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Lo and behold, some stupid idiot ran an article bashing violent games after the ucc shooting. The article spreads tons of lies surrounding video games and video game violence. It’s nonsense and I can’t stand nonsense like this. I will debunk it’s claims 1 by 1 to show how stupid it is…

Link to Initial Article:

Here is the bs, and I will debunk it below:

“Through research, reports often indicate many mass killers were addicted to violent video games. Chris Harper Mercer was no exception to this trend.”

Not one trustworthy source tries to say Chris Harper Mercer played violent games or was addicted to them. The one person claiming he was was a person sending a letter to the editor of an Oregon Newspaper, and claimed Mercer played violent games all day, but the link she used to prove this didn’t even say that at all. The idea he played all day was her invention. No other articles are saying he was a gamer. This one is clearly making it up too!

“Mercer was known as a recluse who obsessed with violent gaming and the digital world, even finding supporters on those sites. On an anonymous chat room website called 4chan, there are messages that talk about what he was planning to do. A comment stated, “Some of you guys are alright. Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest. So long space robots.” The responses he got back to this were terrifying to say the least:

“DO IT” 

“You might want to target a girl’s school which is safer because there are no beta males throwing themselves for their rescue.”

“I am so excited for this. If this comes true then thank you for my late birthday gift anon.”

“I suggest you enter a classroom and tell people that you will take them as hostages. Make everyone get in one corner and then open fire. Make sure that there is no way that someone can disarm you as it possible. I suggest you carry a knife on your belt as last resort if someone is holding your gun,”

“Do not use a shotgun. I would suggest a powerful assault rifle and a pistol or 2x pistols. Possibly the type of pistols who have 15+ ammo”

Here are the responses after the shooting:


“That score, ouch. Not even double digits on current reports.”



These were the responses by other people SUPPORTING his decision to kill innocent people! People responded by calling the death toll a “score,” and how they were disappointed he had not killed more. One cannot turn a blind eye to the obvious link between violent video games and mass murders. For the 40th time this year, the 141st time since the Sandy Hook Massacre, a gunman has opened fire in a school. Hollywood, especially the gaming industry, should be taking some of the responsibility for these shootings.”

What this idiot writer fails to tell you is that the board she is talking about is not a gaming board at all. It’s a board for celebate men called /r9k/. It has nothing to do with gaming at all. So much for this chearing to be the work of the gaming community! What an idiot. This idiot is bashing gaming for the work of 4channers that aren’t gamers?

“With video games becoming more and more realistic, we need to be extremely cautious as to what our youth and young people are being exposed to on a daily basis. Fantasy violence can leave a troubled mind craving more and more until they act out in reality.  There is a violent cultural script that too many children are influenced to live out. To dig further, here is a list of some of the most violent horrible killings in the past few years; all of these killers had an obsession with violent video games.”

Hello. Games aren’t getting more realistic, that’s bullshit, debunked here… And “Fantasy violence” doesn’t make people do real life violence at all, despite her bullshit claim that it does. The claim that violent games can make people addicted to them then commit the real life act’s in them is a bullshit claim made up by the hack psychologists in the 90’s on talk shows. It’s complete bullshit. Her list of violent killers, has a lot who weren’t obsessed with violent games either…

“Here’s a list of the mass murders linked with video Games:

1. Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elementary, was a frequent player of violent first-person shooter video games. It was said his existence largely involved playing violent computer video games in a bedroom.”

What this idiot doesn’t say is Lanza played more non-violent games than violent ones.

“2. James Holmes, went on a rampage in a movie theater showing THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in Aurora, Colorado in July 2012, He was a frequent player of violent video games including “World of Warcraft,” an infamously addictive role-playing game.”

HELLO! World of warcraft is a sword fighting game! How does that lead to GUN VIOLENCE? Also James Holmes played a lot of “Violent Games” Like Guitar Hero. Right. Like that’s a violent game now…

“4. Eric Harris, based on his journal, a panel of psychologists, psychiatrists, and FBI agents point to Harris’ contempt for others and his total lack of empathy and conscience as evidence of his psychopathic tendencies. He also enjoyed violent video games.”

Another fucking idiot trying to blame Columbine on Doom. Fuck you!

