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For today and the next 2 days, I am alone in my house, which is not something that usually happens. So I decided to write some new music, and do a lot of videos in a format of a youtube video radio show, talking about debunking nonsense about violent games, talking about any and all video game legislation, media spread nonsense, and any similar topics. It will air on youtube every weekend, on Sunday or the Next Monday (after being recorded the previous night).  I will occasionally go into off topic topics here and there, but for the most part, it will be video game controversy related…






After browsing today, I came across this Entertainment Consumers Association Alert regarding the new Video Game Research bill championed by Senator Rockefeller, another blind attempt to research the nonexistent connection between violent games and “harm to children” or “violence in children”….  This Bill is a direct threat to our freedoms. I urge anyone who is a gamer to send your Senator a message through the “action alert” link at the bottom of the article to talk to your senator to tell them NOT to support this bill. You can find the Article Here


However, the message ECA is sending does not give the Senators the complete picture. Noticeably missing are the fact that the “link” between Call of Duty and Sandy Hook is a media fabrication, and that groups like the Brown VS EMA Hijackers are probably going to try to sway the CDC or whoever is doing this research into believing utter hoaxes to prove their claims. IF this research is as biased and fraudulent as previous research (a topic I will do a youtube video on soon), then this research is in Danger of being completely fabricated. I urge gamers to use the below message instead. It goes into this problem and the fact the Call of Duty thing is a bogus media fraud.


“Senator Rockefeller has introduced S. 134, the “Violent Content Research Act of 2013.” It calls for a study by the National Academy of Sciences into the connection between video games and violence. We know the answer to that question, because studies have already concluded, including federally funded studies, there is no connection.


• While video game sales have increased globally, violent crime has decreased according to the FBI’s own statistics,

• Countries whose video game spending per capita is more than the United States do not see the level of violence – especially gun violence – that we do.


Those two facts alone show there’s no connection between the two.


Here are more reasons this legislation will achieve little:


• Researchers on both sides of the subject agree that you can’t study violence, only aggression. So there is no way to really come up with answers to the questions posed.

• The charge already has the taint of bias, as the Senator has said he personally believes that there is a connection. Now, no study connected to his worldview will be free of this.

• The CDC has had questionable practices in the past when it comes to studies and their conclusions. They have ignored their own data in past studies and have done so regarding past video game studies.

* No Matter how Questionable the practices of the CDC are there are always groups trying to sway studies and laws relating to Violence in video games. In 2006, during EMA vs Brown, a group from the Midwest (The Eagle Forum) sent in an Amicus Brief that cites known hoaxes such as “Doom Will Become Reality”, a phrase supposedly said on Eric Harris’s AOL Site, as proof Harris was influenced by Doom only. Only problem is that the site was a fake site according to the FBI. I have severe concerns that a study like this will be hijacked by such groups presenting  hoaxes as evidence to sway the CDC. It will tip the Balance forwards the CDC, Severely Biasing the Study.

• No matter the outcome, at least one side will not agree with the conclusions drawn by the study.

• HHS, the FTC and the FCC have been included in this legislation; they have no role in this study and will likely see this as a way to expand their authority, politicizing the issue even more.

• The recent shootings that have occurred have not been by children. More recent such incidents have been gentlemen in their 60s or older.

• An investigation showed there is little evidence recent shooters played video games, and that the claim that they were was a fabrication by the media, especially the sandy hook reports linking Adam Lanza

to the Game “Call of Duty”. All of these reports are based on a Tabloid article that did NOT prove that Adam lanza Played Csll of duty, just said his families plumber thought he might have. The Media all cited this non-proof as proof that he did play call of duty, all at once, making up many ideas, that he lived in a basement, that he trained on the game, etc.  The Media is known for making up such claims and many fraudulent statements from them about violence in video games go unchecked… The “Doom Will become Reality” hoax listed above was used by the media to demean Doom and similar Games after Columbine.

