The Latest Moral Panic on Doom 4 is now causing Media to spread Lies about Doom 1.

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

I was browsing twitter tonight, when I came across a screenshot of a Guardian article mentioning the outrage that the idiots on twitter found from the new Doom 4  trailer.  The article is quite stupid and brings up the claim that video games break down the inhibition to kill. It’s complete nonsense, and thanks to idiots like those who bitched about Doom 4 today, we now have a FULL MORAL PANIC on our hands…

Here is the article screenshotted:

Just to clarify. NO GAME teaches kids to kill. That’s bullshit brought up by the Hack Psychologists. One even wrote a book about this to sell over and over again, based on this lie. The following site debunks the claim. It’s complete horseshit to think violent games “train kids to kill”, but now thanks to morons like those who bitched and moaned about Doom 4 on twitter, It’s being claimed that that is true…

I think it’s incredibly shoddy “Journalism” by the guardian to even bring up a PROVEN LIE, to sell newspaper articles. That’s what they are trying to do. They are greedy sacks of shit. And if those two idiots on twitter didn’t keep their trap shut about a good game which ISN’T EVEN OUT YET, this would not be happening.

This lie needs to be in it’s grave. People still spread it like it’s the truth. It’s not… And because of the anti’s constant whining about violence levels in Doom 4, and their sharing their whining with newspapers, it’s back and people will now hear it AGAIN.


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