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So I am browsing the internets when I go to gamepolitics, and this fucking moronic article and video are posted… A right wing christian preacher has gone on and posted a video on youtube that 1) Blames violent games for the Sandy Hook Shooting, and 2) Compared violent games to Porn, Bestiality and Paedophilia. Paedofuckingfelia?

Number 1, not once has there ever been a substantiated or proven claim that playing violent games lead to ANY of these, never mind paedophilia… How anyone could even sanely claim that one is related to another (when one’s old religion’s practitioners have committed the third of these, none the less) is well, disgusting, hypocritical and just plain stupid.

I’ve heard tons of people complain violent games and their not so existing effects to cigarettes causing cancer, Violent games to porn, but Child Molestation. There hasn’t been ONE case of this happening ANYWHERE, EVER. What kind of morons do we have in this country, trying to blame violent games for school violence and DARE to claim that they make school shooters want to kill but also molest children. This kind of crap has to stop. For 10 years I have been publishing articles that debunk this crap, but this is the worst. They always want to up the supposed crime that the games “cause” to the next level, from Murder, to Rape, From Rape to Paedophilia.  This just angers me to no end, because every time they make something or someone or the people who are fans of this something (if it’s a form of entertainment) indirectly or directly responsible for molesting children, you will get tons of people put on sexual offenders registry for no crime, more than likely. And that is the great fall of justice folks… When Paranoia over violence leads to paranoia that violent games cause child molestation… Who cares if there is no proof.  Because that’s the only way to start a bigger moral panic. A moral panic on violence alone won’t get violent games banned and the players of them separated from the rest of society for being “evil”. Spreading that moral panic to paedophilia, child molestation and similar will.