• This legislation squarely focuses on video games, not including other media children are exposed to.

• There are numerous positive outcomes created by video game play, all of which are ignored by Congress.

• This legislation was proposed without talking to leading experts in the field.

• The legislation ignores past studies, which show that there is no causation between video games and violence, as well as reports by the FBI and the Secret Service that conclude the same thing.

• Congress is ignoring the studies have already been done. Why are we to believe that any conclusion other than what Senator Rockefeller wants will end this subject once and for all?


This study is a waste of taxpayer dollars and will not solve the issue of mass shootings in our country. It is a distraction from finding out the real causes and solutions.


It is within your power to guide this conversation responsibly and not simply blame entertainment. I ask that you represent me, your constituent, by doing so.  If you have any questions on this or other similar issues please contact Jennifer Mercurio, the Entertainment Consumers Association’s Vice President and General Counsel, at


Thank you for your time and consideration.”


Last night, I started watching the anti-video game violence BS videos I’ve been posting on youtube since 2010.  At least one video goes into a Conspiracy Theory of mine saying that all the attacks on video games that seem bogus in this country are part of a government conspiracy to cause violent games to be gotten rid of, banned, etc… It’s a crazy theory, but it has stuff to back it up.


One of the ideas that I keep bringing up to back this up is that articles making up utter bullshit about Doom, and how these news pages linking this have been mysteriously taken down!!! Basically there are 3 articles that claim Harris modified doom to train for the school shooting on. But the modified version of doom was proven by me to be completely false… But since then the sites hosting the 3 articles online have been Mysteriously shutting down……


Here is a site that used to host an article, the second on of the 3 with the most faked features supposedly found in the article. Now the site is no longer there:








Now, here is what is left of a site that used to host the times news article that started this whole thing. It’s now mysteriously shut down….. Is this evidence of a coverup?






Going into the features of the modified version of doom, I have proven it could not have possibly been real… Doom simply could NOT do the features the described in 1999.  The weird thing is that the more you look into the claims you start seeing tons and tons of little inconsistencies that make it seem like a bunch of people were spreading anti-doom rhetoric ™.  According to the articles, the hate site tracking group found the fake doom on his Website. But the following article claims the person mentioned from the group found it on his computer….. What the hell…  Are they in on the possible conspiracy to try to get games banned using fake evidence to cause an outcry and government intervention? I don’t know but… It’s very suspicious….










Notice how the top article’s image says the the modified version of doom on was found on his PC. And it didn’t even say it was a modified version, it wasn’t even made clear. Below it says that the same group found it on his website. Which is true? Which is false? Are they both false like I suspect? I don’t know… But it’s very suspicious that nonsense like this, was cited in over 100 different “attack sites” all bringing it up as proof that doom either was a factor or a cause for the school shooting, even thought the version of doom mentioned is not real. Later on, these articles claims were used against violent games in Brown VS EMA in a right wing anti-violent games group’s Amicus brief, filled with other major lies such as video games break down the inhibition to kill (debunked here), that Cornell learned how to shoot from doom, and doom only and other similar things (debunked here).  and then later the sites hosting the articles, long after I started my debunking on them, started mysteriously going down. I think there is a coverup going on but I can’t prove it. It’s just very suspicious to me.





ESRB “Mature 17+” rating symbol, displayed on the packaging of computer and video games appropriate for audiences over the age of 17. Part of the ESRB Video Game Rating System. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I thought this Moral Panic on  violent entertainment causing Sandy Hook was done. Apparently not… Lo and Behold, Senator Grassley, a Repooplican from Iowa starts ranting on how the Gaming Industry’s Voluntary Rating system isn’t good enough, how it “lets these violent games get to kids”. What violent  games are these, “ones that glorify killing of innocent people”. Sure… I quote:

“There are too many video games that celebrate the mass killing of innocent people — games that despite attempts at industry self-regulation find their way into the hands of children,” 


