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So once again the media makes up utter stupid claims to try to link Sandy Hook to Call of Duty…. Here is the stupidest of them all, that Adam Lanza when he was killing kindergarteners in the school was mimicking a “mission” or “scenario” in one of the COD games… This lovely website is spewing this shit and these idiots need to be held accountable for their utter tripe and scapegoating:

Number 1, there is NO scenario or mission in ANY COD games where you BUTCHER kindergartners, these games are WAR time simulators where you fight soldiers…  Not one has a scene in a school. For an idiot to blame the COD games for this and say that the shooter was “mimicking” a mission in COD is utterly stupid!!! I’ve heard some bad claims but this one takes the cake…

The problem is that people who have never played the games will assume this asinine BS claim is true, when it is not… It is very dangerous during these times when PA (and many other states) have recently announced plans to study “violent video game consumption” as a “risk factor” (a nonexistent one) for school shootings…. Shit like this can and will cause moral panics…. These so-called “writers” need to be stripped of their writing degrees, and thrown in jail for life, because they are no better than the fucking religious zealots who threatened to picket the marathon victim funerals…

But to make things worse, according to the site below, the Department of Social services recorded Adam Lanza’s death 1 day before the shooting, opening up tons of Conspiracy theories saying that Sandy Hook was a False Flag operation to “take away our guns”…. More like to take away our damn Games!!! If he did not shoot up the school, then who did? The government isn’t investigating this, the media didn’t even mention this claim once, just “mental illnesses”, “violent games”, and “gun control”… Things the government wants to change/control… they want to use military discipline (aka Military Basic Training like “treatment” to “erase mental illnesses”, just look at the BS commercials for the “Total transformation” package that uses MILITARY BRAINWASHING tactics to “supposedly” erase the ODD, and other disorders, by COMMANDS… Like in the military… They also want to take away guns and ban violent games… They need an excuse, so a “mentally deranged gamer gun nut” goes and kills a bunch of toddlers…. So now we need to ban violent games and treat mental illnesses (being a “gamer” is one of these now!) with brutal military discipline and guns need to be banned…

But IF this claim above saying Lanza died one day before the Shooting IS true, this is PROOF the military and the government have been orchestrating “shootings” like this to pin it on guns, violent games, and mental illnesses…. When will the government “research” this? Never… it goes against their agenda…. It’s idiocy at it’s finest, and we are all scapegoats….

After the Marathon Bombings. More BS that we gamers are all terrorists started flying around attack sites just like BS that did the same exact thing after the sandy hook shooting on a facebook page for the Mass Effect games…. It’s a shitty never-ending cycle that no one is trying to stop…. Then some crime writer goes out and purposely implies gamers are baby killers after a preacher implies gamers are child molesters…. So were terrorists too!!!! We don’t need this shit all over again… It’s disgusting…


Checking Gamepolitics today I learned the truth about Obama’s Violent game’s conference between the ECA and the Senators, hosted by Joe Biden. According to the ECA, the whole thing didn’t go down well and the senators still blindly believe “Video games cause violence”. I quote:

Senators are convinced that there’s a connection between video games and violence. One has even said that a proposed study is simply “laying the groundwork for new regulations on video games.” We know that’s not true – so write to them today.

Yes, even when presented with the facts that violent crimes have decreased since 1980, while video game sales have increased, and that other nations that consume more video games than the United States don’t see the same level of violence, those we talked to pressed forward with the need to legislate video games and waste money to find a connection between games and violence we know doesn’t exist. These Senators believe that playing games leads to real world violence. They have even gone so far to say in private discussions they disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision that video games are free speech.

We’re not going to take these insults and lies. Video games don’t lead to violence and are protected free speech. That’s reality. We need gamers to speak up and tell Congress this.Write to your elected officials and then spread this action everywhere you can.

This year is going to be a rough one. No matter how many facts we present, folks seem to want to stick to their fantasy that we gamers are time bombs waiting to go off. It’s insulting to me, it’s insulting to you, it’s insulting to us and just not true. Take action now.