Oh BTW, Columbine was a revenge crime designed to kill cops for raping Harris during a 1998 bomb making materials arrest where the Sherriff of CO Sexually abused him.

“5. Elliot Rodger, killed 7 young men and women including himself. He was hooked on violent video games from a young age from his own admission, hiding himself in “the World of Warcraft,” a place where he felt comfortable and secure.”

Again, World of warcraft can’t cause gun violence, It’s a sword fighting game!

8. Anders Behring Breivik, 68 shot dead at a youth camp of the Norwegian Labor party, another 8 in a bombing of government buildings According to the judgment rendered against him, he liked playing violent games.”

What this piece of shit article doesn’t say is that Anders was an anti-islamic terrorist who killed people for their religion. He admitted he trained on Call of Duty, but mostly he played World of Warcraft, again a sword fighting game! Also this idiot listed his name twice, once with his middle name once without to make it look like there were TWO Anders Breivik’s, when there are really only one Anders.

“9. Michael Carneal, shot girls as they prayed in a prayer group. Carneal never moved his feet during his shootings, and never fired far to the left or right, but instead fired only once at each target that appeared, just as a player of video games maximizes his game score by shooting only once at each victim, in order to hit as many targets as possible.”

More bullshit claims. This time this writer makes up a bullshit claim about Paducah. Video games do not train people to maximize their score this way. The game Carneal played was Doom, which HAD NO SCORE IN IT. In fact no games in 1997 had a system with a score that did what this pile of crap writer claims it did.

“Other killers have been hooked on violent video games too and have a warped sense of what’s real and what’s not, thinking that real life is just like a video game.”

Where’s the proof to prove this? Nowhere! In fact this idiot makes up so much shit she should be ashamed for herself, a fucking zealoty anti-gamer cockwad is what she is!

“Numerous studies have linked violent behavior to consumption of violence in video games.”

No… NO Studies prove violent games cause violent behavior. Tons of Flawed studies prove they cause aggression. But Aggression =/= Violence. She is a liar to say it does.

“Recently, researchers at Ohio State University conducted a study and concluded that, “People who have a steady diet of playing these violent video games may come to see the world as a hostile and violent place.” Brad Bushman, professor of communication and psychology at OSU, continues, “These results suggest there could be a cumulative effect” in making video game players more aggressive and violent over the long term as well as over the short term.

This is just one of thousands of studies about depictions of violence in the mass media, including video games, that come to similar conclusions.”

This study author, Brad Bushman, is one of the most flawed study authors out there. He is a fucking anti-gaming quack, and his studies are known to be false.  No trustworthy studies have been done that say violent games cause violence. They are all being funded by groups like  the “Center for Successful Parenting” who say in their mission statement that their goal is to get the health industry, the government and the media to get rid of media violence. These studies are NOT to be trusted.

“Of course, this doesn’t mean that ALL children, teenagers and young adults playing video games, even violent video games, will act out violently, but when will people realize that the most dangerous weapon a person yields is their mind? The more minds corrupted with violence, the more dangerous society becomes.”

Bla-Blah-Blah Save the children, Blah-Blah-Blah FUCK YOU!

EDIT: Another fucking idiotic newspaper ran the SAME ARTICLE:

EDIT: 3 More sites running the same idiotic article:

EDIT 3: When trying to post a rebuttal, it got deleted twice at the sites… It’s stupid… They are trying to censor me when I am trying to tell the viewers that the article is false…I had to censor this article to prevent Libel when I decided to post a link to this article in a comment, not knowing that risks libel, fucking crazy….


Well it seems that the dead horse of the ucc shooting violent games moral panic has been resurrected by a greedy newspaper. They ran a fricking letter to the editor whining about violent games even though the shooter was proven to be a terrorist. The quotes by the person writing in are idiotic, they make up complete nonsense about violent games, that I will debunk. But it’s leading to idiots spreading their nonsense in comments (more lies). And it’s being spread ALL OVER twitter.

Lets get into debunking the nonsense that the letter says first:

“Friends, the real issue here, I believe, is the use of video games. Chris Harper-Mercer sat at home playing video games all day long. Video games are more and more realistic these days, and many of them are very violent. In many games, the participant is actively killing people.”