Talk about a moronic claim…. Number 1, the “attempts at industry self-regulation” (like they are a complete failure, despite the FTC study that says that the ESRB ratings are better than the MPAA ones, enforcement wise), have nothing to do with why these “violent games that glorify the mass killing of innocents” fall into the hands of children. Number 1, the Industry itself isn’t to blame if the Stores refuse to card the people buying the games, or the 2/3’s of parents who refuse to read the ESRB ratings in the first place, right? Apparently to this moron, the parents aren’t to blame and somehow the industry made the parents not read the ratings or the stores are being all run by the industry and purposely start selling GTA games to kids…. This whole claim is bunk, and he knows NOTHING about violent games, the industry or the “attempts at industry self-regulation”. He just blindly believes all the nonsense being spread that violent games are marketed to kids because “oh noes, the kids can buy games…” BLAH BLAH BLAH

To make things worse his claim of how their are too many games that “celebrate the mass killing of innocent people” is a bogus claim too. I regularly debunk crap like this. It’s just a blanket statement, used to demean the industry based on shitty games, ones that do allow the “mass killing of innocent people”, which are few and far between. Using a list of all released FPS games on wikipedia, I calculated that the sheer lack of “uber violent games” is astounding, despite what scaremongering is being said by people like Grassley.

This list spans all the way back to the 1970’s with Sega titles such as “Jet Rocket”, long before the dawn of PC gaming, so it does count everything…. No picking and choosing, no editing of the total data to show a point, pure unadulterated Facts…. Something anti-gamers almost never provide, it’s almost always rhetoric, false data, or misinterpretation.

When You look at the spreadsheet, look at the column “gms kill inno”. This is how many games out of 650 allow you to kill “innocent civilians”, where innocent civilians are defined as characters who can’t fight back. I have 2 rows, one with all 650 games in the FPS category, and another with all FPS games + Postal + all GTA games.  That one is the second row, the lower one with 658 total games. The top row with 650 games is just FPS games. “gms rwd inno” is how many games that reward killing of innocent people.  “gms nrwd ino” are games that punish killing innocent civilian characters. Look at the % with and without GTA and Postal applied, tiny %, less than 10 in each case…  There have only been 19 FPS games EVER released that allow the killing of innocent characters. Only 4 of these reward it. Tiny numbers when you factor in the 650 total FPS games ever made. 8 Punish the killing of innocents.  IF you count in GTA  games and Postal 1 you get 27 total games in this list that allow the player to kill innocent characters, and only 8 reward it. 15 Punish the killing of innocents!!! You see a pattern, equal amount of FPS games punish the killing of innocents, and in the case when you add in GTA, more punish than reward. Apparently Grassley can’t stand the fact that there are 8 games since 1970(!) (when the list started) that reward killing innocents. But he mentioned mass slaughter of innocents!!!

Grassley’s complaint about “too many games that celebrate the mass killing of the innocent” is a nonsense claim. Because this suggests that there are games where you are rewarded for mowing down big rooms of innocent civilians in such a game. Here’s the thing. No ESRB Game like this Exists! In any game with civilians, that reward it, it’s never been huge numbers killed at once. People might say “GTA!” but GTA, despite the nonsense claim about it, does NOT reward  the killing of innocent civilians. It punishes it. You get the police after you for doing stuff like this, get arrested, etc… That’s punishment, not rewarding. The last game to reward mass killing of innocents, the only one was before the ESRB, so the esrb has nothing to do with it, that was Carmageddon! In 1997! The only game I know where it :”rewards” the mass killing of innocents….. Under the ESRB, the “voluntary rating system” there have been 0 games that “glorify the mass killing of innocents!!!”. NONE! Zip! Zero!! Zilch!!! Grassley is a liar… Surprise!!

