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While browsing the internet for more info on the TPP, which I wrote about in my previous article, I came across This Page posting Articles on TPP. The TPP, Like SOPA Before it, would severely criminalize and censor any “alleged” copyright infringement. But one thing I did not know about till today is that “Temporary copies” of copyrighted work would get you thrown in jail or sued… What are temporary copies?

Every time your PC connects to a site to view a site, stream audio from internet radio, stream video from youtube, etc, it makes at least one temporary copy on your PC. In the case of youtube video’s, Up to thousands of temporary copies, all less than 1 second long are made.  Everytime you  view copyrighted art on a website that has the rights to use it, temporary copies are made on your PC, till you clear your cache.  Under TPP all the temporary copies could get you in trouble for copyright infringement. Youtube (even though it does have tons of infringing stuff on it) could get some people into SERIOUS trouble. Imagine viewing one video that has something infringing in it and being sued for over 1000 violations due to the fact that 1000 plus temporary copies were found on your HDD because you were too lazy to clear your temp files. Think that is fiction? If TPP passes it won’t be…

But that isn’t really the scary part… The article above is on a site that also has another article called “what’s actually in the TPP?”. The site clearly states that the TPP would force internet services like google, and ISP’s to perform something called “deep packet inspection”, to look for these temporary copies, among other things. Imagine millions of people being sued for copyright infringement for simply VIEWING the Web!!! Under TPP this is would be reality. Simply viewing one video on youtube that just happens to infringe on something would download the 1000 or so temporary copies onto the persons HDD. Deep packet inspection comes next and finds them… Imagine being sued for something that happens all the time on people’s PC, 1000 times over…. Even worse, people like Quizgroupmovies and other “copyright holders”  have proven time and time again that simply claiming they own the copyright is enough. They don’t have to actually own it….  IF tpp passes then there will be a HUGE rise of fraudulent lawsuits against people for merely viewing a video, by people claiming to own it, but they won’t have to own it in the first place. The Copyright moguls do not care if their claims are fraudulent. They just want money. More and more money.  Recently a guy was forced to pay $22,500 PER SONG for downloading only 30 songs that normally would be $0.99, by the RIAA. That’s over 20,000 times more than what their worth!!!! Imagine that X10 for simply viewing one video! Hell the video doesn’t even have to violate the Morons copyrights. They can just claim it does. Simply put, TPP will legalize whole sale frivolous lawsuits for any reason whatsoever.

This could cause Serious problems for internet radio. Internet radio uses streaming (which always causes temporary copies to be created) as it’s core.  Simply listening to one artists music on something like Pandora or any site hosting music that has streaming music abilities, could get your arrested under the TPP… Every single indie music upload site such as purevolume, reverbnation, soundclick, soundcloud, they all have streaming music. Hell my indie metal solo artist is on soundcloud. Already soundcloud has been labeled a “piracy” site because it allows artists to make their music free downloads as mp3’s.  Imagine what will happen if TPP is passed and someone from some copyright group  decides to call anyone who dares to listen to ANY of the artists on ANY of these sites, infringing for 1000+ counts due to temporary copies? It would be HELL for anyone caught listening to internet music in ANY form if what below (deep packet inspection) comes true. You would possibly get thousands of lawsuits, all frivolous, all against people daring to stream music on any of these sites… None of the streaming music has to infringe for their copyrights for them to press charges on ANYONE daring to listen to them. Frivolous lawsuits WILL result from this, I guarantee it…

The people who claim that their music and movies are being pirated and that their losing money over it are the biggest morons alive. They represent crappy fake pop artists an even worse, (c)rappers, and horrible movie makers. Music has simply gone down the tubes so much lately it isn’t funny. Do these people deserve $22,500 per 30 songs “allegedly” stolen? Hell No! They certainly don’t deserve billions of dollars because someone dared to listen to a video online that happened to contain their song. That person didn’t steal their song!!! The temporary copies on that persons HDD should not be reason to throw someone in jail for multiple counts of “copyright infringement”, the most fraudulent “crime” I have ever heard of ever…

The only reason we are seeing this is because SOPA and ACTA failed. That was partially because of people contacting their reps complaining about them. Even with that happening with TPP, there is less chance it will do anything because A) We don’t know the entire treaty because it’s being negotiated in secret B) And it’s a treaty not a bill and there is less chance the supreme court could get involved, or no chance at the worst. Still People who value freedoms and people who are against the fraudulent Copyright infringement BS copyright moguls have been doing lately should really contact their REP’s about this. If you don’t know how to do that, visit this site to do it with one click of a button.