Keep on gaming,”



This is, Frankly Disgusting… Number 1) None of these senators even care that people don’t want video games regulated,  As gamers we have to stop this mess NOW. We can do it. We need to mail our Rep’s and Our Senators, but their message refuses to show the real issues, the media fabrications, the nonsense, the real reason behind school shootings.  The Representatives will assume the default message is  just Industry Rhetoric. Why would they listen to it? You must send them a much more detailed message like the one I have put below. One that shows the scapegoating by the media and how violent games have nothing to do with real crime. This is really important.  My message is a lot longer than theirs but covers a lot of stuff that very few people know about but is all true and people simply are not talking about it. If people want to use this message, go ahead. Edit it and choose the parts you agree or disagree with if you want, but make sure to tell them that A) Violent media studies never have proven violent crime is a result,  and that B) Special interest groups in the CDC Study will try to hijack it with hoaxes, for extremist groups did that before at the Supreme Court, quoting the “Doom will Become Reality Hoax”, which was actually not on Harris’s real site but a fake site made after Columbine.

This is really important. This could be like the columbine moral panic on “Doom” times 5 if you don’t act… Seriously.

Title : “Regulating Violent games solves nothing!”

“As your Constituent, I would like you to know that I am not happy about all the scapegoating happening surrounding violent games by the Government, and if you don’t know this already, the scapegoating has been going on for over 10 years (since Paducah!), and it continues without anything to legally stop it.

Most comes from the media who are fueled by right wing extremist groups who are pro censorship such as the The Eagle Forum, the Parents Television Councel and others. For years they have been sending people on to talk shows especially right after school shootings, to make up utter lies about violent games such as the “fact” violent games make kids violent, the “fact” violent games break down the inhibition to kill, and the “fact” that violent games are military training tools. None of these are true.

The truth is that, video games don’t make anyone violent, no study has ever been done even linking video games to violence, the aggression studies have been misquoted by people with anti-video game agendas on talk shows as proof they cause violence, without proving which studies they are talking about. One was a guy who was trying to sell a book. The other guy is a Defense Attorney for Murderers who gets them all to say “Video games made me do it” and is trying to get people to believe it, so he can win as much cases as possible. In fact no study has ever linked video games to Violence at all. Why do we need a study to link them now?

The Link between Adam Lanza and the Video game “Call of Duty” was based on 1 UK Tabloid basically saying “This kid lived in the basement (a video gamer stereotype), and had a computer. He had posters of lots of tanks and old fashioned Military Weapons. Since Call of Duty Players can name a lot of old fashioned weapons, he must be a Call of Duty Fan!”.  This all came from a “plumber” who visited the house. This article doesn’t prove he played call of duty, but then 25 newspapers all Quoted this plumbers words as proof he was obsessed with Call of Duty and some even said Call of Duty made him commit the Massacre. See the nonsense the Media Spreads? Millions of people now believe, that Call of Duty caused Sandy Hook. But it’s not true.

The same thing Happened after Columbine. Some unknown party made a fake Eric Harris Aol Site with a page that said “The fires will go off in the 21’st, Eric harris Hates you all, Doom will become reality!”.  This spread around to people and then the media quoted the “Doom will Become Reality” part and immediately everyone thought Doom Triggered the Massacre. Only Problem is that Harris never wrote these words, the site was made on April 21’st. It was proven by he FBI. But no one listened. One News article verifying that it was a fake Aol Site was taken down to cover it up by someone…. The media makes up bogus claims right and left about violent games. FOX News hired a fake hack psychologist to say “Bulletstorm causes rape because Rape is a violent crime, and since Bulletstorm is a violent game, it has caused rape!”. Millions Believed this.  A preacher recently said at a public function of some sort, that “Pornography releases Endorphins, it’s like a cocaine High, the more you view pornography the more you need that high, till Heterosexual Porn doesn’t satisfy you anymore, you then jump to Homosexual Porn, then to Bestiality or then to Pedophilia. Look at all the Rapists and Child Molesters who said they were addicted to Porn. These Violent Video games are the same way”. He basically said it in a way to make some people think Violent games lead to child molestation.   In the Columbine case, the Hoaxed page was used as evidence in the Supreme court case EMA Vs Brown. It was submitted by a Right wing pro-family Group who is anti-violent games. I fear some similar group will use this or other bogus claims (imagine if they use the Child Molestation one…..), in the upcoming CDC study as evidence… This must not happen. It’s not true and things like this could lead to Regulation when no evidence of a problem exists…

Legislating violent games will not cause Tragic School Shootings to stop. Doom didn’t have anything to even do with Columbine. The CHS Massacre was a revenge crime against the police in Colorado, and according to a freedom of information act request for documents the FBI was keeping secret,

Eric Harris was Raped by the Police in an arrest in 1998. This triggered the revenge crime, Not Doom.

