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Ok… This is OLD news,,, From February 2013, But after Mentioning the Hypothetical conspiracy to ban violent games in this country, an old story popped in my head. In the article below, it’s said that a huge 7 foot by 4 foot spreadsheet, meticulously detailing tons of different school/mass shootings, going all the way down to what weapons were used, and other little tiny details…  Then it goes on to say  the following horrible quotes that all link Adam Lanza to Violent Games and “deranged gamers”.

” “According to the veteran, Stebbins said the State Police believe Lanza saw the massacre in terms of a video game. It has previously been reported that investigators found “thousands of dollars worth” of violent games in his house.

“They don’t believe this was just a spreadsheet,” the longtime cop said. “They believe it was a score sheet,” and that it was “the work of a video gamer.” ”

“It’s why he didn’t want to be killed by law enforcement,” said the veteran to the Daily News. “In the code of a gamer, even a deranged gamer like this little bastard, if somebody else kills you, they get your points. They believe that’s why he killed himself.”

Well you can see where this is going….

Number 1, there is no “Code of the gamer” that says it’s preferable to KILL yourself in a game to save your points…. Almost No violent games HAVE points anymore, some do, but NONE that I know of take your points away if you get killed by the opposition, in Multi player, which can only what this is describing, because the whole game ends if you die in single player 99% of the time, and in cases where it doesn’t (rare), I can’t remember ones where dying made you loose points and the opposition got yours.

Number 2, this whole score sheet thing sounds fake, like the hoaxes I have debunked that are publicized in the Media to make it look like the Shooter  was influenced by violent games, things like the “Doom Will become reality Hoax” (debunked here), and the 3 news articles saying a modified version of doom was found on Eric Harris’s site with Impossible to do features in 1999 (debunked here). To make things worse, this whole article mentioned above has been Refuted by the REAL police, making it obvious that the quote about the sick gamer and the score sheet are NOT VALID OR REAL, at all…. If the Police claim this score sheet isn’t real, then….

Here is an interesting quote from a comments section of an article quoting the original New York Times Article…. Found Here..

“An article I read said this spreadsheet was printed 9 font, on print paper 9 feet long (one article) 7 feet long (another article) and 4 feet wide (both articles). Printers that can do that are usually used for blueprints and drawings. They are very very expensive…sometimes as much as a new sports car…which is why they are rented and usually not bought. The paper goes in the printer in huge rolls and the size is trimmed by the printer, based on document size. Hardly the kind of printer most folks have access to, and I don’t see him asking Kinko’s to print this out for him. My guess would be that as more people realize that, the size of the print paper will be omitted from future articles. Just sayin….”

Here’s the problem. Using the 9 font thing, I found that for the 500 names mentioned in the articleto fit on the 7 foot by 4 foot spreadsheet, the font has to be smaller than 9. Since the font is not mentioned as anything but the 9 font (unlike the dimensions, which vary article to article, suspicious…), we can assume that with a 9 font, based on my monitor size, that 1 foot = 54 rows long, or 18 columns wide. If you multiply 54 by 7 to get the total names listed in this font size the names come out to 378. So It’s IMPOSSIBLE to fit 500 names on this spreadsheet

this way!!! Now try columns. It is even less, 126 or so. IMPOSSIBLE. Add the police refuting this and the variation of size in articles and you get a NEWSPAPER HOAX designed to make it look like gamers are the cause of the school shooting. If you use the 9 foot value, it STILL isn’t enough for 500 names to fit on the spreadsheet!!!! Even if Lanza Doubled them up, it would make the data

bigger and the size would be off, so it doesn’t matter. It’s STILL A hoax… I can’t believe no one in the gaming community attacked the Newspaper for this… Seriously!!!


I am writing this article to express what I have been thinking behind the scenes of this war against violence in entertainment for years… I have been collecting evidence, looking at claims, even going deep inside conspiracy theory circles on Sandy Hook, Columbine, Marathon Bombing and more.  Until Sandy Hook, I never believed one shred of the conspiracy nonsense, but now I don’t know what I believe…. But I still believe one thing that is quite controversial and it’s based on tons of backed up evidence… That there is a conspiracy in this government going on since 1997 to get violent games banned after a massacre happens using fake evidence, media yellow journalism, government intervention, dozens of not to be trusted studies, and other things as well. It’s a reality to me and I want to explain why I believe this, and why you should to. Especially if you are a gamer.


