruitment tool. But it’s the only game that ever was a recruitment tool, period. That’s out of THOUSANDS of violent games, most of which aren’t tastelessly violent..

California passed a law in 2005 that would have required violent video games to include an “18” label and criminalized the sale of these games to minors. On June 27, 2011, the US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association (485 KB) that the law violated free speech rights.”

What they don’t say is that this law would have used a really subjective Obscenity clause like language to determine what games would be fined, by saying that games that are morbidly violent and “lack literary, scientific and educational value” are targeted for fines. This would allow them to fine any game they got offended by, period, causing many tame games to be fined, causing stores to pull any game that could be fined under the law off  the shelves, causing most violent games not to be sold in stores, causing the companies that make lesser known games go out of business at the least. That’s what the BS article REFUSES to tell people…  It claims to be a trusted source on the points made by the experts…  All it is is spreading plainly debunkable lies to fuel censorship… It’s stinks, like most of the polished turds that get released by the anti-gamers…

Since I deleted all my old youtube videos I posted here a year ago, to avoid any possibility that  idiots I know finding out about them and getting me in trouble, I have uploaded 3 new “video game violence BS” videos on my alternate youtube channel, which is here. 2  nights ago I filmed the first one, as said by my last short post on the subject, but I needed to do some more. The problem is that I didn’t think I could get away with part 2 yesterday, so I did a 17 minute long video last night, and uploaded it to youtube only to find out that It wouldn’t be accepted due to my stupid 15 minute limit that can only be removed by more views (unlikely), or a mobile phone number, when I don’t even have a mobile phone. So I recorded 2 video’s the instant I got up today to remedy this. The first came out like crap (the redo of the video I couldn’t do yesterday morning, not the one that uploaded to youtube but got rejected), so I ended up having to redo the first video I did today later on this afternoon with my parents around, a huge issue. I got away with it and it’s available here.

That video is about BS the media spread after school shootings to implicate violent games as the sole reason the school shootings happened. I also did a second video on mandatory and non-mandatory web filtering, plus my thoughts on the paranoia surrounding violent games being marketed to kids, and violent game ads in public places being taken down. You can watch this second video here:


Since I opened this blog to debunk BS claims made about violent games by certain groups who apparently all wanted extreme anti-violent games legislation passed (such as bans, 100% taxes on companies, taking down all sites related to violent games, etc), I’ve seen quite a bit of Youtube video’s by other gamers talking about the so-called (or non-existant) link between violent games and school shootings, etc. Many of the video’s were really well done, some weren’t but none that I have seen have gone to lengths to debunk claims that are made against violent games that are utter BS, or fabricated. I am attempting to change this trend on Youtube to educate Gamers and Gaming Groups to the danger of fabricated claims being used against violent games that are possibly being done in an attempt to introduce draconian violent games legislation like Mr Poster boy Presidential Candidate is apparently supporting.  Here is a link to my first video of an extended series of video’s all disproving various claims that are utter bunk, that are all being used to attack violent games.

Doom s level of graphic violence made the game...

Doom s level of graphic violence made the game highly controversial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This might be a very long post. I don’t care. I have to get this off my chest. First thing’s first, I will say is that I have been a gamer since 1993 when I started playing Simcity, Wolf3d, Doom, the list goes on. I have played every single big FPS game for the PC till around 1999. Then came the columbine massacre. Despite how horrible it was (I am NOT condoning it), what pissed me off is how the media kept on blaming violent games.  Doom was blamed for it almost right away. Claims that the shooters were influenced by it. Blah Blah Blah… I started reading really bad, sensationalist articles on newspapers around that time, all blaming Doom for the crime, saying they were living in a game world, playing out the game in “god mode”, blah, blah, blah….  Then came the article and the incident that caused me to become an pro-violent games pro-freedom anti-censorship activist.

An article was written by a Colorado newspaper which I won’t mention here by name. It said that some hate site tracking group found a modified version of Doom on Eric Harris’s AOL page, which they claimed was used to plan the shooting, with begging students saying a quote “oh lord, why are you doing this to me…”, and other dubious features.  I couldn’t stand the game-bashing by the media any more so I signed up to that newspapers forums, and posted how I couldn’t stand the lies being spread by newspapers making up bunk claims to make violent games look like a cause of what we would learn later was a botched terrorism attack by two really messed up individuals, not game obsessed murderers turned that way by Doom. I physically blamed the media and condemned people in schools trying to “reform” and “discipline” Doom playing students after the shooting, and complained about 2 bills that were being worked on in 2 states legislatures that would have completely banned violent games, to adults, not just kids.