We still don’t know why Adam Lanza killed 26 people. Why jump to conclusions till a real investigation gets done?

Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Apparently the Obama Admin. is setting up even more  (possibly) biased studies to be done by the Centers for Disease Control, to see if there is a link between Gun Violence and Violent Media. The problem I have with it is that to, my knowledge, there has not been a single non-biased study done about the subject, and evidence surrounding the funding of brain-scan studies by the “Center for Successful Parenting”, shows that they are nothing but a group trying to force the government and others to try to get rid of violent entertainment, really biased… Read their mission statement with my interpretations in the image below:





The first thing I think about this whole plan that Obama is setting up is that the CDC is hardly an unbiased source, and no matter who does these studies, they still have idiots trying to sway them. In 2010 during  the Brown VS EMA Supreme court, an extremist Right wing Pro-family, anti-violent games group sent an Amicus Brief to the court that cited known lies and hoaxes such as the “Doom Will Become reality Hoax” (debunked here), the Claim Eric Carneal got better at firing a real gun just by playing Doom (debunked here), and that the Military uses FPS games to break down the inhibition to kill (debunked here, by someone in the military). There is always someone trying to get their agenda through, and this attempt by this group from the midwest was clearly an attempt to Hijack the Supreme Court with bogus crap to try to make them vote the other way, which would have lead to an effective ban of violent games not just to minors, but to adults too. (Read up on articles I wrote about Brown Vs EMA to understand why).



The CDC are hardly in a qualified position to know what is true and what is faked in the “evidence” department. They handle “infectious diseases” not fact checking about violent games.  In fact 99% of the nonsense spread about violent games is fake. There are literally hundreds of news article making up crap about violent games that very few people have looked through them to see that they are false. And after School shootings, especially Columbine, Fabricated Evidence was used to demonize games, in the form of hoaxes including the doom will become reality hoax, but there was a far more sinister hoax in place involving 3 articles, one from, one from Rocky Mountain News, and another from Times Magazine all claiming Harris customized doom to be used to simulate the Massacre with (with begging students). This version supposedly had features doom could not do at that time, including a second shooter (friendly AI, Impossible to create for Doom mods in 1999). It also supposedly had  begging students that scream quotes, but the quotes said varied from article to article, and so did how they begging students said the quote (one said screaming, the other said begging). And it also supposedly had the ability for either student to die when running out of bullets (impossible to program in doom then, no source code to actually do this, it would be needed to do it right), and no other way of doing it as well, no editing program then allowed you to do this, dehacked didn’t, editing tools did’t, etc. The thing is that each article mentioned some of these but only one mentioned the last, the first printed one, the one from Times Magazine. The next mentions the begging students and the second shooter, and then the third mentions the begging students only. It’s like 3 different newspapers all conspired to fake evidence to make doom like it contributed to the shooting, using ideas that would be in a school shooting simulator, as the supposed modified versions features,  when the game couldn’t have allowed the modder to make such a mod in the first place…


Now it’s possible, but only because of the source code (released after columbine), allowed source ports that support extensive scripting languages to code this thing into mods. Back then no source port even had scripting language support. How do I know all of this? I have edited doom since 1994. I am an ACS wiz, I know how to program, I have spend my free time since 1996 learning how to mod the game and make levels for it as well. My Point is that someone will try to slip bogus information to the CDC. Who is  there to see through it? Something needs to be done… I just don’t know what yet…


If they allow people to persuade them that all of this info I have debunked is true (and there are hundreds of websites saying it is), we would have a situation where special interest groups who are biased against violent games decide the outcome of a study using false data, leading to more legislation… This could be disastrous. If you think they will only use this stuff, then you are wrong. What nonsense will they make up for this? These falsifications are very deceiving, there is very little data to prove that they are engineered, and none of the people looking at them in the CDC are Video game players, who know that the Doom hoax with the three articles can’t be true. Who is there to balance this out? No one… That’s why it’s scary.