ONE Article mentions he played video games. NOT VIOLENT ONES! It never specifies. Read the article she links. It doesn’t even mention playing all day long. She made up that claim, because the article doesn’t even specify how long he played.  She also tries to say video games today are “more realistic, very violent and involve actively killing people”. This is BS…

Most games are NOT realistic these days. Realistic games that are so realistic they could be simulators are rare. She is pulling that out of her ass. Very violent is also nonsense. Most violent games are mildly violent, only a few are realistic.

I did a study on over 605 games based on a wikipedia article of all FPS games ever released. I found out just how many are are realistic and how many are uber violent. Not many games were realistic or uber violent.

“Claim 6 : Most FPS games are “Realistic”

Source : Same comment poster as Claim 3

The commenter who mentioned that games that reward “Deviant” Behavior, also said that most were “realistic”. Visually graphic maybe, but people think that just because FPS games are “Realistic”  LOOKING they are total realism simulators, with an 100% analogue to real life Military Combat. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Visual graphics have not been increased over the years at the same rate as combat realism, what people think when they read these claims. The truth is that combat realism is found only in 1 RARE kind of FPS games, “EXTREME” Tactical shooters. These games are NOT uber violent. They are Simulators of real life combat. And most aren’t even that popular because they are Insanely difficult. They should be. 1 hit kills you. No Health. Things like “marine Doom”.  Most Tactical shooters are at most 75% realistic. They do bullet damage fine, and health not around every corner, but things like mimicking real weapons, that almost always fail, with few exceptions. Number 1, in these games, gunshot sounds are quiet. Real gunshots are DEAFINGLY loud.  Number 2, real guns jam, break, and need to be repaired regularly. NO games do this accurately. Because that’s stuff that the military teaches. Number 3, as a gun degrades it fires worse. Accuracy and similar characteristics go down. No game mimics these 100% accurately. Some might have weapon degradation. Number 4. Armor in most FPS games, even some tactical shooters is 100% resistant to bullets. or Very resistant. In real life armor isn’t nearly that effective. There are armor piercing rounds that  go right through armor.  Number 5. In Realistic scenarios like Simulations, Getting shot anywhere can be deadly, not just the head and chest. Shot in the leg. You can’t walk. Shot in the knee or elbow, or fingers, you  might be in so much pain that you cannot even move. Shot in the neck, risk of paralysis. Very few, if no games simulate this. Some games TRY to emulate real combat but most fail. The total of these games that come close in some cases in certain areas (like weapon physics, STALKER is a great example, or damage to the player (Far Cry)) are a small % of the total 605 FPS games ever made. MOST Fps games realism level is ridiculously low. For the first 10+ years of FPS games getting shot would just do minor damage most of the time. Not till Far cry come out did this change. Guns had no recoil in most old FPS games. Total % of TRUE “Semi-Realistic” games is 6.61% of all 605 FPS games ever made. But very few of these are even popular. Only 4.94% of all 81 popular FPS games are like this. These “Popular Semi-Realistic FPS games” are only 0.66% of all 605 FPS games ever made!”

As for many games being very violent, that’s complete hogwash:

“Claim 9 : Most FPS games are Ultra-Violent

Source : MANY, Many articles saying this in many ways, basically all saying most FPS games are uber violentbased on descriptions of one game (good example is all the articles describing games like Postal 2 to attack the Justices who voted against CA in EMA vs Brown)

Ok… This isn’t so much a claim but a pattern among articles “damning” Violent video games.  These articles use examples from 1 or 2 violent games that are what I call “Uber Violent” games as proof that “most games” are like them. Uber violent games are a rare thing. What’s the definition of “Uber violent games”? Games that are so violent that most people would find them tastlessly violent.  Out of all 605 FPS games ever made, only 4.46% are “Uber Violent” like this. Only 14.81% of all 81 Popular FPS games could be considered Uber Violent. These “Popular Uber Violent” Fps games only make 1.98% of all FPS games ever released! (605)”

As for many games allowing to kill people, that’s the only true thing she even mentions…

“When he entered the classroom to start shooting, Harper-Mercer said, “I’ve been waiting to do this for years.” He obviously spent a lot of time imagining what it would be like to kill people. Where do thoughts like this come from? From watching violent, bloody TV shows and participating in the killing of virtual people through hours of video games. In these virtual worlds, there are no consequences or ramifications, and it only reinforces a feeling of powerfulness.”