Immediately I was threatened by an internet troll, using a fake name, who started insulting me right and left, and called me and some other pro gamer types on the forum “gamer shitheads”, and then threatened my life after anger drove me to say a particularly rude reply in return, with an underhanded attempt to quote themselves from a previous post saying “you’re sick” as something I said later on… The whole thing wen’t on and on, with the same old BS replies to anyone who even dared to defend Doom, every sentence was quoted, and followed by insults, then the next sentence, more insults, etc. The insults were lewd, sexually explicit and full of swears, threats, racial slurs, you name it.  After 3 months of this happening every 1 minute 24/7, with only a few breaks, and 99% of the forum posters on the Troll’s side condemning the “gamers who like to twittle with their joysticks” – yes another quote by a moron who sided with the troll,  the troll then was asked “prove that Harris was Inspired by Doom”, and then he used an internet hoax “doom will become reality”  to back it up, which I debunked on my first blog post at this  blog, which is here. So that’s what I set out to do, debunk BS claims said about violent games. And I did for 3 years on this blog, but a lack of followers and viewers have always stymied me there.. So I am posting this article here… Now onto the main point of this article..

The poster who threatened me on the forum of the newspaper said one very suspicious thing, “I have enough evidence to prove gamers get violent”. This post was taken down no more than 20 minutes later. 3 years later the entire forum was removed, all of it, and then the email address on “” was completely removed from their system, in fact the whole system was completely purged.  Justice mail is advertised as “email for the law community” or was then…. So the thought crossed the mind of my friend who was there to fight the troll for me, “it’s a lawyer!!!”. So for a few years I kept on trying to reverse trace the morons email with NO good results on 100’s of reverse email lookups. I needed info on who this moron was… But every attempt lead to “no results”, over and over again.

So I gave up, and forgot about it, till I opened the wordpress blog 3 years ago and debunked the hoax. That brought back bad memories, and I started wondering about the news article with the modified version of Doom found on the AOL site of eric harris. Immediately something pissed me off about it the first time I read it. I had a “gut” feeling it was a much more elaborate hoax like the Doom will become reality one, but couldn’t really prove it. While researching BS claims made by violent game haters that mentioned Doom and Columbine one day for a blog post I ended up discovering this thesis which claimed Doom was licensed by the military to train soldiers to kill better (a lie, Doom was used as an Unnoficial mod to train group tactics, not to break down the inhibition to kill – a BIG lie spread by anti-gamers (my term for radical censors who spread lies about violent games)), and the fact that a modified version of doom was found by the same exact hate site tracking group without the begging students but with “2 shooters, infinite ammo, and extra weapons for both shooters”.  I knew right away the 2 shooters and extra weapons were NOT doable by Doom in 1999. I’ve been editing doom since 1995, I know what can be done and what can’t be done. In 1999, the only way to modify a doom .exe is with the program dehacked. There were no source ports with the features needed then.  So this Thesis was spewing Bogus claims. But further research found out that the claims were quoted from an APA paper which is not online anymore. It mentioned the same features 2 weapons, infinite ammo, extra weapons, and so did an article from another Colorado news paper, but that newspaper article was even more dubious, because it mentioned the quote said by dying students in the mod, but it was a completely different quote than in the first newspaper article I read , plus “infinite weapons” as a feature, something NO Fps can do. There is no way to even have infinite weapons, the idea simply doesn’t compute. Weapons are a finite asset, not something you can never run out of, in fact running out of weapons is impossible, It’s ammo you run out of, not weapons. The idea is so dumb that I don’t know where to start.  Further research lead to the original source of the BS, an article written by a magazine writer talking about columbine on the first 3 pages, and then mentioning this modified version of doom being found on the AOL page again with no sign of the begging students being mentioned, but the article did mention the 2 shooters, infinite ammo, extra weapons and one feature that I knew Doom could not do “when one of the shooters ran out of ammo, he died”. Or something along those lines.

Ok… That’s the long part out of the way. Now to the more interesting part, proof that all of these articles are putting claims in that simply cannot be done in Doom…  Here is a screenshot from the program dehacked I mentioned above.

This shows the property set used for all “things” that dehacked allows you to edit. Examples of things, for the non-Doom Editing people out there, are Ammo, Items, Weapons, monsters, basically anything that can move and isn’t a wall, floor, etc. Every thing in the game uses this exact set of properties. Lets say I was trying to make a “second shooter” in dehacked. I would need a property to make one of the peaceable enemies in the game (lets say the chaingunner), friendly to attack enemies that look like students, via some graphic editing used.  You look closely and you can see that there is no property for friendly AI, whatsoever… But that’s not even the last part in these articles that is an outright impossible claim.

Here is the Generic Player Properties, cheat changing panel and weapon properties list in Dehacked. The generic properties allow the player to have more total bullets, more total health, armor, and more ammo at the start of any level. The weapon properties allow someone to change properties of each weapon in the game. Adding “extra weapons” for each “shooter” with this is simply impossible. Why? Doom has only 8 weapons, Fist/Chainsaw/Pistol/Shotgun/Chaingun/Rocket Launcher/Plasma Rifle and BFG. Doom 2 adds the double barreled shotgun. There is absolutely no way to add a new weapon without replacing an old weapon, with this program. Look for a “new weapon” button. You won’t find one. Dehacked won’t let you do that. Another claim of the article, proved to be impossible.