All this takes is some false data being brought to the attention of the CDC, something they cannot debunk, and it spirals out of control. Enough false data that is set up to make it look like School Shooters train on violent games or are influenced by them would lead to the CDC saying that there is a link between gun crimes and violent games. Then comes the legislation of morality causing violent games to be in the cross hairs of the groups who aren’t satisfied with a mere restriction to adults, they want the industry GONE by any means necessary. So that means bans of violent games to adults as well… Then comes the idiots who think that gamers are the cause of school shootings and they would be targeted next. It’s already happening, Leland Yee said some crappy remarks about gamers recently, like we only care about “our lust for violence”, and we need to “shut up”. This is a nightmare waiting to happen…


Just in case the people who have been shutting down sites (like the second one that proved the doom will become reality hoax was just that, a hoax) that debunk this nonsense here are screenshots proving the debunking still exists once they get shut down:


First the Post on the Design Synthesis blog debunking the claim that the military uses Violent FPS games to break down the inhibition to kill.




Now the image of the supposed “Eric Harris” Aol Site that says “On April 21’st Doom Will Become Reality” (not April 20’th….)




And now a screenshot ofthe site dedicated to all things related to the Columbine Massacre that Debunks this hoax (




Just incase the video gets taken down or people want a quick explanation. According to Reports, Micheal Carneal fired 8 individual but quick shots with a semi automatic pistol. He shot 8 students, all in the head or the chest, and People in the extremist right wing groups quoting the nonsense that he learned this from Doom are idiots, for Doom has the thing where you fire the guns in the game, holding down  the fire button makes every gun, even a single fire gun like a shotgun fire multiple shots as the fire button on the mouse is held down… This is how doom “trains” fans to react….. (Trains is a bad word, but just go with me on this one)…


Carneal did not do this, because it said he brought 2 rifles, a shotgun, and a semiautomatic pistol into the school. None of those weapons are Full Auto the kind needed to replicate the way doom makes it so when you hold down the fire button more shots keep on firing. Semi automatic merely means that the clip for the gun holds more than one shot and the weapon can fire multiple shots before reloading… Nothing to do with this behavior, that only a full auto weapon can do, like a military grade assault rifle. Also Doom cannot simulate recoil, which all weapons had, so if he tried the “methods” doom “train” you to do in real life he would be aiming at the wrong place and would miss over and over again in the best case, or the gun would spiral out of control at the worst case, depending if he used a pistol (best case) or a full auto rifle (worst case).




Low and behold, The nonsense surrounding violent games causing violence, has not ended!!!! After the newtown shooting which EVERYONE in the media seemed to blame on violent games. Enter the newest peice of nonsense by the Campaign for a Commercial free Childhood, or what I think they are really trying to be, campaign for censoring for kids…  This article written by a moron from this group on spreads complete nonsense about violent games, without shame, without any recourse, shocking!!!!

So these idiots want a “dialogue” about the “effects” of violent games on kids (to them “effects” are making kids directly want to shoot up a school, nothing less… They want that result, that’s why the mentioned the link as being “almost as great” as the link from smoking cigarrates to cancer. A bullshit excuse everyone uses). Lets begin the debunking of this nonsense:

Research repeatedly demonstrates that, for children, exposure to violent video games, movies and television programs is a risk factor for becoming desensitized to violence, lack of sympathy for victims and aggressive behavior. Proponents for allowing purveyors of violent media unfettered access to children dismiss the research because it is correlational and not causal.”

I went through such research in another post on wordpress and many of the studies are so flawed that it becomes doubtful that they were done for any other purpose to fraudulently find a link between violent games and aggression so the hack psychologists could use them to claim “violent games cause kids to become violent”, which they repeatedly did, misinterpreting the studies. I saw evidence that the study creators purposely hid certain facts from the public, like the fact that they use Electroshock therapy to increase aggression in the violent game playing kids, only to find that the PDF that proved this “disappeared” off the internet a few days after I exposed their nonsense.  Brainscan studies done by certain groups were all funded by one group, the “center” for successful parenting” who’s goal is to  get the medical community, the government and others “change culture” to get rid of violence in entertainment, aka ban violent games and worse, with many of these studies which are all quite fraudulent.  Now the stakes are higher because morons like Nader and Boykin are saying indirectly that they lead to child molestation, or urges of paedophilia, to cause a moral panic.  With such studies linking one thing (violent games) to another (aggression) and dozens of groups saying that it proves something completely different (violent games make kids violent), and then the bombshell that these studies are fraudulent and were funded by groups who want to get rid of all violence in entertainment, It’s hard to even say this claim from the article is even true, it’s just rhetoric designed to “change” culture. The discussion will be about banning violent games, it will come up, and so will paedophilia and child molestation as the next “crime” associated with games and gamers. We gamers are already lowlifes, morons, “gamer shitheads” , people who “should have been aborted”, druggies and even school shooters in the minds of the wackjob anti-gamers out there, what’s to stop them from adding child molestation, rape, and worse to the “effects” of violent games we “exhibit”.

