I am not posting here anymore… RIP Debunking Utter Nonsense – GO check out my new blog!

Posted: May 9, 2018 in Updates
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Ok.. Followers of this blog… I have bad news…. It’s over….. I am not updating blogs with this theme anymore… (Video Game Controversy/Censorship).. I just don’t feel like it. The amount of stress I go through while trying to debunk, disprove and berate these kinds of people, is not really worth it anymore…

I think there are two conclusions to make:

A) These kinds of people don’t care… The people who might read this blog don’t care, and the people who might actually be educated don’t care either..

B) Gamers don’t care either… It’s obvious… I’ve never gotten much proof that they do. It’s not worth it especially for that. Censorship and BS must be exposed but they don’t care. What’s the point of even doing it?

So I am not posting anymore here…

Instead I’ve moved on.. I’ve been blogging about other crap for years on blogger including this topic sometimes, and I just  felt wordpress is not as good so I left…

But recently I got kicked off of youtube and really don’t like blogger due to the fact that they sign me into youtube when I’m signed into blogger so I returned to WordPress to do a blog about other topics….

If any of you like the following topics check out my new blog…

-Metal Music
-Professional Wrestling
-Video Games, Challenge Runs, Hard Levels, Doom Mods

Blog Link:


I won’t be back here ever, so If you want to read more posts by me go there…


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