Now look at the above image again. Is there any variable that stores the players current ammo at any time editable through dehacked? No. That variable is always in memory and can’t be edited directly, because it always changes. The problem is that  there is no way to make the player die if he runs out of ammo, period.  No way. No variable for current ammo on that screen at all. So how could someone have even made a feature where the shooter who runs out of ammo dies first?

This first image again of the player’s properties. Look for a property or ability to make the player die first when he runs out of ammo. There is none!!! No way whatsoever to even do this!!! In fact the magazine article in question even says the modified version of doom had infinite ammo then said the player who ran out of ammo dies first. How is that even possible when running out of ammo is impossible with infinite ammo? IT ISNT! As you can see many of these features this modifed version of doom had simply don’t work in 1999. Not till 2000 did friendly AI even become a real thing in Doom Sourceports via Dehacked, and not till 2002 did ACS scripting, the first scripting language get implemented in Doom that would have made “killing the player who ran out of ammo first” even doable.

The more I look at this, the more I see how suspicious this article and the Doom will become reality hoax seem. The 3 articles (the magazines one, the first colorado newspapers one, the 2nd colorado newspapers one) all mention the same hate site tracking group, but cannot even get the features consistent among them. The first article, the magazine one failed to even mention any begging students. The second one, which was published by a colorado newspaper, doesn’t even mention the running out of ammo and dying thing, but mentions that the quote was cried out, and Infinite weapons. Then the 3rd article, the one by the 2nd colorado newspaper, mentions a completely different quote, says it was shouted, not cried, and left out everything else, the infinite ammo/weapons, the dying when running out, etc. The more you look at it, the more it looks like a sloppily done article series with impossible in doom claims done by 3 newspaper/magazine writers, that all borrowed the same hate site tracking group but added in their own features, all in an attempt to cause a massive outcry against violent games. If these articles and the doom will become reality hoax never even happened, the link between the shooters and Doom would be less defined…

All I know is that certain things just don’t add up to me.

The hoax mentioned above, “Doom Will become Reality” is used in over 7 pages of anti-video game attack sites, all blaming doom for columbine. We still don’t know who put up the hoax on the fake Eric Harris AOL page mentioned at this site,  (look at the link on the bottom right). This site proved it was a hoax but was swept under the rug by such attack sites. The only other site corroborating the fact that this was a hoax was “mysteriously” taken offline by someone. I found it search results, some newspaper. It is gone now. Now you take the articles with the impossible features and search for them, using this quote from the second newspaper article,  in the search results, and you get over 13 pages of results. (make sure to let google put in the search results that are omitted). You combine the search results for the doom will become reality hoax search and the search with the quote and you get over 20 pages of results all claiming these articles are genuine and are reporting the god-fearing truth, but only 3 pages debunking them with facts, 4 at one point but it was taken down. The problem is that none of these attack sites even proved without a shadow of a doubt that this modified version of doom was even real. In fact no one has. All of the other Eric Harris Wads are available online if you search for eric harris wads. People around 1999 were trying to get their hands on addons by him for some sick reason, but not once on his AOL site did he even mention this modified version of Doom. And since the way file/website hosting works involves knowing the exact file path needed to download it off his site, which intern requires finding a link posted by someone else (who found it), how did  this hate site tracking group even find it, without knowing the directory listing of all his files on his AOL site? If it really wasn’t found by people in the doom community like all of his other wads, how could they have known the file name? I don’t think they could have hacked his password in time, but maybe it is possible… However even if they did find something, the proof that  these claims are impossible to do in doom dispute any rational idea that this mod even existed at all.  More questions, less answers, that’s all I have to say.

I decided to do a debunking video twice a week till I cannot do anymore due to battery life issues on my Digital camera.  This video debunks a not-so-widespread claim that Doom can train real marksman skills. I’ve debunked it before on a blog post but I’ve decided to debunk it in a video to show off the reasons why this simply isn’t possible. The claim surrounds Paducah, and Micheal Carneal, and was spread by people condemning violent games, claiming he had no practice with a fire arm and Doom taught him how to be an “efficient killer”. My debunking proves that this isn’t the case because the game isn’t realistic enough to train real firearm techniques. I also briefly talk about libel threats to blogs and the reasoning behind me pulling 10+ articles off this blog to prevent that.  My next 2 videos will be done either both next sunday or one next sunday and another next Wednesday.  Not sure which. Don’t know what things I will talk about either. It all depends on what I read before that.  Hope you enjoy it.

