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It seems this country has to keep spewing nonsense over and over again about a non-existent link between video games and real life violence…  They wait till everyone is not thinking about it and use crap like this to attempt to start another video games moral panic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…. But it’s fucking stupid and it must stop…

A murder in Australia,  has been associated with violent games.. The police have supposedly searched the killers twitter posts to find out he played call of duty…  Like call of duty may have impacted the killers decision to shoot 3 people for the sheer fun factor of it…  Well.. When you go to the shoutbox on (where I found the article), you get an article linked in it which links to another article by an Australian News site mentioning gangs… Gangs aren’t even mentioned in the fox article linked in the shoutbox. It seems Faux news has no problem with leaving out information that proves games had nothing to do with the killings when they want to pin games as the SOLE REASON… For moral panic reasons!!!!

To make things worse, there is a video in the article which part of the Faux news “medical team” rambles on about his completely bogus theory that every big mass killer since 1999 is addicted to violent games… That’s mentioned in the first article I linked… This idea is preposterous, there is no proof to back it up, whatsoever. Sure Klebold and Harris among others played violent games. But the proof for V-TECH, and others is a media Fabrication coming from newspapers like this. The one person linking V-TECH to Counterstrike said an article which used HIS evidence was the proof. He basically cited himself saying that there was a link when there wasn’t.  In fact there is NO evidence to suggest the following people besides Harris and Klebold and Lanza were addicted to violent games…

(Eric Harris, Dylan Khebold, Seung Hui Cho, Jared Loughner, Anders Brevik, James Holmes,  the eight-year-old who accidently shot his grandmother recently and the three teens who murdered an Australian tourist too)

Anders brejik was a TERRORIST who mentioned video games make great training tools. There has been no evidence to suggest he was addicted, same for James Holmes, or the rest of the list as well. None but Harris and Klebold have ANY link to video game addiction, it’s bullshit.Anders played World of Warcraft, far from your average Violent Game.  James Holmes played Guitar Hero. Is that their latest “Violent” game to attack now? Really… This is stupid….

To make things worse, the medical “Expert” claims that the medical industry has found “proof” that there is a link between real life violence and video games, and has gone out to say that link exists, even though NO study has found a causation link between violent video game exposure and real violence. The ones that attempt to find a link between violent games and aggression are extremely flawed and biased… My YouTube censoring life radio show goes into the studies a lot more… This “trusted source” then went on claiming that violent games were drugs and we need warning labels put on them, like that’s gonna do anything…

This pisses me off. The last thing we need is a “trusted source” (who isn’t) starting a moral panic on video game violence after it has cooled off!!! This kind of stuff is what was rampant on news stations after columbine and  the moral panic skyrocketed after that… It’s frankly, disgusting….


I do youtube videos quite a lot now. A lot are gaming videos, lets plays etc, some are videos on my extreme metal solo artist, unleashing vengeance, and a few are videos on video game related moral panic type stuff. I’ve been doing this for a few years…….. My channel is available here:


here is a link to my latest video, recorded last night, on the MA plan to ban violent games, which I am totally against, being a MA native.


Recently, I did some editorials on youtube, attacking the nonsense spread after Sandy Hook singling Out violent games, and debunking nonsense that was mentioned, and other related topics.   These videos are a sequel set to my Violent Game BS Set of videos which have been given new names.   Here are the videos: Check them out…








Even though I spent quite a lot of time recording these videos, I still haven’t got a lot of video views…. Anyone who is interested in video game violence nonsense debunking should check this out…. They cover a lot of stuff, From the problems of Taxing and Banning Violent game (why  they don’t solve anything), Trolls who blindly believe games cause violence and think gamers are scum, comments attacking games and how a lot spread nonsense, The Fabricated link between Child Pornography and Violent Games, and how the Media made up crap to scapegoat Doom after Columbine.

Today, I woke up early, early enough, to finish part 5 of my “video game violence BS” series of youtube videos. These video’s go into the crap being spread by media about violent games that seems to be fueling censorship, and other similar topics, all dealing with video game controversy, which happens to be a huge, 18 year long moral panic in the US, and abroad.