More bullshit.  She claims that that video games lead to this. Anything could lead to him wanting to kill for years. Terrorism could, being a sick person could. This is yet another baseless claim with no evidence.

“Please, let’s turn the conversation toward the topic of the harmful effects of video games, and let’s think about what we can do to bring about change for the better in our society.”

No, Lets not, you idiot. Enough Scapegoating. GO AFTER THE REAL CAUSE of the UCC Shooting, Terrorism!

It’s quite shoddy “journalism” for a newspaper to run this letter, filled with complete lies about violent games after a shooting that had nothing to do with violent games. They should be fined or sued, but no one will do that, because no one cares. Not even gamers or the gaming industry do! Which is pathetic.

But the stupidity doesn’t end there. I found this commenter trying to say tons of studies prove violent games lead to aggression.  I quote:

“The research at this point is a slam dunk on violence in the media:  it’s having a very negative impact on young minds.  There are now dozens of studies showing that violent video games impact a teenagers mood, level of aggression, shifts attitudes toward the more negative… etc”

This more BS. The studies that “prove” aggression are flawed on methodological grounds. REAL RESEARCH on them proves this.  My post here goes into more detail on this.

Only time will tell if this nonsense leads to yet another moral panic on video game violence. All of this is the fault of the fucking zealot who tried to claim that the shooter was a gamer before it was confirmed to be Chris-Harper Mercer. That idiot (Xui Xes) is to blame for this nonsense… If the country tries to legislate morality by banning violent games, I will throw a fit, you fuck!

While reading KIA today I ran into this study that was linked. It said that video games and porn are as addictive as Heroin. It’s a really bad study and many people there pointed out how flawed it is. The study itself is no longer being loaded, so you can’t view it, unfortunately. I don’t know what happened to it. All I know is studies like this should not be trusted. Why?

The Following Paper disproves a lot the study says. It argues that recent “studies” on video game addiction are not based on facts but media hysteria.  It is revealed that people overplay video games due to ineffective time management skills, or for other reasons. It’s not because they are addicted to them.

I can tell you that video games can be addictive. But as addictive as Heroin? People on the forum discussed how the word “addiction” has been redefined. It used to mean “a dependence on a substance”. Now it can mean compulsion’s as well. It seems it has been redefined to attack video games. Many people on the forum discussed how during times when they had no PC they had no withdrawal symptoms from a lack of video games in their life. To me that proves that they are not as addictive as heroin.

If someone says crap that games are this addictive, its to start a moral panic people. It should not be trusted. Games aren’t that addictive.

So I was reading KIA when I ran into this really bad piece of “journalism”.  Apparently a kid was suspected of shooting and killing his parents somewhere and CBS’s 48 hours did an amazingly shoddy peice of journalism on how he played League of Legends all night was the reason he was a prime suspect. They hired a psychologist who discussed the “harmful” effects of the kid playing league of legends for hours a night before the theoretical killing  of his parents. Which is BS, because League of Legends is a Real time strategy/RPG hybrid, Not a shooter. All the BS they can bring up about League of Legends training kids to kill won’t work here, because there are no guns in League of legends. But I bet CBS Tried bad to bring up that angle that said “violent games cause real life violence!”… And they did, according to the posters at KIA.

One poster in particular lamented the shitty treatment CBS gave League Of Legends, especially using images of much more violent games to try to say League of Legends was as violent as them when it really isn’t… The host kept bring up how violent games cause real life violence over and over again, and the hired psychologist didn’t want to say it did, but they did explore that angle.

One other poster brought up something that would be a much more likely apparent motive. He said that kids that kill their parents do it for a reason, for something their parents did to them. The parents in this case must have done something to the kid, something bad, such as abuse. You don’t get murderous kids just from mildly-violent video games, because mildly-violent strategy games don’t cause violence, no matter how much CBS tries to claim it does, it does NOT. League of Legends is not a shooter! It’s a game where you have to upgrade your character through poweups to destroy your opponents nexus. That’s not a super violent game like GTA, yet they are lumping it in with games that have more extreme combat like World of Warcraft now?

