Looking over twitter the last few days has made me realize that we are in yet another violent games moral panic, after the UCC Shooting.  Even though the shooter has PROVEN connections to terrorism, and hatred, it doesn’t matter to people like “Steve Asshole”.

Steve asshole is an idiot who thinks all violent games involve murder, and train murder for real. He has no clue what problems his theory has. Number one, 90% of violent games have you attack and kill hostile enemies. That’s NOT murder. Murder is a premeditated killing of an innocent person. Does killing mutant bugs count as murder? Apparently to Steve Asshole it does.

So Steve Asshole (real Name Steve Thomas – his slogan on twitter is “Steve Thomas Now”), decides to tweet messages to every major Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2016, AND the supreme court, saying… Well look at the tweets below..

You’re an idiot steve. But idiots in power make Other Idiots like Bernie Shithole (real name Bernie Sanders) believe this nonsense, (if they didn’t beleive it already, maybe they did). Now Sanders is directly attacking media violence after the UCC Shooting, a Shooting that has NO LINKS TO GAMING!

Here’s a lesson of fact checking and integrity to Candidates/watchdog group members like Asshole and Shithole.  Search for “Chris Harper Mercer” + “gamer” on google. What do you get? One untrusted site that is clearly a parody site saying he was a gamer. In fact the main article that deals with more info on Mercer FAILS TO MENTION GAMING! This is proof that Shithole and Asshole are trying to strip our freedoms away, our freedoms to play violent games. HEY SHITHOLE AND ASSHOLE, I AM A FULL GROWN ADULT, I CAN PLAY WHAT I WANT, STOP TRYING TO TAKE MY FREEDOM AWAY!

EDIT : Look at this crap from a so-called “parody” anti-gaming group that has repeatedly tried to get politicans to ban violent games… It could be this stupid group that got the idea into the head of bernie sanders that violent games should be “dealt with” after the UCC shooting. This group is clearly NOT a parody if they actually communicate their ideas with politicians to try to make them a reality.


Another year, another tragic shooting, another scapegoating on violent games. This time, yet again, just like the last tragic shooting (the Charleston Shooting), complete jackasses on twitter are AGAIN saying it is “confirmed” that the shooter was a gamer. It doesn’t help that the damn police killed the shooter (instead of knocking him unconscious with a stun gun or something) making it way easier for people to believe the scapegoating that violent games are the cause, because the Perp isn’t alive to disprove the crazy idea violent games directly caused the shooting…

Here are two tweets that piss me off… Don’t get me started on these media whores who keep making up crap to cause a moral panic. They disgust me:

Now if you do a google search for “UCC Shooter” + “Gamer” you get nothing. NO ONE IS CONFIRMING IT THROUGH OFFICIAL SOURCES THAT THE SHOOTER WAS A GAMER!

The faking of evidence continues!!!! They don’t even try to hide who does it anymore like they used to. Back in the 1990’s they were clever with their evidence faking (like the Doom Will Become Reality Hoax. No one even knows to this day who did that) Now they make it painfully obvious they are trying to fake evidence and they get away with it.

This crap has to stop people. Quit lying through your teeth, claiming a shooter was a gamer when there is no proof to back it up. CITE ACTUAL ARTICLES if what you are saying is true, instead of using your blabbermouth bullshit to try to blame games for something they did not cause, asshole!

EDIT : These idiots piss me off too!!!

The first idiot thinks that a shooting like this is caused by kids getting their hands on violent games. And tries to say people are simply letting kids get them. What about the highest enforced rating system (for the ESRB), you fucking monkey?

But the second idiot is a complete bullshitter. “Our Entertainment” (music/video games and movies) do NOT feed violence and sexual assault glorification to American kids. I’ve played 100’s of games and not one that I have played has glorified sexual assault. That’s bullshit. Same thing is true with music. Some music might do that, but a lot does not… I’ve listened to HUNDREDS of metal bands and only 1, ONLY ONE has ONE song out of hundreds that could be considered “glorifying sexual assault” and only if you interpret a certain way. More Bullshit by idiots online. It disgusts me. People like this need to have their internet taken away.  Their fucking fucktards.