So Grassley is making up crap, just like a lot of morons who attack games do. It’s stupid. It has to stop. He is also hinting at regulation of the industry by the government and using biased claims and utter lies to support it??? I thought this country was beyond it. IF they do decide to regulate the games like this, what’s to stop them from setting up a system where they purposely rate any game that is only slightly violent or above, to their equivalent of Adult Only, so the stores won’t sell them.. Hmmm… Because thats what I think people like this want, just to get rid of all the violent games so no one can buy them, no adults can too, no gaming companies can sell them so the industry just goes out of business. These people shouldn’t be in office if they use nonsense like this to fuel censorship, and make no difference it is. The gaming industry does not need to be regulated!! Just the Congress!!! Seriously…

Recently, I did some editorials on youtube, attacking the nonsense spread after Sandy Hook singling Out violent games, and debunking nonsense that was mentioned, and other related topics.   These videos are a sequel set to my Violent Game BS Set of videos which have been given new names.   Here are the videos: Check them out…








Even though I spent quite a lot of time recording these videos, I still haven’t got a lot of video views…. Anyone who is interested in video game violence nonsense debunking should check this out…. They cover a lot of stuff, From the problems of Taxing and Banning Violent game (why  they don’t solve anything), Trolls who blindly believe games cause violence and think gamers are scum, comments attacking games and how a lot spread nonsense, The Fabricated link between Child Pornography and Violent Games, and how the Media made up crap to scapegoat Doom after Columbine.

Apparently the Obama Admin. is setting up even more  (possibly) biased studies to be done by the Centers for Disease Control, to see if there is a link between Gun Violence and Violent Media. The problem I have with it is that to, my knowledge, there has not been a single non-biased study done about the subject, and evidence surrounding the funding of brain-scan studies by the “Center for Successful Parenting”, shows that they are nothing but a group trying to force the government and others to try to get rid of violent entertainment, really biased… Read their mission statement with my interpretations in the image below:





The first thing I think about this whole plan that Obama is setting up is that the CDC is hardly an unbiased source, and no matter who does these studies, they still have idiots trying to sway them. In 2010 during  the Brown VS EMA Supreme court, an extremist Right wing Pro-family, anti-violent games group sent an Amicus Brief to the court that cited known lies and hoaxes such as the “Doom Will Become reality Hoax” (debunked here), the Claim Eric Carneal got better at firing a real gun just by playing Doom (debunked here), and that the Military uses FPS games to break down the inhibition to kill (debunked here, by someone in the military). There is always someone trying to get their agenda through, and this attempt by this group from the midwest was clearly an attempt to Hijack the Supreme Court with bogus crap to try to make them vote the other way, which would have lead to an effective ban of violent games not just to minors, but to adults too. (Read up on articles I wrote about Brown Vs EMA to understand why).



The CDC are hardly in a qualified position to know what is true and what is faked in the “evidence” department. They handle “infectious diseases” not fact checking about violent games.  In fact 99% of the nonsense spread about violent games is fake. There are literally hundreds of news article making up crap about violent games that very few people have looked through them to see that they are false. And after School shootings, especially Columbine, Fabricated Evidence was used to demonize games, in the form of hoaxes including the doom will become reality hoax, but there was a far more sinister hoax in place involving 3 articles, one from, one from Rocky Mountain News, and another from Times Magazine all claiming Harris customized doom to be used to simulate the Massacre with (with begging students). This version supposedly had features doom could not do at that time, including a second shooter (friendly AI, Impossible to create for Doom mods in 1999). It also supposedly had  begging students that scream quotes, but the quotes said varied from article to article, and so did how they begging students said the quote (one said screaming, the other said begging). And it also supposedly had the ability for either student to die when running out of bullets (impossible to program in doom then, no source code to actually do this, it would be needed to do it right), and no other way of doing it as well, no editing program then allowed you to do this, dehacked didn’t, editing tools did’t, etc. The thing is that each article mentioned some of these but only one mentioned the last, the first printed one, the one from Times Magazine. The next mentions the begging students and the second shooter, and then the third mentions the begging students only. It’s like 3 different newspapers all conspired to fake evidence to make doom like it contributed to the shooting, using ideas that would be in a school shooting simulator, as the supposed modified versions features,  when the game couldn’t have allowed the modder to make such a mod in the first place…