Another issue I have with this shitty piece of journalism is they seem to think a game that has  no guns can cause gun violence. And they also think that a game where your goal is to destroy your opponents nexus is somehow going to give the idea to murder your parents to you? What crack is CBS Smoking now?

But my big gripe is how low CBS had to go to attack “violent” games this time. League of Legends? WTF CBS?! That’s stupid, beyond belief. Next thing they will be blaming starcraft or any other popular strategy game for a murder. It makes no fucking sense. First the censors blamed ultra violent games, now they are blaming midly violent ones?

What the fuck is wrong with you CBS! You’re now saying non violent games cause murder. WTF?!

CBS should be ashamed of themselves… This is pathetic “journalism”.  It’s utterly stupid. I suggest all the league of legends gamers who read this contact CBS to say your 2 cents here… Time to make it obvious that you do not appreciate being labeled violent sociopaths by a new station with no integrity.

So the shit has hit the fan in this Video Game Violence Moral Panic for a shooting that has NOTHING to do with violent games… A talk show was done two days ago and some brainwashed Zealot named Matthew Hagee whined about violent games that “train kids to kill”.  Number 1, you idiot: Very few to no “Violent” Video Games involve training kids to kill and commit atrocities like the UCC Shooting. The idea that a game can train people to kill is nonsense..

Why is it nonsense? To train REAL People to kill requires more than a virtual reality simulation of killing things. Video games don’t make a very good training tool for killing because they don’t include very realistic simulations of real combat, real guns, etc. They get characteristics wrong constantly, important characteristics to mimicking a real gun. Very few have recoil simulation, at least accurate recoil simulation.

A second problem is that most violent games don’t have you massacre innocent people.  That’s rare even in violent games.  In a list of 100+ violent games ever made, only 8-9 had innocent people in them. That’s less than 10%.  Hagee’s claims are stupid and uniformed. He assumed violent games train people to fire a real gun well.  If that was true, the columbine shooters (who obsessed over doom) would have hit most of their targets. Why is it that they only had a 23% accuracy rating at columbine? Because the game Doom makes a Piss Poor training simulator!

Another problem is that most of the shooters who committed shootings like this were NOT gamers or played mostly nonviolent games, or were clearly motivated by another thing than a violent game, when they killed.

UCC Shooter – A Terrorist who was a friend with a Muslim Terrorist as well.

Charleston Church Shooting earlier this year – A Racist Fanatic did it, Not a gamer

Adam Lanza – A gamer but never played any game that allows you to gun down school children!

In fact he mostly played nonviolent games!

Norway Shooter – Played World of warcraft, a sword fighting game

James Holmes – Played a guitar hero game, a music game.

V-tech Shooter – Never played a game, some idiot anti-gaming activist said he played Counterstrike but he made up that claim, because he cited himself saying the shooter played counterstrike in an article, claiming the article was proof the shooter played Counterstrike

Columbine Shooters – Obsessed by doom, but the shooting was a botched terrorism act fueled by the fact Harris was raped by the Police in an arrest in 1998. The FBI is covering this up and writings that prove this are being withheld.

If these games WERE the cause of mass murders, you think all of these people were obsessed with violent games. Only Lanza and the Columbine Shooters were.. That’s only 3 out of 7. That’s less than 50%. The link between violent games and shootings is also a bullshit link. Only 3 gamers obsessed with violent games killed people out of 300,000,000 Million+ gamers! That’s 0% of gamers! That’s nonsense to say there is a link.

Why don’t you fucking turdburglars go after Terrorism you fucks. That’s a cause for 4 of these shooters actions!. Harris and Klebold = Terrorists!, UCC Shooter = Terrorist!,  Charleston Shooter = A racist Terrorist. Norway Shooter = A Terrorist! That has a bigger link to these shootings than video games!

Mathew Hagee is a brainwashed idiot People. He is trying to bring up the bullshit “murder simulator” angle again for a shooting that has nothing to do with violent games, and he won’t be the last. He is a moron and a religious Zealot. Look at the titles of his videos!

