CBS Accuses League of Legends Playing Kid of Murdering his parents….

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I was reading KIA when I ran into this really bad piece of “journalism”.  Apparently a kid was suspected of shooting and killing his parents somewhere and CBS’s 48 hours did an amazingly shoddy peice of journalism on how he played League of Legends all night was the reason he was a prime suspect. They hired a psychologist who discussed the “harmful” effects of the kid playing league of legends for hours a night before the theoretical killing  of his parents. Which is BS, because League of Legends is a Real time strategy/RPG hybrid, Not a shooter. All the BS they can bring up about League of Legends training kids to kill won’t work here, because there are no guns in League of legends. But I bet CBS Tried bad to bring up that angle that said “violent games cause real life violence!”… And they did, according to the posters at KIA.

One poster in particular lamented the shitty treatment CBS gave League Of Legends, especially using images of much more violent games to try to say League of Legends was as violent as them when it really isn’t… The host kept bring up how violent games cause real life violence over and over again, and the hired psychologist didn’t want to say it did, but they did explore that angle.

One other poster brought up something that would be a much more likely apparent motive. He said that kids that kill their parents do it for a reason, for something their parents did to them. The parents in this case must have done something to the kid, something bad, such as abuse. You don’t get murderous kids just from mildly-violent video games, because mildly-violent strategy games don’t cause violence, no matter how much CBS tries to claim it does, it does NOT. League of Legends is not a shooter! It’s a game where you have to upgrade your character through poweups to destroy your opponents nexus. That’s not a super violent game like GTA, yet they are lumping it in with games that have more extreme combat like World of Warcraft now?

Another issue I have with this shitty piece of journalism is they seem to think a game that has  no guns can cause gun violence. And they also think that a game where your goal is to destroy your opponents nexus is somehow going to give the idea to murder your parents to you? What crack is CBS Smoking now?

But my big gripe is how low CBS had to go to attack “violent” games this time. League of Legends? WTF CBS?! That’s stupid, beyond belief. Next thing they will be blaming starcraft or any other popular strategy game for a murder. It makes no fucking sense. First the censors blamed ultra violent games, now they are blaming midly violent ones?

What the fuck is wrong with you CBS! You’re now saying non violent games cause murder. WTF?!

CBS should be ashamed of themselves… This is pathetic “journalism”.  It’s utterly stupid. I suggest all the league of legends gamers who read this contact CBS to say your 2 cents here… Time to make it obvious that you do not appreciate being labeled violent sociopaths by a new station with no integrity.


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