Part 4 was done last night and dealt with a certain right wing pro-family anti-violent games group in the midwest, and how they filed an amicus brief in 2010′ Brown VS EMA Supreme court trial, filled with BS about how violent games are used in the military to break down the inhibition to kill (debunked here), eric harris said “Doom Will Become Reality” on his website (debunked here), and how Micheal Carneal got better and shooting a real gun after only playing doom (debunked in part 1 of my youtube series) , all bogus claims. If the supreme court actually believed this tripe, they might have not found the CA bill involved unconstitutional, and a vague and very subjective obscenity clause (with it’s uber subjective “lack scientific, literary and educational value” clause)  would have ended up being used as the sole judge for the groups the Bill would have formed to fine or not fine certain games being sold to minors at any store. The stores, not knowing what games would get fined, would have taken all violent games off the stage. At the time of the Brown VS EMA decision the bill had spread to at least 2 other states, like a plague.  This first video, Part 4 goes into all of this.

Video 5, of my series, goes into 3 things, how a moronic troll on a newspaper forum ironically got me into debunking crap spread about violent games, by threatening to kill me for daring to defend Doom in May 1999, insulting anyone else who dared to defend it by calling them “gamer shitheads”, cursing, and MUCH worse, and how this troll (who had a Lawyers email(!)), made a post saying “I have enough evidence to prove gamers get violent” and how that post, the forum in question, and the email server info were all taken offline, as well as certain sites debunking the “doom will become reality” hoax, and how I think there is a coverup involved to remove this kind of content, plus on why gamers should not vote for the GOP this year due to how one candidate (not naming him here) wants to “do something about” stores that sell violent games to anyone, not just kids.


I decided to do a debunking video twice a week till I cannot do anymore due to battery life issues on my Digital camera.  This video debunks a not-so-widespread claim that Doom can train real marksman skills. I’ve debunked it before on a blog post but I’ve decided to debunk it in a video to show off the reasons why this simply isn’t possible. The claim surrounds Paducah, and Micheal Carneal, and was spread by people condemning violent games, claiming he had no practice with a fire arm and Doom taught him how to be an “efficient killer”. My debunking proves that this isn’t the case because the game isn’t realistic enough to train real firearm techniques. I also briefly talk about libel threats to blogs and the reasoning behind me pulling 10+ articles off this blog to prevent that.  My next 2 videos will be done either both next sunday or one next sunday and another next Wednesday.  Not sure which. Don’t know what things I will talk about either. It all depends on what I read before that.  Hope you enjoy it.

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You had the moral panic in the 50’s surrounding “graphic” comic books and how they cause delinquency in kids. Caused by a German Psychologist mentioning nonsense such as “bondage” in Wonder Women Comics, and how Batman and Robin were “Gay Lovers”. The readers effected by the Comic Books, supposedly, were kids.

Now we jump 20 years later to  the Dungeons and Dragons moral Panic. The main claim in this moral panic is that kids were being possessed by Devils. Why? The nature of the table top RPG, made it so that the players would “role-play” as fictitious characters, making it so when their character did something, they would often say “I am” doing the action. Extremist religious groups took that as a sign that Satan was possessing them.  You got dozens of groups attacking DND for supposed satanic ritual content, and demonic summoning allegations came soon after. Who was the “victim” in the Panic. Kids… Again.

Fast forward to the Metal Moral Panic of the 80’s. Subliminal messages were corrupting the kids. To make them drink, do drugs, have sex, worship satan, rape babies, sodomize Nuns, want to marry sheep, and worse!  Of course all of that is BS. There is no such thing as a backwards or subliminal message that actually does what the proponents of subliminal or backwards messages claim. It’s impossible for you to make out 1 frame out of many 60 frames per second animations to see the “hidden” sex scene. If you can’t see it, neither can your subconscious. With backwards messages, the claim is that your mind reads things backwards so you can understand the messages, deep down inside…. But that doesn’t make sense either….  But who were the targets of these damn hidden satanic subliminal messages in all the rock and Metal Records…. Kids… Again…

Then the damn evangelists in El Paso kept telling the police that satanic cultists who were either Mexican American or Metal-heads were secretly molesting kids, and “Eating Babies”.  No proof found… Yet another moral panic… The Victim… Kids. Babies. Metal-heads are eating our babies. Oh Joy!