EDIT : More idiots on twitter are now trying to link the shooter “Samuel Hyde” to gaming, using fake evidence of course! See the below tweets:

The first tweet is by a religious zealot who is trying to blame Gaming for the Massacre. His twitter profile (look at the second image) proves it. The third image shows a tweet that retweets the first tweet and adds “BAN VIDEO GAMES” to the bottom.  Now to prove that Samuel Hyde being a gamer was NOT the cause of the massacre:

Search for samuel hyde on twitter now. you will find this…

This is enough proof for me that it was Radical Islam and not Violent games that caused this tragedy.

Notice two things..


Search for the following search on google. You will find NO ONE saying he was a gamer.

The Images that the christian zealot idiot above used to “prove” Samuel Hyde was a gamer prove nothing… All they show is him using a camera and a cell phone. Nice proof you idiot!

B) The media is awfully quiet for a supposed murderer being a gamer… Something else must be the cause… If he was a  gamer, like Harris and Klebold, the media would be all over it as soon as possible. They are not..

Now it remains to be seen whether the shooter was a gamer, but I refuse to believe for ONE MOMENT that gaming addiction can cause a normal person to shoot and kill 15 people. That’s just bullshit. The bullshit peddlers are winning on twitter… They make up crap and use false evidence, some if it crappily done, to “prove” a shooting perp was a gamer. Sometimes it doesn’t work, like when a so-called “crime writer” quack used this tactic to say the snapchat murderer was a gamer, despite NO PROOF on other sites proving this. This crap is really nasty. It needs to stop. If you see someone on twitter claiming a shooter was a gamer without proof, Publicly shame them! They are trying to cause a moral panic because they hate games, plain and simple.

EDIT 3 : Samuel hyde is NOT the shooter!

Proof is here: His name was “Chris Harper Mercer” NOT the youtube gamer Samuel Hyde… These idiots above who are trying to link it to Samuel hyde are disgusting pricks! Apparently these idiots who are blaming Samuel Hyde for doing this (when he did NOT) are being believed!!! Just look at this…

EDIT 4 :

Today, we have even more morons on twitter who are trying to pin the murders on violent games. This one is particularly insidious.

This person is clearly “against entertainment” because she spews out nonsense saying violent games train people to be killers, when they don’t. She is also calling for the regulation of violence in media. I hope people like this on twitter are minority, because we could be going into a full-fledged violence-in-games moral panic if they aren’t. Imagine if people like this convince the government to regulate violent video games… It could be the Comic Code Authority all over again, this time for video games, and all because of a nutjob like this…

Well the idiocy continues.  Searching for my blog on twitter lead to this nonsense….

The twitter poster in question is a complete idiot. He equates gaming to school shooting. That’s stupid and it’s a rediculously harmful stereotype to gamers, like me. He is clearly a complete moron. How could anyone equate a post talking about stupid pop music being forced down people’s throat in restaurants and joking that people should re-program their stereos to play extreme metal for a revenge for wanting to, or chosing to shoot up a school?

It’s disgusting. Talking about repogramming steroes =/= School Shootings!

To make it even worse, he complains about my age, which is 36, not 32, you fucking idiot. What does my age have anything do with this? Nothing! He is acting more immature than I am. Saying I will shoot up a school is way more of a low thing to do then any of this crap I have done:

A) Whined about violence bashing by censors

B) Calling them idiots (they deserve it)

C) Complaining about censorship and moral panics in general

D) Exposing Moral Panics

E) Making a JOKE about reprogramming stereos

F) Calling Wayne Lapierre Wayne Lapoopierre

G) Exposed stupid comments that bash games and gamers inside of cartoon captions that are funny

and last but not least

H) Calling this poster a fucking idiot

Rant mode on:

Listen you fucktard! Being upset with the constant whining about video game violence is NOT THE SAME AS WANTING TO SHOOT UP A SCHOOL! Did you know that most school shooters were not obsessed with video game violence at all and did it for other reasons? I won’t go into details but mental illness and being obsessed with REAL LIFE Violence and TERRORISM make school shooters. NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT MUSIC BEING FORCED DOWN MY THROAT.