Now it’s possible, but only because of the source code (released after columbine), allowed source ports that support extensive scripting languages to code this thing into mods. Back then no source port even had scripting language support. How do I know all of this? I have edited doom since 1994. I am an ACS wiz, I know how to program, I have spend my free time since 1996 learning how to mod the game and make levels for it as well. My Point is that someone will try to slip bogus information to the CDC. Who is  there to see through it? Something needs to be done… I just don’t know what yet…


If they allow people to persuade them that all of this info I have debunked is true (and there are hundreds of websites saying it is), we would have a situation where special interest groups who are biased against violent games decide the outcome of a study using false data, leading to more legislation… This could be disastrous. If you think they will only use this stuff, then you are wrong. What nonsense will they make up for this? These falsifications are very deceiving, there is very little data to prove that they are engineered, and none of the people looking at them in the CDC are Video game players, who know that the Doom hoax with the three articles can’t be true. Who is there to balance this out? No one… That’s why it’s scary.


All this takes is some false data being brought to the attention of the CDC, something they cannot debunk, and it spirals out of control. Enough false data that is set up to make it look like School Shooters train on violent games or are influenced by them would lead to the CDC saying that there is a link between gun crimes and violent games. Then comes the legislation of morality causing violent games to be in the cross hairs of the groups who aren’t satisfied with a mere restriction to adults, they want the industry GONE by any means necessary. So that means bans of violent games to adults as well… Then comes the idiots who think that gamers are the cause of school shootings and they would be targeted next. It’s already happening, Leland Yee said some crappy remarks about gamers recently, like we only care about “our lust for violence”, and we need to “shut up”. This is a nightmare waiting to happen…


Just in case the people who have been shutting down sites (like the second one that proved the doom will become reality hoax was just that, a hoax) that debunk this nonsense here are screenshots proving the debunking still exists once they get shut down:


First the Post on the Design Synthesis blog debunking the claim that the military uses Violent FPS games to break down the inhibition to kill.




Now the image of the supposed “Eric Harris” Aol Site that says “On April 21’st Doom Will Become Reality” (not April 20’th….)




And now a screenshot ofthe site dedicated to all things related to the Columbine Massacre that Debunks this hoax (




Just incase the video gets taken down or people want a quick explanation. According to Reports, Micheal Carneal fired 8 individual but quick shots with a semi automatic pistol. He shot 8 students, all in the head or the chest, and People in the extremist right wing groups quoting the nonsense that he learned this from Doom are idiots, for Doom has the thing where you fire the guns in the game, holding down  the fire button makes every gun, even a single fire gun like a shotgun fire multiple shots as the fire button on the mouse is held down… This is how doom “trains” fans to react….. (Trains is a bad word, but just go with me on this one)…


Carneal did not do this, because it said he brought 2 rifles, a shotgun, and a semiautomatic pistol into the school. None of those weapons are Full Auto the kind needed to replicate the way doom makes it so when you hold down the fire button more shots keep on firing. Semi automatic merely means that the clip for the gun holds more than one shot and the weapon can fire multiple shots before reloading… Nothing to do with this behavior, that only a full auto weapon can do, like a military grade assault rifle. Also Doom cannot simulate recoil, which all weapons had, so if he tried the “methods” doom “train” you to do in real life he would be aiming at the wrong place and would miss over and over again in the best case, or the gun would spiral out of control at the worst case, depending if he used a pistol (best case) or a full auto rifle (worst case).