Lets start at the crimes themselves that lead to moral panics surrounding youth violence and entertainment violence, columbine and sandy hook especially. Marathon bombing and aurora aren’t so big in this but there have been one or two people spreading lies after them so they are in the background.   If you look behind the scenes, ignoring ALL the media’s claims about such crimes and go to conspiracy circles, you get tons of evidence to suggest such crimes are engineered. This helps to link this to a conspiracy but doesn’t proof it’s part of the conspiracy.   In Sandy Hook’s case, it’s been proven by the Social security that Adam lanza died 1 day before the massacre. What would this mean for the idea of a conspiracy, well, for one thing, if what social security says IS true, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Lanza to be the killer, so someone else must be the killer instead… So since this someone else hasn’t even been investigated AT ALL by the government after  the killing (they REFUSE to investigate the possibility of the governments involvement), we have to assume they are in on it.     In columbine’s case, there are TONS of student evidence to suggest more than Harris and Klebold were involved, at least 6 other people where never caught in columbine… A white man throwing bombs, a man with acne that does not look like either of the reported shooters, and more. Who are these people? Since the government never once investigated this, and the FBI has been proven to withhold evidence on the crime,  how do we know the government isn’t involved in this at all. In sandy hooks case, there is also a claim of a second shooter, the police “investigated” but this guy was let go later. All of this leads to the possibility the government is involved in BOTH crimes….


But the real proof of the conspiracy lies somewhere else, in the investigation of nonsense spread after the school shootings themselves by both known and Unknown parties.  This nonsense is almost always of an anti-gaming nature, making it look like the shooter was solely influenced by violent games.  I did several articles discussing hoaxes perpetrated by unknown parties that seem to be used  to cause an outcry against violent games and even in the Supreme court to hijack EMA vs Brown. Such hoaxes are quite devious and NO one has even investigated and punished the perpetrators of these, especially the “Doom will become Reality” hoax. Supposedly Harris Said Doom Will Become Reality on his website. But the page was not his site, it was uploaded on April 21, 1999, one day after the massacre and It was proven by the FBI to be Fake later. But the sheer amount of attack sites, sites ran by extremist groups, all hell bent on making violent games look bad after columbine, Especially Doom, have used this claim as proof that doom caused Columbine. Later on a news article on some website said this site was not Harris’s Real AOL page but a fake page, but later on this site was simply taken off line!! A coverup?



Even more Sinister, the Conspiracy idea is brought further to light with the Newspaper articles of 1999 that claim Harris modified Doom to use in training for the massacre. Three articles all basically said the same basic premise, A Hate site tracking group found a modified version of Doom on harris’s Site. But each article had different, contradictory features, some not even possible to even Do in Doom in 1999.  One said that this modified version had 2 shooters, infinite ammo, and the  first shooter who ran out of Ammo died first (An Impossibility to do with doom in 1999!), another article took this last part out and claimed the version had infinite weapons, ammo, 2 shooters, and begging students saying a quote. Then Denverpost ran a similar article without these modified features mentioned but  the quote was Changed, and the way it was said was also changed, but all three articles mention  the same hate site tracking group, even going so far to quote their members, but when I did searches for this groups corroboration of this version on their website, I could not find it!

My article on this goes into this in more detail for people who are more interested in this part. It’s a long read but interesting anyway..  The real issue, is like the “Doom Will become Reality” Hoax, this has also been used on dozens of dozens of attack sites to demean the industry after the Industry, even though it’s fake!  It was also used in the EMA vs Brown Hijacking mentioned above as well.