Now you have the 15 year old set of 5 moral panics surrounding violent games.

A)  They make kids violent. Enforced by dozens of “studies” that the media keeps on claiming prove this violence, but they are flawed and only prove aggression. The victim… Kids.

B) They train kids by either breaking down the inhibition to kill, or make kids a better shooter in real life. The target… Kids.

C) They are being marketed to kids due to all the “ads” they see everywhere… The target of all these ads…  Kids.

D) Video game console makers use a mineral called “coltan” from the Congo to make their PS2/Xbox/etc. It’s mined using child labor. The victim – Kids.

E)  Violent games are used as a recruitment tool for the US military. To recruit… Kids.

Notice a pattern? In all these moral Panics kids are the purported victim.  Comic books make kids delinquent. DND makes them possessed. Metal makes them Satanists. Video games make them violent. These are all the major moral panics of the 20’th century. Bigger ones from the 1700’s like the Salem Witch Trials don’t count because they were before the 20’th century. In 3 of these moral Panics (Comic Books, Metal, Violent Games), the government cracked down on the entertainment in question, regulating and censoring it, just to “save the children”. To me, to start a massive moral panic, you need kids as the victim. Everyone assumes they are all innocent and can’t do any wrong, and when a massive entertainment industry giant starts “harming the children”, everyone starts to overreact, and strongly attacks the industry for fake allegations that have been completely fabricated in some cases. In the metal moral panic, very few real bands really were using backmasking and subliminal messaging and the parents groups kept misinterpreting lyrics to demonize the bands. The “satanic” bands like Slayer are fairly rare in Popular Metal, even then.  Most metal bands write about societal issues and Satan is rarely brought up unless it is to tell the tale of him possessing, or enticing people, to show the ills of temptation, in bands that write lyrics like that (Iron Maiden, did lyrics like this a lot). In the DND moral panic, roleplaying was mistook for possession. In the Coltan, video game, and Comic Book Moral Panics, nonsense was willingly made up to demonize the Artform inflicted. Coltan is mostly mined in Australia. Not Congo. And it’s used in ALL forms of electronics, from Cell phones to stereo systems. Not just for PS2’s. But the panic spreaders failed to mention either. They also claimed that 85% of the Coltan mined was from Congo, an inflated number. Wikipedia shows that less than 5% of Coltan comes from Congo. In the Video Game Moral Panic, nonsense was made up to make it look like School shooters were influenced by violent games, often times hoaxes were used and cited by newspapers, and to make it worse, psychologists actually spent the time to write books filled with nonsense claims about violent games being used in the military to break down the inhibition to kill. Then all the right wing attacking groups kept on making up new lies. This by far, is the worst example of scaremongering seen in ANY moral panic.

Can you name a single recent (within the last 50 years) moral Panic where kids aren’t the victim? I can only name one, the panic over Terrorism in the US that has been going around, fueling both Racism towards Muslims and the War on Terror. In that moral panic, the religious right perpetrate most of the scaremongering and the targets are random people. Not necessarily “2 year olds”.  It’s all about “saving the children”, in all these moral Panics.

Panic over violent video game ads….

