Arrival of the stupidity that is anti-gaming violence Propaganda on twitter…

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Just look at these twitter quotes from the censor who whined about the violence in the Doom 4 trailer at E3, and you will see how bad they are…

The first and second quote says that the removal of any forced violence is not innovation, and implies only removal of all violence is really innovation. Basically this censor is trying to change the industry to get rid of violence slowly. Him and his video producing lacky are constantly spewing out crap about sexism in violent games that is mostly cherry picked nonsense, but crap like this needs to be exposed too..
His second quote implies that he doesn’t want the ability to NOT murder every one in sight to be a choice but something that is forced on people. It’s complete hogwash. It just shows you that maybe the Hack Psychologists weren’t the worst video game Bullshit spreaders out there and even though they are MIA, someone else like him has replaced them.
His third quote implies that “fun” in gaming leads to real life violence. It doesn’t. Over 200,000,000 gamers were alive in 2012. And even more before that. Out of that 9 gamers have committed major killing spree murders. That’s still 0%….
He also tries to say reality and fantasy are entwined but that’s really stupid. There is no evidence to prove this claim, it’s just a bullshit claim with no proof. Since most gamers don’t commit the fantasy they see in a violent game in real life, his argument is invalid.

What’s really sickening, is just how many complete idiots beleive what he says! There are a total of 38 likes and 18 retweets to these obvious bogus/radical claims.  It’s rediculous. I guess there are a bunch of farmville addicts out there who hate violent games and want to “change the industry” to get rid of all violence”. It’s pathetic.

I wish someone would do something about people like this on twitter. We have a new breed of social media infesting censors now who have the video game industry media in their pocket, maybe the media too, based on the fake BS that the newspapers cited about his “outrage” over the Doom 4 trailer.  And they, the complete censorous idiots they are have tons of fans on twitter.. Here are quotes from a few…

It’s pathetic really. These kids of people are Threatening the status quo of the gaming industry. They want violence gotten rid of completely, and the industry is embracing them? Look at all the attention they receive for industry, and tech companies. It’s pathetic. Did the Hack Psychologists get such attention and praise from the Gaming Industry in the 90’s and 2000’s? HELL NO! These people are basically the same thing and the industry is accepting them. IT’S SICK!


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