The Moral Panic on the UCC Shooting just got worse…

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Well, the Video Game violence moral panic surrounding the UCC Shooting just got worse people. Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana (who by the way is running for president) just started running his mouth on violence in the media after the UCC shooting and said unless we get rid of all violence in the media the “problem” will not go away.

Some of his stupid quotes are just that, stupid. Let me show you how stupid the politicians are these days..

  • “Our movies and TV shows feature a continuous stream of grotesque killing of every kind imaginable. And this is true of virtually every genre, from horror to drama to comedy.”
    • This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. He is every form of TV show shows a continuous stream of mass murder? WTF is this crackhead smoking. That’s complete nonsense and it can be backed up by watching 5 minutes of tv and not finding his stupid “continuous stream of mass murder”.
  •  “We celebrate and document every kind of deviant behavior and we give out awards to producers who can push the envelope as far as possible. Rape, torture, murder, mass murder, all are cinematic achievements.”
    • This is more nonsense. Most producers who get awards don’t push the envelope in the way he is describing. Sure a few movies featured such acts but very few..
  • “Our music does the same thing, we promote evil, we promote the degradation of women, we flaunt the laws of God and common decency and we promote it all and we flood our young people with it.”
    • More bullshit from a bullshitter. Whining about “EVIL MUSIC” is something a religious zealot does. Most music DOES NOT do the things he describes. He is simply taking the worse kind of music (gangsta rap, etc) and saying ALL music is like that. That’s bullshit. Most music does not do the things he describes. There are more kinds of music than Gangsta rap you idiot. Look at metal for instance. 90% of it’s lyrics deal with personal things or fiction (look at Iron maiden, most of their lyrics are about fiction or history), or mythology. And “Flaunting the laws of GOD”, that’s more religious zealotry bullshit there. Only religious zealots complain about music that “Flaunts the laws of god”…. I assume he is talking about Satanic Music, which is very rare so he should shut the fuck up.
  • “We have generations of young boys who were raised on video games where they compete with other young boys around the country and the world to see who can kill the most humans. We make it so fun, so realistic, so sensational.”
    • “Fun, Realistic Sensational”… This is more bullshit from a religious zealot. Most games don’t have you kill as many humans as possible. That’s one Muktiplayer mode out of many. Look at Unreal Tournament, most of it’s modes don’t have anything to do with killing as many humans as possible. The most popular mode, Onslaught, has to do with building and Defending power nodes and preventing the other team from capturing them so you can destroy their power generator. Another mode Invasion (which is my personal favorite) has you team up with other people to defend yourself against a horde of enemies that will overwhelm you, all of them being NON HUMAN.  90% of multi player modes have nothing to do with killing. Yes killing can be part of it but it’s only one part.
    • And Realism. 90% of games are NOT realistic. They don’t simulate realistic combat at all. They get weapon spray wrong, they don’t do enough damage, they make it so you can heal yourself, they don’t even have realistic models of weapons or photo realistic graphics yet. So much for being realistic.
  • “Our families are a complete mess, and we have raised tens of millions of young boys who will never become real men because they have no values whatsoever, they have no truth in their lives, and they have no regard for common decency.”
    • What “values” does this moron want? Immediate and Instant Obedience by force and abuse, complete with religious brainwashing done with child molestation. That’s right. these kinds of people are now complaining that “millions of young boys” are not being brainwashed to be obedient, “decent” and a complete Religious Zealot. Fuck you Jundal.
    • And One more thing. Decency is bullshit. It’s not a law last time a checked you fucking turdburglar, so fuck off jindal. I will never vote for your stupid bullshit.
  • “Oh, we make sure that we stop them from bullying at school, but we are completely fine with them watching people get murdered and raped on the internet after school, and we are willing to let them go to the basement and join a fantasy world where they pretend they are killing people for 2 hours after school.”
    • So to him bullying is ok. That’s the bullshit people like him spread. I was bullied heavily in school and he made it me a wreck, and he wants it to continue. Fuck you again Jindal..

I urge EVERYONE out there to NOT vote for the following people in next years Presidential Election, Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney (if he runs), Joe Biden (if he runs), Barrack Obama, and Bernie Sanders. ALL of these presidential candidates support getting rid of violent games…

And to make things worse, another Presidential candidate apparently has lacky’s going around to try to get Media to bash violent games again and to try to make the White house ban them. Look at this:

 Lynda Sanders?  You think it’s a coincidence that a certain Candidate with the same last name spewed out nonsense attacking violent media after the shooting and now someone with the same last name is trying to get these people to act to get rid of our freedoms? It’s getting worse people and I wonder how long before the government acts on “violent” media after the shooting, despite it’s CLEAR and OBVIOUS Links to Terrorism… If they do directly attack violent games it will be more bullshit we’ve heard before, and this time there will be no reason for it. Chris Harper Mercer was NOT a gamer according to many sites, he was a terrorist. Why not go after his terrorist friends instead of the gaming industry like you do after EVERY shooting, regardless if the shooter was a gamer or not.


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