Fuck you

Rant mode off…

Clearly people like this are more deluded than they think. Hell they think that complaining about people bashing violent games and music being forced down our throats = School Shooting. They are way more deluded and messed up than me. That is for sure…

This is the last time I will post on this idiot, unless he posts a stupid public reply to me.

I was on twitter when I saw this bullshit being spread. Apparently the moral panic surrounding the Charleston shooting, isn’t limited to the o’reilly factor’s BS. Now a zealot on facebook is calling for the ban of violent entertainment after the shooting, a shooting that had nothing to do with violent games. It’s fucking pathetic.

This has gotten 293,644 brainwashed fucktards to share or like it. Which is pathetic. One of these fucktards could in theory try to get President Obama to legislate violent games… This is a big threat to our freedom. It’s disgusting. People like this need to shut up and learn to stop blaming violent games for the crime, when we don’t even know if the shooter even played them, and when we already fucking know the motive, racism!

It’s a witch hunt waiting to happen people. This graham guy. Send him all the hate mail you want, bash him on facebook, I don’t care. Let him know he’s an idiot and the shooter did it not because of violent games, but because of a paranoid belief that black men were raping American women. It was that, NOT VIOLENT GAMES, that triggered the massacre, so this idiot needs to delete this shit now.

If this gets into the Obama admin and they attack violent games AGAIN, I will be pissed people, so pissed that I will have no choice but to attack Obama for his nonsense, IF he tries to legislate morality again… More on that later.

It’s disgusting that a moral panic like this gets complete wackjobs fueling it with nonsense. People like this need to be punished for the crap they start, people…

It only gets worse. Not even a week after the stupid censors bash Doom 4, we get this nonsense. Looking on twitter I saw several posters blaming the Charleston Shooting (which was PROVEN to be caused by Racism :  The shooter was demented and  blamed Blacks for Rape crimes and wanted to “protect women” by killing blacks), on video games!

It doesn’t get any more disgusting then this…

These idiots are complete morons. Number 1 the complete idiot who said that portraying mass murder as “Fun” in video games and TV is the cause for the shooting, is a complete idiot. Most Video Games don’t portray mass murder as “fun”. That’s a complete bullshit statement. The only kind of games that do this are extreme “ultra-violent” shooters like GTA. They make a very small % of games, unlike what he says.

And the idiot who sayed “the shooter probably thought he was playing video games” is another fucking idiot too. I already discussed the crime. The shooter didn’t think he was in a video game, that’s stupid. That excuse has to stop. It’s idiotic.

Witchmobs like this annoy me. Whenever some group of idiots start immediately blaming a shooting on video games without even knowing if the shooter played them, it pisses me off. That’s exactly what’s happening here. It’s pathetic. I wish people would stop doing crap like this. We already know why the shooting happened. It had nothing to do with video games, PERIOD.


It seems the idiocy has spread to the O’reilly factor. Bill O’reilly is claiming that video games are the problem, and even though violent games are not harmfull, “people shouldn’t play them”. HELLO, it’s OUR choice whether we want to play violent games. Not yours, O’reilly. So stop using a tragedy to spread an agenda against violent games when the killer was a racist fanatic and games didn’t have anything to do with it!

EDIT 2 :

Look at this moron:

Video games don’t teach people how to kill. That’s bullshit made up by the hack psychologists and disproven here.. You’re an idiot. You don’t lose a grip on what’s real and not real by playing violent games. Anyone who says that is a propaganda source, plain and simple.