“Matthew Hagee says the bloodmoon prophecy is coming True”

– Translation: we’re all about to die

“Matthew Hagee says that the Obamacare policy is conditioning people to accept  the mark of the Beast”

-Translation: Obama is Satan!

“Matthew Hagee says that there is a value in Spritual Violence”

-Translation: We need to kill in the name of god!

“Matthew Hagee says that the fight against Gay Rights is a fight between good and evil”

-Translation: Gay people are evil!

“Matthew Hagee says that christians will soon be designated “enemies of the State””

-Translation: Hagee is a  paranoid loser

“Matthew Hagee Says that using Science to teach the deception of Evolution is Ungodly”

-Translation: Science is the Devil!

“Matthew Hagee Ministries is creating a school to train up god’s army and save america”

-Translation: It’s ok to indoctrinate people using abuse and rape,

You can see that Matthew Hagee is a religious Brainwashing Nutjob!

People like him think it’s ok to use sexual abuse, Harassment, Torture, Sleep Depredation, and Physical Abuse in their “schools” to brainwash people to become zealots like him. They are already doing this. Look at the Movie “Jesus Camp”. It proves all you need to know about Scumbags like Hagee.  Using brainwashing tactics like those, kids are already becoming brainwashed idiots due to abuse. Religious Zealot Parents send their kids to camps like this. One in Alabama (a fat camp) was busted for Sexual Abuse and Rape. If one is doing that already, so are others. Hagee is a disgusting pig.  People like him breed killers, not video games.

Well, the Video Game violence moral panic surrounding the UCC Shooting just got worse people. Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana (who by the way is running for president) just started running his mouth on violence in the media after the UCC shooting and said unless we get rid of all violence in the media the “problem” will not go away.

Some of his stupid quotes are just that, stupid. Let me show you how stupid the politicians are these days..

  • “Our movies and TV shows feature a continuous stream of grotesque killing of every kind imaginable. And this is true of virtually every genre, from horror to drama to comedy.”
    • This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. He is every form of TV show shows a continuous stream of mass murder? WTF is this crackhead smoking. That’s complete nonsense and it can be backed up by watching 5 minutes of tv and not finding his stupid “continuous stream of mass murder”.
  •  “We celebrate and document every kind of deviant behavior and we give out awards to producers who can push the envelope as far as possible. Rape, torture, murder, mass murder, all are cinematic achievements.”
    • This is more nonsense. Most producers who get awards don’t push the envelope in the way he is describing. Sure a few movies featured such acts but very few..
  • “Our music does the same thing, we promote evil, we promote the degradation of women, we flaunt the laws of God and common decency and we promote it all and we flood our young people with it.”
    • More bullshit from a bullshitter. Whining about “EVIL MUSIC” is something a religious zealot does. Most music DOES NOT do the things he describes. He is simply taking the worse kind of music (gangsta rap, etc) and saying ALL music is like that. That’s bullshit. Most music does not do the things he describes. There are more kinds of music than Gangsta rap you idiot. Look at metal for instance. 90% of it’s lyrics deal with personal things or fiction (look at Iron maiden, most of their lyrics are about fiction or history), or mythology. And “Flaunting the laws of GOD”, that’s more religious zealotry bullshit there. Only religious zealots complain about music that “Flaunts the laws of god”…. I assume he is talking about Satanic Music, which is very rare so he should shut the fuck up.
  • “We have generations of young boys who were raised on video games where they compete with other young boys around the country and the world to see who can kill the most humans. We make it so fun, so realistic, so sensational.”
    • “Fun, Realistic Sensational”… This is more bullshit from a religious zealot. Most games don’t have you kill as many humans as possible. That’s one Muktiplayer mode out of many. Look at Unreal Tournament, most of it’s modes don’t have anything to do with killing as many humans as possible. The most popular mode, Onslaught, has to do with building and Defending power nodes and preventing the other team from capturing them so you can destroy their power generator. Another mode Invasion (which is my personal favorite) has you team up with other people to defend yourself against a horde of enemies that will overwhelm you, all of them being NON HUMAN.  90% of multi player modes have nothing to do with killing. Yes killing can be part of it but it’s only one part.
    • And Realism. 90% of games are NOT realistic. They don’t simulate realistic combat at all. They get weapon spray wrong, they don’t do enough damage, they make it so you can heal yourself, they don’t even have realistic models of weapons or photo realistic graphics yet. So much for being realistic.
  • “Our families are a complete mess, and we have raised tens of millions of young boys who will never become real men because they have no values whatsoever, they have no truth in their lives, and they have no regard for common decency.”
    • What “values” does this moron want? Immediate and Instant Obedience by force and abuse, complete with religious brainwashing done with child molestation. That’s right. these kinds of people are now complaining that “millions of young boys” are not being brainwashed to be obedient, “decent” and a complete Religious Zealot. Fuck you Jundal.
    • And One more thing. Decency is bullshit. It’s not a law last time a checked you fucking turdburglar, so fuck off jindal. I will never vote for your stupid bullshit.
  • “Oh, we make sure that we stop them from bullying at school, but we are completely fine with them watching people get murdered and raped on the internet after school, and we are willing to let them go to the basement and join a fantasy world where they pretend they are killing people for 2 hours after school.”
    • So to him bullying is ok. That’s the bullshit people like him spread. I was bullied heavily in school and he made it me a wreck, and he wants it to continue. Fuck you again Jindal..

