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So according to part 6 of the study I just posted today (link here), only about 7% of the total 77 comments I surveyed that were attacking violent games wanted them completely banned. You’d think in this country with our freedoms that there would be less of this than in Germany, Australia, England, Scandinavian countries, etc. All these countries have some sort of complete ban system for “uber” violent games, or “killer games” as Germany Calls them, which hypocritical, because of out 500+ plus FPS games (from a list of all FPS games ever made on Wikipedia), only 27 or so would be games I would consider “uber violent”. That’s less than 10%!

But that’s not the point of this article….. The point is that according to my facebook search, there are way more people in the USA that want a complete violent game ban.  This article’s purpose, is to study the combined comment and face book “Ban all violent games” groups user count data to see how much total people out of the 2 want all violent games completely banned…


Total Comments and Facebook Group Users who either wanted violent games banned or opposed such a ban or supported the gaming industry:

Out of 1008 people in the comments, facebook groups who wanted Bans or similar, and the people in the recent Survey I linked to recently, 405  (40%) want violent game makers sued, 320 (32%) oppose a full violent games ban, and 280 (28%) support such a ban.  That’s 28 out of 1000.  Not a huge sample size, but it’s telling on how much the media lies are being believed, and how many people are extremist enough to want lawsuits or a ban, from all 3 sources. Now take away the comments wanting a ban, and the ones who didn’t say they wanted violent games banned, and you have scarier numbers…

In this case the total has dropped to 931 because the commenters from news articles have been stripped out and all the numbers jump up. 44% of 931 people who wanted violent games sued, that’s all from the survey. Facebook ‘ban activists’ make up 30% of  the total 931. People who oppose bans make up less, 27%. Since many of the articles with comments supporting violent game bans are very hard to find and are on newspapers such as campussafetymagazine, it’s unlikely that these make up a big % of people wanting A Ban. Facebook, on the other hand, is much more popular, and people who believe in a full age ban, would be much more likely to join a facebook group then post on some obscure article. The 72 people who didn’t want bans of violent games to all age groups from the ongoing study, don’t count anymore, so the % of people in everything but the comments, who wants bans outnumbers those who don’t.

Now lets make it even scarier, shall we.

Ok.. .Take out the facebook people who were for or anti-bans. Concentrate on the total people out of the rest of the 2 groups who wanted lawsuits… They are from the survey, and from the article on the Video Game mod. Since this is about lawsuits only, and I didn’t find a “sue violent game makers” group online (I searched), I just wanted to see how many people from both groups (survey, and article I mentioned) wanted violent game maker sued.

Total from both groups: 477 people from each.

405 of these 477 wanted a lawsuit. That’s 85%!

So basically what I am trying to say, is that the kind of people who want lawsuit against violent game makers, according to the type of people who posted “lawsuit” comments on that message board, and the kind of people who were obviously chosen in the survey to want this are mostly the same kind of people, extremists..

85% of extremists studied are MUCH more likely to want a lawsuit than a ban on violent games… It’s scary.

You take the people who wanted all violent games banned from this group and there is only 4 of those people. A tiny %. less than 1% out of these 400.  1% versus 85%. Before this I expected 50/50 at the worst.  So the extremists are clearly more towards a lawsuit now…. That is…. Very scary…