Doing research into the nonsense studies that attempt to prove violent games cause real life violence, you get evidence of groups like the Center for Successful Parenting wanting to “change” culture to get rid of the violence (to ban it really), and earlier studies had .PDF files online that mentioned previous studies had used Electroshock therapy to bias their results, only on the kids who played violent  games in the study to boot. But later on, searching for this .PDF file in the same exact search, showed that it was deleted! So was the Amicus Brief that cited the 2 hoaxes. It was taken down too, the link that worked during Brown VS EMA, all of the sudden was taken down and there was no way to back up the claim that they used fake evidence besides my own blog saying it was. I never even bothered screenshotting the Amicus brief in question, not knowing it would be taken down. Conspiracy?



In Sandy Hook’s case the Media nonsense was almost as bad.  Right after the massacre, Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan was identified as the shooter.  When he supposedly liked Mass Effect’s Page on Facebook, a bunch of Religious Zealot trolls attacked the site to try to flood it in an attempt to take it down while harassing gamers with religious hate threats (“Burn in hell”, etc). The thing is none of these trolls are even on Facebook, I checked, looking for any of these attackers, and ALL Their accounts were nonexistent. It’s like a certain mid western religious zealot/pro family/anti freedom/gaming group used a bunch of fake accounts to take down Mass Effect’s Site….. No investigation was done into this…. More Ammo to prove a Conspiracy.


Even after that, when the guardian, a tabloid from England ran an article that Attempted to prove that Adam Lanza Played Call of Duty , but Failed, despite this failure, dozens of dozens of newspapers quoted the article as Proof  he played COD, all at once, like 50 in one day!!!!


Then you get into what I call the Tornado of Bullshit, a never ending cycle of nonsense that seems to be brought up over and over again by the media, the government and others, that always seems to fuel censorship or violent games legislation. Here is a diagram to show this off:




In this diagram the same thing seems to happen over and over again…

A) A school shooting happens, it is blamed on Violent games

B) Fake evidence such as the hoaxes, is used to “prove it”, hack psychologists go on talk shows

and say violent games are used to break down the inhibition to kill, (a Lie)

C) Hoaxes get debunked but sites get mysteriously shut down later

D) Public Outcry Happens

E) The Government gets involved and demands changes

F) Unknown parties instigate “Evidence Gathering Campaigns” against gaming sites, to prove gamers get violent for the things to come. Tactics such as harassment, abuse, threatening their lives while using fake names happen. This leads to fake evidence being gathered using abusive tactics.

G) Senate Hearings happen.

H) Studies are done to link violent games to aggression

I) Hack psychologists claim  these studies prove “Violence!” not aggression

J) More Public Outcry,

K) More Senate Outcry, this time legislation is brought up

L) Legislation fails and goes to the supreme court

M) The Hoaxes are used to sway the justices by pro family/anti-gaming groups

N) The justices find the law unconstitutional…

O) Now the hack psychologists call gamers druggies and sociopaths

P) Other fake “media violence experts” lie and say their life is being threatened

Q) More public outcry, more fake evidence, more Legislation!




In this conspiracy theory, who is involved? Good Question….. The government is part of this but they are far from the only people… Any news writer mentioning fake evidence is definitely in on this, that includes the writers of the 3 articles that claimed a fake version of doom was found on Harris’s site. Any public outcry group that uses fake evidence against games, is possibly involved (depends on if they know it’s fake or not, doesn’t it?). Then the right wing zealot groups who tried to hijack Brown vs Ema, they are definitely part of this… Anyone who takes part in evidence gathering campaigns or Video game Slander attack campaigns like the Facebook Mass Effect BS trolling mentioned above is probably involved…. In the forum debacle linked in the Evidence Gathering Campaign link above, the Email Services (justicemail), the Forum itself, the thread the forum took place on, the post the troll posted claiming he had found evidence that the gamers get violent (by our responses), all of this got mysteriously deleted no more than 3 years later… Conspiracy? I say YES!!!!