I urge EVERYONE out there to NOT vote for the following people in next years Presidential Election, Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney (if he runs), Joe Biden (if he runs), Barrack Obama, and Bernie Sanders. ALL of these presidential candidates support getting rid of violent games…

And to make things worse, another Presidential candidate apparently has lacky’s going around to try to get Media to bash violent games again and to try to make the White house ban them. Look at this:

 Lynda Sanders?  You think it’s a coincidence that a certain Candidate with the same last name spewed out nonsense attacking violent media after the shooting and now someone with the same last name is trying to get these people to act to get rid of our freedoms? It’s getting worse people and I wonder how long before the government acts on “violent” media after the shooting, despite it’s CLEAR and OBVIOUS Links to Terrorism… If they do directly attack violent games it will be more bullshit we’ve heard before, and this time there will be no reason for it. Chris Harper Mercer was NOT a gamer according to many sites, he was a terrorist. Why not go after his terrorist friends instead of the gaming industry like you do after EVERY shooting, regardless if the shooter was a gamer or not.

Looking over twitter the last few days has made me realize that we are in yet another violent games moral panic, after the UCC Shooting.  Even though the shooter has PROVEN connections to terrorism, and hatred, it doesn’t matter to people like “Steve Asshole”.

Steve asshole is an idiot who thinks all violent games involve murder, and train murder for real. He has no clue what problems his theory has. Number one, 90% of violent games have you attack and kill hostile enemies. That’s NOT murder. Murder is a premeditated killing of an innocent person. Does killing mutant bugs count as murder? Apparently to Steve Asshole it does.

So Steve Asshole (real Name Steve Thomas – his slogan on twitter is “Steve Thomas Now”), decides to tweet messages to every major Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2016, AND the supreme court, saying… Well look at the tweets below..

You’re an idiot steve. But idiots in power make Other Idiots like Bernie Shithole (real name Bernie Sanders) believe this nonsense, (if they didn’t beleive it already, maybe they did). Now Sanders is directly attacking media violence after the UCC Shooting, a Shooting that has NO LINKS TO GAMING!

Here’s a lesson of fact checking and integrity to Candidates/watchdog group members like Asshole and Shithole.  Search for “Chris Harper Mercer” + “gamer” on google. What do you get? One untrusted site that is clearly a parody site saying he was a gamer. In fact the main article that deals with more info on Mercer FAILS TO MENTION GAMING! This is proof that Shithole and Asshole are trying to strip our freedoms away, our freedoms to play violent games. HEY SHITHOLE AND ASSHOLE, I AM A FULL GROWN ADULT, I CAN PLAY WHAT I WANT, STOP TRYING TO TAKE MY FREEDOM AWAY!

EDIT : Look at this crap from a so-called “parody” anti-gaming group that has repeatedly tried to get politicans to ban violent games… It could be this stupid group that got the idea into the head of bernie sanders that violent games should be “dealt with” after the UCC shooting. This group is clearly NOT a parody if they actually communicate their ideas with politicians to try to make them a reality.