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Lo and behold the BS over sandy hook has not stopped, 2 years later! A news article claiming a massive 7-by-4 foot “gamer score sheet” spreadsheet detailing 500 previous murders weapons and kill counts is being used to attack the gaming industry now.  The supposed spreadsheet, which was 7 by 4 feet and had 500 names on it, could not have existed due to the fact that at a 9 font (it was mentioned it had a 9 font) it is impossible to fit 500 names on a spreadsheet that big. (my previous post goes into details on this).


This claim has been cited on Dozens of sites, all calling it a “gamer score sheet”. It’s disgusting.


What is really annoying is that the claim is A) Being called a “Score sheet” by many people, thus attacking the Gaming Industry, and B) Dozens of sites are citing this claim as if it were real, and even worse C) The official investigation claims it’s real as well! It’s disgusting really.



Gamers don’t compete for “real life scores” by killing real people. Mentally deficient terrorists (harris /klebold)/Gun Nuts(lanza)/anti-religious terrorists(norway shooter) do! You don’t see real gamers killing people because gamers are people just like any other person and usually don’t do something like that. In fact the odds of gamers killing people the year of the Sandy Hook Massacre are so low that it isn’t funny. There were 211,000,000 Gamers word wide that year. Only 2 killed. Only 2. That’s 0%! Meanwhile 40% of smokers get lung cancer. These “newspapers” and “news sites” are using Hoaxed Evidence to attack violent games Again! And it doesn’t just attack games. They attack gamers too. Every single one of the articles calling it a “score sheet” has unknowingly attacked gamers. The Lupica article attacked gamers, Made up BS claiming the massacre was planned as if Lanza was playing a violent game, mentioned BS about a “Code of a Gamer” that made it preferable to kill yourself in a real life, which is BS, and worse. These “journalists” should all be Arrested for spreading Hate Speech.


And I  can’t believe the State of Connecticut would use Hoaxed Evidence in a Report. That’s a real problem, although not as bad as the “gamer score sheet” BS, it still is stupid. Since this “evidence” attacks gamers by default, so does the report now. Connecticut decides to attack gamers in an official report on the shooting? What’s next. blaming us for the shooting? I wouldn’t be surprised if BS like that was spread by them, I really wouldn’t, because their attorney General was whining about games being sold where you can rape people in them (they haven’t existed since 1984). I totally despise Connecticut for the Crap they are pulling off.


It’s really disgusting, and it must stop!