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You had the moral panic in the 50’s surrounding “graphic” comic books and how they cause delinquency in kids. Caused by a German Psychologist mentioning nonsense such as “bondage” in Wonder Women Comics, and how Batman and Robin were “Gay Lovers”. The readers effected by the Comic Books, supposedly, were kids.

Now we jump 20 years later to  the Dungeons and Dragons moral Panic. The main claim in this moral panic is that kids were being possessed by Devils. Why? The nature of the table top RPG, made it so that the players would “role-play” as fictitious characters, making it so when their character did something, they would often say “I am” doing the action. Extremist religious groups took that as a sign that Satan was possessing them.  You got dozens of groups attacking DND for supposed satanic ritual content, and demonic summoning allegations came soon after. Who was the “victim” in the Panic. Kids… Again.

Fast forward to the Metal Moral Panic of the 80’s. Subliminal messages were corrupting the kids. To make them drink, do drugs, have sex, worship satan, rape babies, sodomize Nuns, want to marry sheep, and worse!  Of course all of that is BS. There is no such thing as a backwards or subliminal message that actually does what the proponents of subliminal or backwards messages claim. It’s impossible for you to make out 1 frame out of many 60 frames per second animations to see the “hidden” sex scene. If you can’t see it, neither can your subconscious. With backwards messages, the claim is that your mind reads things backwards so you can understand the messages, deep down inside…. But that doesn’t make sense either….  But who were the targets of these damn hidden satanic subliminal messages in all the rock and Metal Records…. Kids… Again…

Then the damn evangelists in El Paso kept telling the police that satanic cultists who were either Mexican American or Metal-heads were secretly molesting kids, and “Eating Babies”.  No proof found… Yet another moral panic… The Victim… Kids. Babies. Metal-heads are eating our babies. Oh Joy!

Now you have the 15 year old set of 5 moral panics surrounding violent games.

A)  They make kids violent. Enforced by dozens of “studies” that the media keeps on claiming prove this violence, but they are flawed and only prove aggression. The victim… Kids.

B) They train kids by either breaking down the inhibition to kill, or make kids a better shooter in real life. The target… Kids.

C) They are being marketed to kids due to all the “ads” they see everywhere… The target of all these ads…  Kids.

D) Video game console makers use a mineral called “coltan” from the Congo to make their PS2/Xbox/etc. It’s mined using child labor. The victim – Kids.

E)  Violent games are used as a recruitment tool for the US military. To recruit… Kids.

Notice a pattern? In all these moral Panics kids are the purported victim.  Comic books make kids delinquent. DND makes them possessed. Metal makes them Satanists. Video games make them violent. These are all the major moral panics of the 20’th century. Bigger ones from the 1700’s like the Salem Witch Trials don’t count because they were before the 20’th century. In 3 of these moral Panics (Comic Books, Metal, Violent Games), the government cracked down on the entertainment in question, regulating and censoring it, just to “save the children”. To me, to start a massive moral panic, you need kids as the victim. Everyone assumes they are all innocent and can’t do any wrong, and when a massive entertainment industry giant starts “harming the children”, everyone starts to overreact, and strongly attacks the industry for fake allegations that have been completely fabricated in some cases. In the metal moral panic, very few real bands really were using backmasking and subliminal messaging and the parents groups kept misinterpreting lyrics to demonize the bands. The “satanic” bands like Slayer are fairly rare in Popular Metal, even then.  Most metal bands write about societal issues and Satan is rarely brought up unless it is to tell the tale of him possessing, or enticing people, to show the ills of temptation, in bands that write lyrics like that (Iron Maiden, did lyrics like this a lot). In the DND moral panic, roleplaying was mistook for possession. In the Coltan, video game, and Comic Book Moral Panics, nonsense was willingly made up to demonize the Artform inflicted. Coltan is mostly mined in Australia. Not Congo. And it’s used in ALL forms of electronics, from Cell phones to stereo systems. Not just for PS2’s. But the panic spreaders failed to mention either. They also claimed that 85% of the Coltan mined was from Congo, an inflated number. Wikipedia shows that less than 5% of Coltan comes from Congo. In the Video Game Moral Panic, nonsense was made up to make it look like School shooters were influenced by violent games, often times hoaxes were used and cited by newspapers, and to make it worse, psychologists actually spent the time to write books filled with nonsense claims about violent games being used in the military to break down the inhibition to kill. Then all the right wing attacking groups kept on making up new lies. This by far, is the worst example of scaremongering seen in ANY moral panic.

Can you name a single recent (within the last 50 years) moral Panic where kids aren’t the victim? I can only name one, the panic over Terrorism in the US that has been going around, fueling both Racism towards Muslims and the War on Terror. In that moral panic, the religious right perpetrate most of the scaremongering and the targets are random people. Not necessarily “2 year olds”.  It’s all about “saving the children”, in all these moral Panics.