It looks like we have yet another fucking violent video games moral panic on our hands. Who knows what will happen because of this. Will Obama try to get them banned. They will certainly try something to attack “violent” games even though the motive has nothing to do with that. It’s pathetic…

FYI : People in SJW circles are already using this to post fake bullcrap that says the shooter was a #gamergate member and are using this to blame Deus : EX Mankind : Divided (and maybe the next DOOM game too). It’s complete bullshit. If you ever hear the claim that shooter wanted to play either of these games, it’s not remotely trustworthy…

Just look at these twitter quotes from the censor who whined about the violence in the Doom 4 trailer at E3, and you will see how bad they are…

The first and second quote says that the removal of any forced violence is not innovation, and implies only removal of all violence is really innovation. Basically this censor is trying to change the industry to get rid of violence slowly. Him and his video producing lacky are constantly spewing out crap about sexism in violent games that is mostly cherry picked nonsense, but crap like this needs to be exposed too..
His second quote implies that he doesn’t want the ability to NOT murder every one in sight to be a choice but something that is forced on people. It’s complete hogwash. It just shows you that maybe the Hack Psychologists weren’t the worst video game Bullshit spreaders out there and even though they are MIA, someone else like him has replaced them.
His third quote implies that “fun” in gaming leads to real life violence. It doesn’t. Over 200,000,000 gamers were alive in 2012. And even more before that. Out of that 9 gamers have committed major killing spree murders. That’s still 0%….
He also tries to say reality and fantasy are entwined but that’s really stupid. There is no evidence to prove this claim, it’s just a bullshit claim with no proof. Since most gamers don’t commit the fantasy they see in a violent game in real life, his argument is invalid.

What’s really sickening, is just how many complete idiots beleive what he says! There are a total of 38 likes and 18 retweets to these obvious bogus/radical claims.  It’s rediculous. I guess there are a bunch of farmville addicts out there who hate violent games and want to “change the industry” to get rid of all violence”. It’s pathetic.

I wish someone would do something about people like this on twitter. We have a new breed of social media infesting censors now who have the video game industry media in their pocket, maybe the media too, based on the fake BS that the newspapers cited about his “outrage” over the Doom 4 trailer.  And they, the complete censorous idiots they are have tons of fans on twitter.. Here are quotes from a few…

It’s pathetic really. These kids of people are Threatening the status quo of the gaming industry. They want violence gotten rid of completely, and the industry is embracing them? Look at all the attention they receive for industry, and tech companies. It’s pathetic. Did the Hack Psychologists get such attention and praise from the Gaming Industry in the 90’s and 2000’s? HELL NO! These people are basically the same thing and the industry is accepting them. IT’S SICK!

I was browsing twitter tonight, when I came across a screenshot of a Guardian article mentioning the outrage that the idiots on twitter found from the new Doom 4  trailer.  The article is quite stupid and brings up the claim that video games break down the inhibition to kill. It’s complete nonsense, and thanks to idiots like those who bitched about Doom 4 today, we now have a FULL MORAL PANIC on our hands…

Here is the article screenshotted:

Just to clarify. NO GAME teaches kids to kill. That’s bullshit brought up by the Hack Psychologists. One even wrote a book about this to sell over and over again, based on this lie. The following site debunks the claim. It’s complete horseshit to think violent games “train kids to kill”, but now thanks to morons like those who bitched and moaned about Doom 4 on twitter, It’s being claimed that that is true…

I think it’s incredibly shoddy “Journalism” by the guardian to even bring up a PROVEN LIE, to sell newspaper articles. That’s what they are trying to do. They are greedy sacks of shit. And if those two idiots on twitter didn’t keep their trap shut about a good game which ISN’T EVEN OUT YET, this would not be happening.

This lie needs to be in it’s grave. People still spread it like it’s the truth. It’s not… And because of the anti’s constant whining about violence levels in Doom 4, and their sharing their whining with newspapers, it’s back and people will now hear it AGAIN.