Time to stop the TPP Gamers! Mail your rep’s the truth!

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

It seems the fast track bill was veteod in congress but now they have re-enabled it so that it may be debated on the senate floor. It’s time to act people. We must let our congressmen know exactly what it’s designed to pass, the hideous TPP that would criminalize copyright infringement of temporary copies of “copyrighted” content online.

Due to the fact that many sites install temporary copies of such “copyrighted” content onto PC’s and the TPP would force ISP’s to use deep pack filtering to find such content in Packets, this could, not just could but WILL be used to allow copyright holders to abuse it to shut down people who watch copyright infringing videos on youtube. And since the labels already claim they own the copyright to things on youtube that they don’t own the copyright for, this will cause massive criminal infringment penalties to people who simply watch youtube videos.

We need to send a message to our senators to tell them a truth. I need your help in this gamers. This could be used to take down Lets Plays, modding sites and even worse because they often claim game modding sites are infringing and have at least twice tried to claim modding sites are pirate sites. Once in a site that told people to stop advertising on “pirate” sites they listed a gaming mod hosting site (gamefront.com), and another gamefront.com takedown complaint was given to google. This stuff needs to be stopped people. Send this message to your senators as soon as possible!

“The fast track bill President Obama has set up has dire consequences for internet freedom. It is designed to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. That Treaty will allow copyright holders to make copyright infringement of temporary copies illegal.  On the video sharing site youtube, 1000’s of temporary copies are generated on the hard drive of the person playing a video. The TPP forces Internet service providers to filter through internet traffic looking for “infringing” content in these temporary copies. This would allow them to say anyone who views a video they “Claim” is copyrighted, is infringing on it. Even worse, they don’t have to prove they own the copyright to it to due this . This will lead to wholesale copyright infringement abuse where people are accused of infringing on the copyroight of something the copyright holder does not have the copyright to, and the person accused did not copy in the first place. This will allow them to take down tons of sites they claim are infringing when they are not. This is bad. This kills freedom on the internet and makes copyright holders actions to go unchecked especially legally.

This “Bill” should not be passed due to this. This ability to abuse copyright law is what the copyright holders want. That’s why Obama has passed it. because his vice president is pro-copyright abuse. You really need to look at this angle when you debate the bill. Until they take out the deep packet inspection and temporary copies language in the IP Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this bill should really not be passed, it will cause many people to go to jail for doing nothing wrong.”

Send this message to your senators Gamers. Don’t let the copyright maximialist trolls get their way so they can abuse copyright law to hold people guilty of infringing for watching a video. It’s bad. They must know this. I’m not sure how many of the senators know this info. You must spread it to as many as possible, It’s Important…. This is a battle between copyright holders and free content online waiting to happen and if Obama Gets His way, the copyright holders will be able to abuse copyright laws to death. You must prevent this from happening people… I’m serious.


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