Brainwashed moron blames games for Charleston Shooting.

Posted: June 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

I was on twitter when I saw this bullshit being spread. Apparently the moral panic surrounding the Charleston shooting, isn’t limited to the o’reilly factor’s BS. Now a zealot on facebook is calling for the ban of violent entertainment after the shooting, a shooting that had nothing to do with violent games. It’s fucking pathetic.

This has gotten 293,644 brainwashed fucktards to share or like it. Which is pathetic. One of these fucktards could in theory try to get President Obama to legislate violent games… This is a big threat to our freedom. It’s disgusting. People like this need to shut up and learn to stop blaming violent games for the crime, when we don’t even know if the shooter even played them, and when we already fucking know the motive, racism!

It’s a witch hunt waiting to happen people. This graham guy. Send him all the hate mail you want, bash him on facebook, I don’t care. Let him know he’s an idiot and the shooter did it not because of violent games, but because of a paranoid belief that black men were raping American women. It was that, NOT VIOLENT GAMES, that triggered the massacre, so this idiot needs to delete this shit now.

If this gets into the Obama admin and they attack violent games AGAIN, I will be pissed people, so pissed that I will have no choice but to attack Obama for his nonsense, IF he tries to legislate morality again… More on that later.

It’s disgusting that a moral panic like this gets complete wackjobs fueling it with nonsense. People like this need to be punished for the crap they start, people…


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