What does this mean for the future of gaming… It’s not good, that’s for sure…. Every time a school shooting happens and “proof” is found the shooter like violent games, be wary of it. Most of the time it’s fabricated, made up proof, part of a much bigger scheme…. I don’t trust any site claiming to show a link between a school shooter, and a motive involving video games making him commit the crime, such evidence such as the hoaxes are just that, Nonsense hoaxes perpetrated by the people involved in this conspiracy to fuck with our freedoms… Who knows if the real perpetrators of Sandy Hook, Columbine (?), Marathon Bombings, etc, are in on it too. Those are brought up to make people think before I went into the meat of the article, proof of a coverup, the first step to prove a conspiracy… I’m not sure myself if Columbine was a false flag, or if Sandy Hook Was, but if the evidence Social Security has given was NOT a mistake on  their part, then it MUST BE…. And people must act… How they must act is dependant of the future events attacking violent games in the Media, the Government etc…. Don’t let the Administration fake evidence to make violent games look like a Culprit if PROOF has been found Lanza died 1 day before… IMHO, Taking away violent games is part of a much bigger conspiracy to control our minds.  Also part of this is constant boot camp style brainwashing done at a lower but not friendly intensity to make people perfectly loyal, controlled subjects during the Education process from 2nd grade till the graduate college. Gaming, Sexuality, Music, Entertainment, Our right to get third party music (what RIAA is fighting), Our right to bear arms, our right to privacy, our right to fair and legal justice (their is none anymore, murderers get off and innocents like Aaron Swartz are put to death every day for crimes they did not commit), all of this goes against control. All of it. So it’s a no brainier, that if they are conspiring to control us all, why would they NOT conspire to get rid of stuff that makes it harder for them to do that in the first place?










Punchatz's acclaimed Doom cover art

Image via Wikipedia

I…. Have been virulently anti-censorship since a certain “expert” on video game violence threatened to “crack my skull open”  online back in 1999, right after the columbine school massacre. I was on a forum, expressing my displeasure at how the media was lying about the nature of video games, especially Doom, a Game I’ve literally grown up with.

Also Being a brutal death metal nut, and a fan of all metal but metalcore, and Nu Metal, I end up hearing various ill formed stereotypes of us Metalheads being satanists, and worse… And babbling about a “global satanic cult” that is deeply routed in the metal community. Of course all of that is BS… And in later posts I will be debunking many of the claims I have heard…

But that’s partly, what this blog is about.. Debunking claims made about violent games and metal, from the moronic ones that are obvious fabrications (doom will become reality hoax I debunked on my old blog on wordpress on the subject), to the almost believable claims that claim to have solid scientific evidence behind them…. But are still BS deep down inside… I am here to tell the people who don’t know the truth the real facts behind the debacles effecting my 2 favorite forms of entertainment around today.

Now… I do my best to back up my statements, I need to. Many of my opponents outright refuse to do some real research to back up their claims… They just make a bunch of ridiculous claims and many times don’t even back them up.. But…  I am not a newspaper writer, just a person who has researched these claims by doing various google searches on them for eons. I am not a professional and never will be. This blog may be somewhat immature… But that’s my nature… Not that it will be swear-ridden rants every post…. But I am just saying I don’t really give a crap if it’s badly written…

The articles I post are in 2 categories… The first is new material found online that I am writing about brand new… The second is Material recycled from an offline version of my old blog on the subject… Due to me posting an article on a and getting trolled by a bunch of conservative supporting idiots there I had to take down the blog… Why? Because one of the articles called a major anti-gaming/pro family group “nutjobs”… And they are… But due to all the Libel lawsuits I keep reading about being thrown against bloggers (WTF!)… I decided to shut it down…

Ok… On to the first claim I will debunk… The Doom will become reality hoax… This phrase, supposedly put on Eric Harris’s AOL Site before Columbine is used to link the massacre to violent games by dozens of idiot violence “experts” and parental/religious groups, all attacking the industry… A google search here shows how widespread the citing of this “claim” are…

However… He never even said this.. It’s a blatant hoax… And proved it here… But I will show you it myself…

The Doom will become reality quote there seems to make it look like Doom influenced the Columbine shooters. Maybe it did.. But this is an Obvious Hoax…

According to this the AOL page in question in the first screenshot (that is cited by dozens of anti-violence in games groups) is just a hoax, proven by the FBI… Because It was set up after April 20, 1999. Now who would gain from this hoax… That topic is for another article… But you can see the nonsense behind the scenes in the anti-violence in media world, and how idiotic it can be…