So I was researching the whole violent game myth that violent games are being marketed to kids. I came across a commenter on some guitar forum mentioning “oh violent games are being marketed to kids! Look at all the lego games, it’s proof!” after saying “oh look at all the violent game ads! everywhere”… Excuse me.
Violent game ads…. I’ve only seen them in 2 places.. A) TV (rarely – where I live, in MA), and B) ones and gaming magazines, online gaming sites,etc…. I’ve never seen a violent game ad on a billboard, or anywhere like that…. I think this may be a new moral panic, because his description of ‘violent game ads, everywhere’ sounds fictitious.  Meanwhile you get constant annoying ads with misbehaving kids in them for eastern bank, new york life,etc during Red Sox games, every single commercial break…… And no one is complaining… But that is another story…

This “AD Paranoia” is one of the things that brings up irrational claims of “Violent games being marketed to kids”… It’s like to the anti-gamers, if kids can see an ad, it’s marketed to them… When the 18-35 demographic is the age group the games are really being marketed to. There is not a single bit of proof that these ads are targeting kids, no single advertiser confirming this. Only Anti-gamers assuming it… It’s irrational…

A moral panic started when ads for some violent game (I Think GTA) were found in a Boston Subway.. They were taken down, thanks to the mayor whining….   The whole irrational claim that violent games are being marketed to kids was brought up… The whole attack started again, complete with the media lies spreading all over the place…. One ad… In a subway. It wasn’t like it was in a daycare center!

HELLO! More than kids go through a subway! In fact the last 2 subway stations I visited when going into boston for sporting events, I saw not a single kid! Not one… All adults….. I personally didn’t see any ads for any games on the subway.. Now let me show you how bad a subway station is… They are crowded like crazy, very little room to move. Not a place to take a 10 year old… The subways themselves are the same way and rock around a lot… It’s easy to trip and fall…. It’s not a place to bring a kid… So why all the complaining when ONE AD for a violent game comes up?

Similar panics show up when any kind of thing that is associated with ‘harm to children’ is advertised on TV at any time before midnight… You get tons of right wing groups whining about “Family hour violations”. They complain the instant anyone advertises a violent game, wrestling, etc, during family hour… Which by definition is 8 PM, but they always make it look like it’s any time kids could be up (6 am – midnight) They want these ads pushed to 3 AM. Not joking… So that any time these ads show up, no one will see them…

HELLO! Even I don’t stay up that late, 2 AM sometimes…. You think that something like this would make the game makers lose a lot of money…. I think it’s intentional… This family hour crap is insane…. More than kids watch the TV….. Just because a kid could see an AD, doesn’t mean he will go out and become addicted to GTA…..

Other times, there is complaints about Violent game ads during sports games….. I’ve personally never seen a violent game ad during a sports game, ever.. In fact the last time I saw an ad for a violent game on TV was when Vice City came out in 2003… Not once have I seen the ‘rampant violent game ads’ on TV since then.. .Granted I don’t watch a lot of TV. But I used to watch a lot more, wrestling, sports games, Horror movies, Ghost hunters. I never noticed ads for any violent games during those things since I saw the GTA : Vice City ads. Granted those were advertised like crazy. But that’s the last one I saw that was Advertised like that. Hell, I didn’t see a single ad for DOOM until 1997! 4 years after it was made…

I think it’s a moral panic and shouldn’t be taken seriously… They only people saying violent games are marketed to kids, have very irrational ways to back it up. It’s always something that doesn’t make sense. These are the things I’ve heard lately.

A) “All the ‘ads’ everywhere”
B) “My kid could buy bulletstorm so violent games are marketed to kids”
C) “Look at all the Lego Games” – this one wins it….
D) “Games are being marketed to kids due to the fact that kids are in game stores and can see the games”
E) “All the game ads during family hour!”
F) “All the game ads during a sporting event!”

The whole family hour “violation” thing pisses me off. Family hour is an hour that all the prime time channels had a responsibility to show only kid friendly stuff at 8-9 pm… It was mandatory then but not now. A court overturned it… Now it’s something some networks do, other don’t…. So all the complaints about violent ads during the warped version of family hour that is 6 am to midnight is mostly nonsense…. Brought up by the PTC… Again…

There is no law mandating family hour. There shouldn’t be. You cannot attack game companies and advertisers for violating something that certain groups think is illegal but isn’t…. It’s optional now… And extending the period from 1 hour to 12 hours is insane….  The problem is that parents use the TV as a babysitter. That shouldn’t be the case.. They don’t watch the kids…. They don’t Watch what they are doing. None of the TV ad nonsense would be an issue if irresponsible parents did…

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