For years, I have been seeing BS comments on newspaper articles that attack video games for controversial reasons such as causing school shootings, violent content, etc. Calling violent games “trash”, “junk” or “garbage” is a common one I have seen thousands of times since 1999. Always being bugged by crap excuses like this and people saying crap about gamers, I committed myself to studying just how many of the comments from articles I found, could be considered inflammatory toward gamers, games, the industry, and most important, spread lies about violent games. The results were quite shocking, to say the least…

So I embarked on this study last year. The total results  from part 7  published in this old article,  and the details are cited below… Part 6 is available here as well. (The first 5 out of 7 were deleted due to possible libel complaints down the road… I wanted to avoid that, but the specific comment types were recorded in another post online, but that was accidentally deleted last night)

I am continuing my study into the nature of comments attacking violent games on articles in newspaper sites online. By definition the comments must fit these categories to be considered ‘attacking violent games’…

A) Spread lies about violent games

A2) Making up new lies about violent games .

B) Call for games to be banned outright

C) Call for games to be restricted to adults

D) Enforce negative gamer stereotypes

D2) Shows dislike, hate, or a grudge towards gamers.

E) A Bias towards gaming, such that the person commenting thinks games don’t deserve 1st amendment

protection,  the industry is marketing “trash” to my kids, etc.

F) Not sure what violence effects on kids are a restriction might be in order…

G) Attacking the ESRB due to some flawed thing like the FTC study or the fact ‘my 9 year old’ could get bulletstorm.

H) Wants violent game manufacturers sued or games boycotted.

The Previous 6 parts of the study found that, out of 77 comments, 57% were spreading lies about violent games, 31% had a clear bias towards violent games, 7% wanted violent games banned, or violent game makers sued, and 4% wanted violent games restricted to adults.



Out of all 97 comments in parts 1-7, 64 are spreading lies about violent games. That’s 65%

Out of 97 comments in parts 1-7, 26 have clear bias towards violent games, violent gaming companies, or the industry. That’s 26%

Out of 97 comments, 5 wanted violent games banned, and 5 more wanted the companies that make these game sued. that’s dropped to 5% for each.  3% wanted violent games restricted to adults.

Out of 97 comments, 7 made up totally new lies about violent games. that’s 7%. It’s small but still significant that this is happening.

Out of 97 comments, 4 enforced negative gamer stereotypes.  (4%)

Out of 97 comments,  4 showed a clear hate or dislike towards gamers. (4%).


Lies that are made up from the blue seem to be getting more popular in the last few articles. These lies are brand new, and are being spread by commenters. They are not from various news articles, or psychologists. These ones are troubling. Who would gain from complete nonsense being spread about a violent game by people who knowingly spread these lies that they know are not true? If you make up a total nonsense claim about a violent game you know you haven’t heard before, you have to know it’s a lie… Right? So who would gain?

Do anti-gamers sign up under fake names and spread more lies?

I can’t say. But these lies seem to hint at that. These aren’t the things I have heard from the so-called “experts” on media violence. These are totally new to me….  And they are false… But…  Do we really have a generation of libeling right wing anti-violent games groups hiring members to sign up with fake names to make up BS claims about violent games and post them in comments? I think we do. But I can’t prove it. But if they ARE doing this… It is VERY alarming… I will keep track of these lies that seem to be made up by commenters to see if others repeat them in other articles. I have an idea to see how many people are gullible enough to believe nonsense that is spread. More on it later….”

Now to read the worst of the comments and my response (if I responded to it in the original surveys at all):


(A certain comment, quoted from part 6)

“And it games cause violence, so be it. If a gamer tries to be violent with you, remember this one rule of thumb, so to speak. Since gamers spend a lot of time inside playing games, they are physically weak. As long as you can avoid their powerful, unnaturally strong thumbs, you should be able to subdue them.”

Pitiful. Who in the hell actually thinks that “violent gamers” should be “subdued”. Someone who hates gamers who think gamers cause school shootings, like that idiot who threatened to kill me on the newspaper forum back in 1999 after Columbine. This goes beyond a mere perpetrating anti-gamer stereotypes and goes to wanting them physically hurt. Is this a trend? First we’re bullies, and now we need to be “Subdued”. Moronic.


