People on twitter ALREADY trying to Fake Evidence “proving” UCC Shooter was a Gamer!

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Another year, another tragic shooting, another scapegoating on violent games. This time, yet again, just like the last tragic shooting (the Charleston Shooting), complete jackasses on twitter are AGAIN saying it is “confirmed” that the shooter was a gamer. It doesn’t help that the damn police killed the shooter (instead of knocking him unconscious with a stun gun or something) making it way easier for people to believe the scapegoating that violent games are the cause, because the Perp isn’t alive to disprove the crazy idea violent games directly caused the shooting…

Here are two tweets that piss me off… Don’t get me started on these media whores who keep making up crap to cause a moral panic. They disgust me:

Now if you do a google search for “UCC Shooter” + “Gamer” you get nothing. NO ONE IS CONFIRMING IT THROUGH OFFICIAL SOURCES THAT THE SHOOTER WAS A GAMER!

The faking of evidence continues!!!! They don’t even try to hide who does it anymore like they used to. Back in the 1990’s they were clever with their evidence faking (like the Doom Will Become Reality Hoax. No one even knows to this day who did that) Now they make it painfully obvious they are trying to fake evidence and they get away with it.

This crap has to stop people. Quit lying through your teeth, claiming a shooter was a gamer when there is no proof to back it up. CITE ACTUAL ARTICLES if what you are saying is true, instead of using your blabbermouth bullshit to try to blame games for something they did not cause, asshole!

EDIT : These idiots piss me off too!!!

The first idiot thinks that a shooting like this is caused by kids getting their hands on violent games. And tries to say people are simply letting kids get them. What about the highest enforced rating system (for the ESRB), you fucking monkey?

But the second idiot is a complete bullshitter. “Our Entertainment” (music/video games and movies) do NOT feed violence and sexual assault glorification to American kids. I’ve played 100’s of games and not one that I have played has glorified sexual assault. That’s bullshit. Same thing is true with music. Some music might do that, but a lot does not… I’ve listened to HUNDREDS of metal bands and only 1, ONLY ONE has ONE song out of hundreds that could be considered “glorifying sexual assault” and only if you interpret a certain way. More Bullshit by idiots online. It disgusts me. People like this need to have their internet taken away.  Their fucking fucktards.

EDIT : More idiots on twitter are now trying to link the shooter “Samuel Hyde” to gaming, using fake evidence of course! See the below tweets:

The first tweet is by a religious zealot who is trying to blame Gaming for the Massacre. His twitter profile (look at the second image) proves it. The third image shows a tweet that retweets the first tweet and adds “BAN VIDEO GAMES” to the bottom.  Now to prove that Samuel Hyde being a gamer was NOT the cause of the massacre:

Search for samuel hyde on twitter now. you will find this…

This is enough proof for me that it was Radical Islam and not Violent games that caused this tragedy.

Notice two things..


Search for the following search on google. You will find NO ONE saying he was a gamer.

The Images that the christian zealot idiot above used to “prove” Samuel Hyde was a gamer prove nothing… All they show is him using a camera and a cell phone. Nice proof you idiot!

B) The media is awfully quiet for a supposed murderer being a gamer… Something else must be the cause… If he was a  gamer, like Harris and Klebold, the media would be all over it as soon as possible. They are not..

Now it remains to be seen whether the shooter was a gamer, but I refuse to believe for ONE MOMENT that gaming addiction can cause a normal person to shoot and kill 15 people. That’s just bullshit. The bullshit peddlers are winning on twitter… They make up crap and use false evidence, some if it crappily done, to “prove” a shooting perp was a gamer. Sometimes it doesn’t work, like when a so-called “crime writer” quack used this tactic to say the snapchat murderer was a gamer, despite NO PROOF on other sites proving this. This crap is really nasty. It needs to stop. If you see someone on twitter claiming a shooter was a gamer without proof, Publicly shame them! They are trying to cause a moral panic because they hate games, plain and simple.

EDIT 3 : Samuel hyde is NOT the shooter!

Proof is here: His name was “Chris Harper Mercer” NOT the youtube gamer Samuel Hyde… These idiots above who are trying to link it to Samuel hyde are disgusting pricks! Apparently these idiots who are blaming Samuel Hyde for doing this (when he did NOT) are being believed!!! Just look at this…

EDIT 4 :

Today, we have even more morons on twitter who are trying to pin the murders on violent games. This one is particularly insidious.

This person is clearly “against entertainment” because she spews out nonsense saying violent games train people to be killers, when they don’t. She is also calling for the regulation of violence in media. I hope people like this on twitter are minority, because we could be going into a full-fledged violence-in-games moral panic if they aren’t. Imagine if people like this convince the government to regulate violent video games… It could be the Comic Code Authority all over again, this time for video games, and all because of a nutjob like this…


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