Idiot on twitter says that I will “Shoot up a School” due to one post on forced music in restaurants

Posted: October 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well the idiocy continues.  Searching for my blog on twitter lead to this nonsense….

The twitter poster in question is a complete idiot. He equates gaming to school shooting. That’s stupid and it’s a rediculously harmful stereotype to gamers, like me. He is clearly a complete moron. How could anyone equate a post talking about stupid pop music being forced down people’s throat in restaurants and joking that people should re-program their stereos to play extreme metal for a revenge for wanting to, or chosing to shoot up a school?

It’s disgusting. Talking about repogramming steroes =/= School Shootings!

To make it even worse, he complains about my age, which is 36, not 32, you fucking idiot. What does my age have anything do with this? Nothing! He is acting more immature than I am. Saying I will shoot up a school is way more of a low thing to do then any of this crap I have done:

A) Whined about violence bashing by censors

B) Calling them idiots (they deserve it)

C) Complaining about censorship and moral panics in general

D) Exposing Moral Panics

E) Making a JOKE about reprogramming stereos

F) Calling Wayne Lapierre Wayne Lapoopierre

G) Exposed stupid comments that bash games and gamers inside of cartoon captions that are funny

and last but not least

H) Calling this poster a fucking idiot

Rant mode on:

Listen you fucktard! Being upset with the constant whining about video game violence is NOT THE SAME AS WANTING TO SHOOT UP A SCHOOL! Did you know that most school shooters were not obsessed with video game violence at all and did it for other reasons? I won’t go into details but mental illness and being obsessed with REAL LIFE Violence and TERRORISM make school shooters. NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT MUSIC BEING FORCED DOWN MY THROAT.

Fuck you

Rant mode off…

Clearly people like this are more deluded than they think. Hell they think that complaining about people bashing violent games and music being forced down our throats = School Shooting. They are way more deluded and messed up than me. That is for sure…

This is the last time I will post on this idiot, unless he posts a stupid public reply to me.


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