Source :

(source story DELELTED to cover it up?)


“others are using pseudo facts to support their bias towards games in the guise of anti-censorship”.


“games have ‘passive and casual avatar rape and murder’ in them”  


2 Words : Custer’s Revenge. 1989! Stop making this damn fake claim of rape simulators up… It’s idiotic. These people read biased articles that keep putting that lie in the game and everyone believes this  tripe. It’s ridiculous.

Source : The same link that was deleted above


“Remember when the cigarette companies kept saying that no one had “proven” that cigarettes CAUSE cancer? So we continued to let the ads run where all the kids could see them. Lots of people died. Has it yet been scientifically proven that cigarettes cause cancer? Do you believe they do anyway?

Here’s the future of gaming: TVs as big as your entire living room wall. Life size enemies. Realistic wireless game guns with a loud bang and a huge kick. Maybe actual gun makers will make a wireless game clip that you can pop in the real gun where the bullet clip goes. Maybe someone will make an accessory that throws fake blood all over you when you shoot a game enemy at close range.

That’s OK, because no one has scientifically proven that violent games make the players more prone to violence. Until they do, let the carnage continue! “




Now you can see the idiocy being spread by commenters and how many comments attacking violent games are filled with anti-gamer stereotypes, hate towards gamers, games, the industry, etc, and how much they spread complete lies, fabrications, all designed to make violent games look bad after a school shooting. Every time I heard the media using fake claims like “violent games make kids violent/aggressive”, “violent games are used in the military to break down the inhibition to kill”, “violent games link to real life violence is greater than cigarettes link to cancer”, “Violent games are being marketed to kids”, “violent games are recruitment tools”, “violent games that allow you to rape and pee on people”, “violent games that allow you to stalk virtual women and rape them”, “violent games are training tools”, etc, I always here at least 1 commenter per article respreading them, and in some of the claims, you get “special anonymous advertisers” repeatedly and maliciously advertising the book for the author who made up the “video games are being used in the military to break down the inhibition to kill” BS claim, on talk shows after Columbine, a Hack Psychologist. You also get TONS of comments, on how gamers are psychopaths, sociopaths, how gamers should be subdued, how we’re “gamer shitheads”, how we are “gamer druggies”, how gamers are all potential school shooters, and much worse. It’s a real problem, because the exact same claims made about gamers being sociopaths/potential school shooters/violent people were also made by certain anti-gaming fundies on newspapers as well, after 1 or 2 immature gamers threatened their lives…. Being a death threat victim myself from similar people to the people  who claim they are being threatened (and multiple ones claim they did, without proof of course), it makes them look like complete hypocrites, because they unknowingly (or knowingly) support people who intentionally make other peoples lives miserable on message boards just to prove “gamers get violent”, as  the moron troll on the message board of a newspaper did to multiple gamers 24/7 for 3 months, and said “I have enough evidence that gamers get violent” (the responses to their death threats probably), has been swept under the rug and covered up. It’s pathetic. The fact that there are people out there that think all gamers are sociopath’s because of people like Eric Harris, or any other damn reason, I don’t give a fuck, is sick in itself….  I know at least 10 guys who have played video games before, 5 were serious gamers, NONE were sociopaths. Maybe 1 or 2 gamers are “sociopaths” but that’s just a goddamn coincidence, not proof that games take completely normal children and turn them into sociopaths… Sheesh..





Now to show off comments making complete NEW lies up, all completely false, but apparently some people besides wackos in anti-gamer right wing religious groups like to make up false claims about violent games…


“But the videos in question, which the court ruled that kids can see, allows them to virtually stalk, beat, rape, and defile virtual women in a range of perverse and degrading ways. That is purely sick”



Source :

“It’s offensive and embarrassing the Supreme Court will afford murder in all its contexts—self-defense, revenge, military mission, zombie killer, mobster—and variety–disembowelment, decapitation, abassination, guns, chainsaws—more protection that sex.”

