After UCC Shooting, Another Religious Zealot calls for the Banning of Violent Games!

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

So the shit has hit the fan in this Video Game Violence Moral Panic for a shooting that has NOTHING to do with violent games… A talk show was done two days ago and some brainwashed Zealot named Matthew Hagee whined about violent games that “train kids to kill”.  Number 1, you idiot: Very few to no “Violent” Video Games involve training kids to kill and commit atrocities like the UCC Shooting. The idea that a game can train people to kill is nonsense..

Why is it nonsense? To train REAL People to kill requires more than a virtual reality simulation of killing things. Video games don’t make a very good training tool for killing because they don’t include very realistic simulations of real combat, real guns, etc. They get characteristics wrong constantly, important characteristics to mimicking a real gun. Very few have recoil simulation, at least accurate recoil simulation.

A second problem is that most violent games don’t have you massacre innocent people.  That’s rare even in violent games.  In a list of 100+ violent games ever made, only 8-9 had innocent people in them. That’s less than 10%.  Hagee’s claims are stupid and uniformed. He assumed violent games train people to fire a real gun well.  If that was true, the columbine shooters (who obsessed over doom) would have hit most of their targets. Why is it that they only had a 23% accuracy rating at columbine? Because the game Doom makes a Piss Poor training simulator!

Another problem is that most of the shooters who committed shootings like this were NOT gamers or played mostly nonviolent games, or were clearly motivated by another thing than a violent game, when they killed.

UCC Shooter – A Terrorist who was a friend with a Muslim Terrorist as well.

Charleston Church Shooting earlier this year – A Racist Fanatic did it, Not a gamer

Adam Lanza – A gamer but never played any game that allows you to gun down school children!

In fact he mostly played nonviolent games!

Norway Shooter – Played World of warcraft, a sword fighting game

James Holmes – Played a guitar hero game, a music game.

V-tech Shooter – Never played a game, some idiot anti-gaming activist said he played Counterstrike but he made up that claim, because he cited himself saying the shooter played counterstrike in an article, claiming the article was proof the shooter played Counterstrike

Columbine Shooters – Obsessed by doom, but the shooting was a botched terrorism act fueled by the fact Harris was raped by the Police in an arrest in 1998. The FBI is covering this up and writings that prove this are being withheld.

If these games WERE the cause of mass murders, you think all of these people were obsessed with violent games. Only Lanza and the Columbine Shooters were.. That’s only 3 out of 7. That’s less than 50%. The link between violent games and shootings is also a bullshit link. Only 3 gamers obsessed with violent games killed people out of 300,000,000 Million+ gamers! That’s 0% of gamers! That’s nonsense to say there is a link.

Why don’t you fucking turdburglars go after Terrorism you fucks. That’s a cause for 4 of these shooters actions!. Harris and Klebold = Terrorists!, UCC Shooter = Terrorist!,  Charleston Shooter = A racist Terrorist. Norway Shooter = A Terrorist! That has a bigger link to these shootings than video games!

Mathew Hagee is a brainwashed idiot People. He is trying to bring up the bullshit “murder simulator” angle again for a shooting that has nothing to do with violent games, and he won’t be the last. He is a moron and a religious Zealot. Look at the titles of his videos!

“Matthew Hagee says the bloodmoon prophecy is coming True”

– Translation: we’re all about to die

“Matthew Hagee says that the Obamacare policy is conditioning people to accept  the mark of the Beast”

-Translation: Obama is Satan!

“Matthew Hagee says that there is a value in Spritual Violence”

-Translation: We need to kill in the name of god!

“Matthew Hagee says that the fight against Gay Rights is a fight between good and evil”

-Translation: Gay people are evil!

“Matthew Hagee says that christians will soon be designated “enemies of the State””

-Translation: Hagee is a  paranoid loser

“Matthew Hagee Says that using Science to teach the deception of Evolution is Ungodly”

-Translation: Science is the Devil!

“Matthew Hagee Ministries is creating a school to train up god’s army and save america”

-Translation: It’s ok to indoctrinate people using abuse and rape,

You can see that Matthew Hagee is a religious Brainwashing Nutjob!

People like him think it’s ok to use sexual abuse, Harassment, Torture, Sleep Depredation, and Physical Abuse in their “schools” to brainwash people to become zealots like him. They are already doing this. Look at the Movie “Jesus Camp”. It proves all you need to know about Scumbags like Hagee.  Using brainwashing tactics like those, kids are already becoming brainwashed idiots due to abuse. Religious Zealot Parents send their kids to camps like this. One in Alabama (a fat camp) was busted for Sexual Abuse and Rape. If one is doing that already, so are others. Hagee is a disgusting pig.  People like him breed killers, not video games.


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