EFF_logo_notype_black (Photo credit: ElectronicFrontierFoundation)

If you thought SOPA and ACTA were the end of Copyright fraud BS legislation you are wrong… Enter TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. This is like SOPA X10. The treaty is secretly being discussed among certain countries, including US and Canada. No one knows the entire text of it. It’s being done in secret. But a leak revealed that BS copyright infringement Censorship is part of it.  Not only does it demand that ISPS shut down any site that “allegedly” infringes,  it requires “internet incendiaries” (without even saying what these are) to shut down anyone’s access if they repeatedly commit alleged copyright infringement.  It also requires the internet to be filtered for any “alleged” copyright infringement, therefore possibly censoring the following material, which all could be seen as copyright infringing:

-Actual Copyright infringement themed sites, aka Warez, etc. Shut down. But they deserve it so moving on.

-Any site that could allow people to post infringing material, facebook, youtube, blogs, etc. Youtube, facebook, Blogs

-Any and all video game modding sites.

-Any and all file hosting sites, 4shared, the late megaupload, dropbox, filefront, any of the video gaming related file upload sites such as 3dgamers archive, atomic gamer, etc,  any of them! ALL SHUT DOWN. No more gaming files online, ANYWHERE, for people in any of these countries.

-Any Site that posts music, such as soundcloud, reverbnation, youtube, etc. Already soundcloud made the do not advertise on list of a big advertising site, for being a “piracy” related site, so did every single file hosting site I mentioned here and many more, INCLUDING Several gaming related ones.

-Any site that post lets plays of video games. The right to display a game is a copyright issue. Many lets plays get taken down by alleged copyright infringement claims on youtube. Some are fraudulent but some probably are not. I absolutely love lets plays and if this bill gets passed then lets plays WILL be targeted next.

-Any site that allows “legal” mp3 downloads, Itunes, Amazon Mp3. Don’t tell me the copyright moguls won’t use this to shut them down too. I am calling it. Amazon SHUT down due to this. The entire site would go, not JUST the mp3 portion. No more amazon.

What is left not on this list. Just news sites. Really. That’s it.

But that’s just the tip of this pathetic shit covered iceberg of a law..

Besides having to filter “possible” or “alleged” infringing sites, the ISPS also have to block them and copyright holders also have to be told about any site that is allegedly infringing on their copyright. Already dozens of idiots on youtube are abusing the ContentID system to claim they own copyright on anything they want, without proof. Imagine how much that will increase after this. Pretty much any site online could be taken down for ANY reason just for an ALLEGATION of an infringement by someone who Might not even OWN the copyright!  I highly suggest that anyone who is into any of the above to visit EFF and click the take action button so that your REP’s and Senators know about this… I already have… The copyright moguls have already successfully shut down megaupload (Without SOPA) and the Files I UPLOADED THERE for my modding blog, something I am VERY Pissed off about. I had LEGAL, Non Infringing files uploaded to megaupload because it was the only site that would host bigger files. He decided my files needed to be shut down. None of my files were infringing. All they were video game mods. I lost them all due to this BS. Imagine of ALL the gaming archives get shut down due to “infringement”. EVERY SINGLE GAMING related file would be deleted. ALL of them. No more patches. No more mods. No more skins, no more editing tools. Thousands of addon maps ALL GONE, nevermind all the mp3 download sites, music sharing sites, file upload sites such as 4shared, all the lets plays. THIS is the future that is coming if people don’t stand up to this. This could potentially Destroy 99% of what is cool about the net. Seriously. All of the following sites would be removed if this is not seriously attacked like SOPA was. People talking to their REPS should be really important if you like any of these sites:

3dgamers archive
ANY and All of the following gaming sites:
Func-Messgboard (look it up)
Payne Reactor
Planet Deus Ex
The Admirals Command Chamber
Underworldfans quake review site
Gzdoom website
Doom Legacy
Eduke32 website
Myspace Music
Atomic Gamer

The treaty is being negotiated by the Executive branches of the countries without the Congress getting involved. It’s really important that fans of any of the sites listed above Contact their REPS about this.  This is a SERIOUS breach of due process, civil rights and internet freedom. The more I see the copyright moguls do this the more I want to puke as I see America turn into a Communist state.

Now to change the subject for a second, to anyone who is anti-censorship,   my previous posts (this one,  this one, and this one) on the 1999 Anti-Doom Article BS goes into How the media lies  get propagated to the extreme to fuel censorship. In particular one News Article after Columbine dared to claim Harris made a doom mod that allowed him and another shooter to practice in, all with features Doom Could not do then. I am bringing this up because even though I wrote the articles 2 months ago, they still have yet to get really noticed. I highly suggest you read them as well.