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Today, after reading the articles I posted on the Doom Hoaxes, where Doom was blamed for columbine using fake evidence, fabricated in 1999, I decided to write another article about video game related nonsense and how my efforts to debunk such hoaxes have really helped to show how idiotic the doom moral panic was.



The first such hoax “Doom will become reality”, supposedly was said on Eric Harris’s website but several sites proved that it was fake at the time. But their proof did not get far, because many more sites said this was proof that Doom did in fact cause columbine, all attacking violent video games at the same time. At the time, any and all search results for the phrase lead to sites attacking violent games. My debunking it helped to change that however. Go search for “Doom Will become reality” on and you get this:







My blogs and videos debunking this nonsense are now at the top of the results. Surprise! Saying that the Doom will become reality hoax is just that, over and over again can do wonders to the search results. My stuff has seriously trumped all the anti-gamer nonsense BS sites saying Doom was the cause for the massacre.

But this thing doesn’t end here.


Another much more complex hoax involved 3 articles from 3 newspaper saying a modified version of doom was found on Eric Harris’s website/or computer. (it differs per source, weirdly). The modified version of doom had begging students saying a certain phrase and many features doom could not do in 1999. At the time searching for some phrase in the articles themselves led to tons of sites all citing the claims like they were a fact. That is still true. But if you google “modified version of doom columbine” you get the most popular article and my debunkings right below it. Not as successful as the last debunking, but close.



Now if you googled the phrase “Doom caused columbine” before I mentioned the phrase over and over again with various articles here, you would get tons of sites saying that Doom did in fact cause columbine. Now this is what you get:





After the wikipedia article, my debunking is right below! I never expected the debunking to get so high in the search results. I expected that some people would read it and then stow it away, and at best I would get mentioned on some gaming forum. I wasn’t expecting my results on the Doom will become reality hoax to include my articles first. With all the sites (100’s) saying that this hoax is proof doom did cause columbine, you’d expect my post to be much lower, but no.


But before we go, I want to do another Fake Doom BS debunking right here. Not quite as popular in the game attacking sites as the 2 last ones but still mentioned from time to time is the following long paragraph written by Harris himself:


“everyone should be put to a test. an ULTIMATE DOOM test, see who can survive in an environment using only smarts and military skills. put them in a doom world. no authority, no refuge, no BS copout excuses. If you cant figure out the area of a triangle or what “cation” means, you die! if you cant take down a demon w/ a chainsaw or kill a hell prince w/ a shotgun, you die! fucking snotty rich fuckheads [Censored by J.C.Sheriff Office] who rely on others or on sympathy or $ to get them through life should be put to this challenge. plus it would get rid of all the fat, retarded, crippled, stupid, dumb, ignorant, worthless people of this world. no one is worthy of this planet only me and who ever I choose. there is just no respect for anything higher than your fucking boss or parent. everyone should be shot out into space and only the people I saw should be left behind. 4/12/98″


This phrase is clearly talking about doom multi player, not actually putting people in a school shooting situation. Any gamer can see that. But the people who never played video games would see it a different way, because of the way the articles using this against doom quoted it. The “ultimate doom challenge” is clearly just multi player. Not a school shooting. After that he goes into a total psychotic attack against people who are rich and says they should be killed. But this is used to blame doom constantly. How do we debunk this?


We look for other references to doom in his writings. In most of them Doom is mentioned with other things such as war, with no context to what they are actually describing, such as “this will be like doom, ww2, the korean war rolled into one”. What is he talking about. You can’t tell. There is no way to know, so how to the anti-gamers know this is about the massacre? They don’t. They just want others to believe it is.  In all of his writings there is plenty of evidence that Doom was NOT influencing him to commit the massacre.. this following quote proves it:


“someones bound to say “what were they thinking?” when we go NBK or when we were planning it, so this what I am thinking. “I have a goal to destroy as much as possible so I must not be sidetracked by my feelings of sympathy, mercy, or any of that, so I will force myself to believe that everyone is just another monster from Doom like FH or FS or demons, so It’s either me or them. I have to turn off my feelings.” keep this is mind, I want to burn the world, I want to kill everyone except about 5 people, who I will name later, so If you are reading this you are lucky you escaped my rampage because I wanted to kill you. It will be very tricky getting all of our supplies, explosives, weaponry, ammo, and then hiding it all and then actually planting it all so we can achieve our goal. but if we get busted any time, we start killing then and there, just like Wilks from the AlIENS books, I aint going out without a fight.”


Notice how he said he would have to “force himself to believe all students are doom monsters” to turn off his feelings during the massacre? No way is this  something doom did. Look for more references to Doom in the writings I linked and you get one reference to WW2, and one to the doom shotgun, the ultimate doom test and this. That’s it.


Speaking of ww2. Why is the obvious fact and motive that Harris was a Nazi fuckhead completely looked over? Do I have to quote the exact quote where he worships hitler/Nazi’s. now. But search for it and you will find more info on his obssession with Nazi’s. Why was this totally ignored by all the groups that attacked doom? It’s all over his writings, Racial Slurs, references to Nazi’s, swastika’s, plane as day to see. Yet this was totally ignored and Doom was blamed instead? WTF!


In any ordinary mind this would be much more likely motive than being “brainwashed by doom”. But people in Colorado started blaming doom right and left till it was mass hysteria.  It got so out of control that even I was threatened by some dickhead on a forum over it (long story).  This is just more proof that the people blaming doom, skipping over his hatred of people/love for Nazi’s, are complete idiots. His multiplayer “Ultimate Doom test” was used like the “Doom will become reality hoax” to demonize Doom constantly in  various attack sites, even to this day. It’s rediculous.

At least I can try to stop this nonsense, and I think I have been relatively sucessful.




Damian Ichabod 1 Idiots 0!