Most of these things aren’t even murder…… Only assassination, mobster are… The rest are either military combat, “self-defense”, or combat…. how is “zombie killer” murder? Idiots like this astound me. Especially when they bring up disembowelment, and and decapitation, which are rare in most violent games!

Source :

“1 comment of type A2) Making up new lies about violent games – Claims violent games as training tools to recruit military at young age, says violent games ‘permanently burn memories’ into the minds of children, blah-blah blah… Common. Back up your crap. You can’t therefore it’s a lie.”

1 Comment of type A2) Making up new lies about violent games – Claims violent games and action movies have too much things happening at once, overloading the brain, causing ‘anti-social behavior’ in kids. WTF?

“But the videos in question, which the court ruled that kids can see, allows them to virtually stalk, beat, rape, and defile virtual women in a range of perverse and degrading ways. That is purely sick”

“The Commenter Claims just because he drove around for days and because of the length, he was forced to automatically do things without knowing he did them, the ‘kids that play games 18,20,24 hours a day will go into kill mode!’ Is this another hack psychologist worshipper unknowingly or knowingly advertising his best seller?”

Now they are making up utter crap about games in comments…. Some of these comments seem like something a moron in a right wing pro-censorship group would say, like the “perminantly burn memories”, and “overloading the brain”, and the “going into kill mode” ones…  In my honest opinion we have a bunch of pro-censorship morons both saying things like this, all completely made up to the media, especially after school shootings, and also on forums with fake names. I can’t prove it, but those 3 comments are too suspicious to ignore, in light of all the very similar nonsense made up claims anti-gamers keep on making on talk shows, newspapers, etc after a school shooting. I have heard every single goddamned fake claim being made up about violent games by the anti-gamer right wing morons. I know them all by heart… These ones are new to me… What actual gain would a normal person have to actually post some claim they made up to make games look bad on a message board? None. Now what gain would a right wing anti-gaming moron from one of  those anti-gaming groups that keep spreading crap about violent games in the media, have to post something like this on forums? More people could believe the lies they post, and their claims could be spread to other forums. It all spirals out of control when one person online says one fake claim, others repost it quite quickly, everyone believes it because people today have been brainwashed to believe everything they hear.  This effect, greatly aids such right wing violent game censors, trust me it does..

This whole spread of lies is, IMHO, part of a much bigger scheme to get violent games banned for 1 reason, they offend religious right nutjobs.  There is evidence to suggest in many places that the media makes up utter crap about violent games, and the politicians believe it. But that isn’t enough to get a ban to happen, because they need faked evidence to sway the supreme court, to fight against a claim of unconstitutionality. Faked evidence in the form of hoaxes were spread in April/May 1999 and in an Amicus Brief done by a right wing pro-family group, these hoaxes were cited as evidence to prove violent games make people violent…. This group has been known to recycle 2 very false claims about violent games over and over again, the claims that games have “decapitation of prostitutes” and “sodomizing victims with broomsticks”. This groups claims cannot be true, because research done by me on my wordpress blog revealed how fake these 2 claims are.  

This whole thing is been engineered to create the violent game bans the censor/anti-gamers want…. The thing is that the media spreading lies and hoaxes being made by the media and others are being used to hijack the supreme court now…. You then add in justices who are for violent games through the election of a conservative christian president (like the candidate who supports a complete game ban), and what’s to stop the supreme court from having a hung jury (and going back to the law that was passed before they looked at it on grounds of unconstitutionality), or even finding it constitutional via faked evidence in Amicus Briefs and 4 justices who support the idea of a violent games ban. This could happen if you add these 2 things in, the faked evidence in Amicus briefs and new justices who support bans… It’s scary… Something must be done about it and the lies being spread… More on that for another article or video… Stay tuned gamers