Complete Morons on twitter/the News blame Charleston Shooting on Games!

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

It only gets worse. Not even a week after the stupid censors bash Doom 4, we get this nonsense. Looking on twitter I saw several posters blaming the Charleston Shooting (which was PROVEN to be caused by Racism :  The shooter was demented and  blamed Blacks for Rape crimes and wanted to “protect women” by killing blacks), on video games!

It doesn’t get any more disgusting then this…

These idiots are complete morons. Number 1 the complete idiot who said that portraying mass murder as “Fun” in video games and TV is the cause for the shooting, is a complete idiot. Most Video Games don’t portray mass murder as “fun”. That’s a complete bullshit statement. The only kind of games that do this are extreme “ultra-violent” shooters like GTA. They make a very small % of games, unlike what he says.

And the idiot who sayed “the shooter probably thought he was playing video games” is another fucking idiot too. I already discussed the crime. The shooter didn’t think he was in a video game, that’s stupid. That excuse has to stop. It’s idiotic.

Witchmobs like this annoy me. Whenever some group of idiots start immediately blaming a shooting on video games without even knowing if the shooter played them, it pisses me off. That’s exactly what’s happening here. It’s pathetic. I wish people would stop doing crap like this. We already know why the shooting happened. It had nothing to do with video games, PERIOD.


It seems the idiocy has spread to the O’reilly factor. Bill O’reilly is claiming that video games are the problem, and even though violent games are not harmfull, “people shouldn’t play them”. HELLO, it’s OUR choice whether we want to play violent games. Not yours, O’reilly. So stop using a tragedy to spread an agenda against violent games when the killer was a racist fanatic and games didn’t have anything to do with it!

EDIT 2 :

Look at this moron:

Video games don’t teach people how to kill. That’s bullshit made up by the hack psychologists and disproven here.. You’re an idiot. You don’t lose a grip on what’s real and not real by playing violent games. Anyone who says that is a propaganda source, plain and simple.


It looks like we have yet another fucking violent video games moral panic on our hands. Who knows what will happen because of this. Will Obama try to get them banned. They will certainly try something to attack “violent” games even though the motive has nothing to do with that. It’s pathetic…

FYI : People in SJW circles are already using this to post fake bullcrap that says the shooter was a #gamergate member and are using this to blame Deus : EX Mankind : Divided (and maybe the next DOOM game too). It’s complete bullshit. If you ever hear the claim that shooter wanted to play either of these games, it’s not remotely trustworthy…


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