But public health policy is often based on correlation between behavior and harm, and the correlation between media violence and aggression is almost as strong as the link between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer — and stronger than other acknowledged public health threats such as the links between not using a condom and sexually transmitted H.I.V., and early exposure to lead and lower I.Q. scores.”

The claim that the “correlation”  between violent games and harm (notice they said “harm” like in violence here, not aggression (like becoming angry here). is as strong as the link between smoking and cancer, is complete nonsense not even proven by a single study, it’s something anti-gamers like this writer have said over and over again in articles attacking games, but not once has any one else even said it’s true. The proof that the studies are all fraudulent and funded by people who want to “change” culture to get rid of violent entertainment, makes them all flawed and not trustworthy in my mind. Any negative bias in the study makes it flawed. Bias = BAD.

Regardless of the role violent media played or didn’t play in the tragic Newtown shootings, children are harmed by frequent exposure to movies, video games, music and TV programs that glorify violence. We shouldn’t let the National Rifle Association’s smoke and mirrors, or the urgent need for gun control and effective, readily available mental health services, distract from the problem of media violence.”

A little contradictory. Isn’t it. this group CCFC is clearly using the tragedy to push their agenda of “stopping” media violence, and this paragraph proves it.  If the the Newtown Shooting did NOT have any contributing  factors from violent games, there is no way that this witch hunt over the violence in games being “examined” by more studies is even needed. But according to them they are still not sure that games caused Newtown. But do they care? Hell NO!



Returning to the quotes from the article on the New York times:


We need to stop allowing children to be targets for marketing violent media,”

“Violent Media” targets kids? A peice on my other blog debunking 5 big anti-violent games myths completely debunks this claim, which is claim 4 in the peice. Quoting my explaination of how this is a myth:

This myth is less drastic than the first one, but is still constantly spread around. The truth is this one has been used in many different ways, all claiming violent games are marketed to kids for different reasons. There isn’t one common reason why this is true… But My article on this (here) basically says that the ESRB ratings are often misconstrued as GOVT enforced by people who do the same thing with MPAA ratings.. They are both voluntary ratings and if a store doesn’t enforce them they don’t get in Legal trouble, unlike what the common belief is.  So when you get a biased study like the PTC ‘secret shopper survey’ that says stores sell M rated games to kids 80% of the time, you get people thinking that the industry is marketing games to kids.

The truth is that a recent FTC study says ESRB ratings are even better than MPAA ratings and enforcement in stores… but that doesn’t really disprove the myth…. What does, however is the target demographic of the industry is 18-35 year olds, according to this page. I have heard this on many articles in gaming sites, so I trust it….  If it were 5-9 year olds like all the anti-gamers keep saying then I wouldn’t even try to debunk this… But I have never heard any kind of evidence to support the biased claim that violent games are marketed to kids that isn’t something ridiculous like “violent game ads in our subway”, or “kids in a game store that sells violent  games that could be seen by a kid”, or recently someone on a forum said this great claim “Look at all the Lego games, proof violent games are marketed to kids” after saying that since there were violent game ads ‘everywhere’ the claim must be true. Basically it’s a lie.”

Complete idiocy and fearmongering and fake evidence/media lie spreading won’t help to fix the issues that caused Newtown. In fact no one has even done any actual medical testing to see what issues Adam Lanza even had (mental illnesses ,etc). It’s all scapegoating and nonsense spreading…. It’s sick and it needs to stop. The country does NOT need to have an Open Discussion on how violent games “Corrupt” kids by making them violent or want to rape babies. We DONT need more scapegoating!