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Last night, I started watching the anti-video game violence BS videos I’ve been posting on youtube since 2010.  At least one video goes into a Conspiracy Theory of mine saying that all the attacks on video games that seem bogus in this country are part of a government conspiracy to cause violent games to be gotten rid of, banned, etc… It’s a crazy theory, but it has stuff to back it up.


One of the ideas that I keep bringing up to back this up is that articles making up utter bullshit about Doom, and how these news pages linking this have been mysteriously taken down!!! Basically there are 3 articles that claim Harris modified doom to train for the school shooting on. But the modified version of doom was proven by me to be completely false… But since then the sites hosting the 3 articles online have been Mysteriously shutting down……


Here is a site that used to host an article, the second on of the 3 with the most faked features supposedly found in the article. Now the site is no longer there:








Now, here is what is left of a site that used to host the times news article that started this whole thing. It’s now mysteriously shut down….. Is this evidence of a coverup?






Going into the features of the modified version of doom, I have proven it could not have possibly been real… Doom simply could NOT do the features the described in 1999.  The weird thing is that the more you look into the claims you start seeing tons and tons of little inconsistencies that make it seem like a bunch of people were spreading anti-doom rhetoric ™.  According to the articles, the hate site tracking group found the fake doom on his Website. But the following article claims the person mentioned from the group found it on his computer….. What the hell…  Are they in on the possible conspiracy to try to get games banned using fake evidence to cause an outcry and government intervention? I don’t know but… It’s very suspicious….










Notice how the top article’s image says the the modified version of doom on was found on his PC. And it didn’t even say it was a modified version, it wasn’t even made clear. Below it says that the same group found it on his website. Which is true? Which is false? Are they both false like I suspect? I don’t know… But it’s very suspicious that nonsense like this, was cited in over 100 different “attack sites” all bringing it up as proof that doom either was a factor or a cause for the school shooting, even thought the version of doom mentioned is not real. Later on, these articles claims were used against violent games in Brown VS EMA in a right wing anti-violent games group’s Amicus brief, filled with other major lies such as video games break down the inhibition to kill (debunked here), that Cornell learned how to shoot from doom, and doom only and other similar things (debunked here).  and then later the sites hosting the articles, long after I started my debunking on them, started mysteriously going down. I think there is a coverup going on but I can’t prove it. It’s just very suspicious to me.





Today, I woke up early, early enough, to finish part 5 of my “video game violence BS” series of youtube videos. These video’s go into the crap being spread by media about violent games that seems to be fueling censorship, and other similar topics, all dealing with video game controversy, which happens to be a huge, 18 year long moral panic in the US, and abroad.

Part 4 was done last night and dealt with a certain right wing pro-family anti-violent games group in the midwest, and how they filed an amicus brief in 2010′ Brown VS EMA Supreme court trial, filled with BS about how violent games are used in the military to break down the inhibition to kill (debunked here), eric harris said “Doom Will Become Reality” on his website (debunked here), and how Micheal Carneal got better and shooting a real gun after only playing doom (debunked in part 1 of my youtube series) , all bogus claims. If the supreme court actually believed this tripe, they might have not found the CA bill involved unconstitutional, and a vague and very subjective obscenity clause (with it’s uber subjective “lack scientific, literary and educational value” clause)  would have ended up being used as the sole judge for the groups the Bill would have formed to fine or not fine certain games being sold to minors at any store. The stores, not knowing what games would get fined, would have taken all violent games off the stage. At the time of the Brown VS EMA decision the bill had spread to at least 2 other states, like a plague.  This first video, Part 4 goes into all of this.

Video 5, of my series, goes into 3 things, how a moronic troll on a newspaper forum ironically got me into debunking crap spread about violent games, by threatening to kill me for daring to defend Doom in May 1999, insulting anyone else who dared to defend it by calling them “gamer shitheads”, cursing, and MUCH worse, and how this troll (who had a Lawyers email(!)), made a post saying “I have enough evidence to prove gamers get violent” and how that post, the forum in question, and the email server info were all taken offline, as well as certain sites debunking the “doom will become reality” hoax, and how I think there is a coverup involved to remove this kind of content, plus on why gamers should not vote for the GOP this year due to how one candidate (not naming him here) wants to “do something about” stores that sell violent games to anyone, not just kids.