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The Shitstorm surrounding Doom after Columbine came lead to several really bad news stories that made up crap about the game such as the game being licensed to / or from the Military, the ‘fact’ that the game was a ‘School Shooting Simulator’ where you killed ‘innocent children’, and far worse. This Prompted me (foolishly now that I look back) to sign up to a newspaper’s forum in the Area and post my resentment to the nonsense in the media. I posted that the news stories were biased and that the whole thing would lead to video game bans (After I read 2 bills that would have banned the game being voted on in State Senates). The Response was an immediate rude comment from an internet troll which I shall leave unnamed saying that I put my violent game habits ahead of some crap about the rights of the columbine victims, all rather rudely, and spewing out the crap that the game makes some people shoot students therefore it should be banned and crap like that.

It spiraled out of control when some trolls on the forum who were gamers made this person very obnoxious. In all the years I’ve been going through ‘Trollheim’ (A Reference to Norse Mythology – The Abode of Trolls) I have never seen a troll so virulent and evil. Death Threats, swearing, Lewd Sexual References, Saying my Mother should have Aborted me, and worse. In some respects the responses I said were nagging but they wern’t evil but the responses I got back were disgusting. Picking me apart and threatening to ‘crack my skull in’, and worse, the response from me was to gather some other people from the doom community to fight for me, and my Close friend who had been fighting Elvis  trolls on the Times 100 Forums. Regardless the Troll kept attacking everyone who said anything positive about games and would reply to comments not even said to him/her. Always with the same rude ways of quoting every sentence/paragraph said and replying to it with death threats, lewd comments, and worse. The same formula repeated at verbatim. The Troll at one point cited the ‘doom will become reality’ Hoax posted on Eric Harris’s Website as proof of how violent games make people kill. The responses didn’t make our side (the video game community) get really bad  till it was 1 month in and the constant trolling of this person and 2 other allies, all derogatory to gamers ‘quit twiddling with your joysticks’/etc, all seeming to take turns threatening us, all 3 idiots.

So my ‘allies’  got ruder. It was natural. 90% of the Doom Community from 1999+ were assholes anyway, I see now the fault of using them as allies against a troll. I was ‘Feeding’ the Troll so bad I didn’t know it. To make it worse, one thing that ALWAYS sticks in my mind is the fact the Main Troll called me sick in one response to me, then requoted that “you’re sick” and claimed I said it to him in the next response, to make it look like I called him/her/it sick. An Underhanded move. I have yet to see other trolls quote themselves to make themselves look like the victim then threaten to kill the person involved.

Right near the end a suspicious comment popped up and was quickly deleted by the Mods or the Troll. This comment Said that the responses said by us ‘Gamer Shitheads’ were proof that violent games make people violent. It was conveniently deleted no more than 20 minutes later.  Who would post such a thing… Here is the exact quote… ‘I have enough Evidence to prove the effects of violent games’. Something like that. Sounds very lawyerly to me. The email server the troll used were VERY Suspicious around that time. It was, Mail for the law community. My friend, the guy from the Times 100 Forums wanted to use some program that traces emails of people to find out who this moron really was.  Well the Email ( could NOT be traced. He thought the person was a Lawyer…. It turns out the tracing programs only work if the person with the email purposely sends their info to them!  I tried Several sites tracing the email…. Until I checked the email service 5 years later to find out that It had been deleted along with the forums where the threats were posted.

There is a reason I have such a staunch anti-censorship stance. This troll made it this way. Threatening to kill me? Is that really what you need to succeed in getting rid of the ‘devil’ that are violent games? Do you have any shame? No of course not. Because ‘gamer shitheads’ aren’t people, they are school shooters. Sure.