Facebook Mass Effect page gets trolled by Religious Right Gamer Hating Shitholes!!!! (old Post)

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I know a lot of people in the gaming community have already known this… But I have to report it even though it’s old, because it’s idiotic. Back when CNN and other news outlets all went after violent games when they thought Ryan Lanza was the shooter, they singled out a “like” to facebook’s Mass Effect Page that was “supposedly” made by him… And look at all the bullshit that happened on the page it self: Idiocy at it’s finest:

Here is another even more fucking ridiculous image of what happened later!!!!

More in the second image later….

The thing is that people like this piss me off. Especially those who jump to a conclusion that later on was REFUTED. Ryan lanza did not kill the “18 5 year olds”, and Mass Effect had nothing to do with it. But things get way more sinister… When you realize that these facebook accounts are not even on facebook anymore!!
I was planning this article to give out links to these facebook accounts so that people who wanted to could give these idiots a piece of their mind but apparently they all became little cowards, for none of them are even ON facebook….. I checked for each one of them and couldn’t find a single one… If the posts were deleted and then the accounts got deleted later then I understand that but…. To me it sounds more like someone from an extremist right wing pro-censorship group that thinks violent games cause school shootings and that gamers are all psychopaths that are inherently violent,  made a bunch of fake facebook accounts
and started posting a bunch of fucking stupid anti-gaming comments to try to screw with Bioware’s facebook account in an attempt to get them to go out of business or something along those lines. The first comment even attacks fans of the game, the one by “Mary Hughes Bach” saying “you must be proud of yourself, Sick trash!” after a gamer said “you must be all proud of yourselves” after all this began… Apparently these idiots don’t just think the gaming companies are sickos so are all the gamers too! That fucking moron “Mary Hughes Back” immediately and without remorse likened “Willard Santos” who posted the top comment (half-cut off at the top), to Eric Harris and then called him “Sick Trash!”. Then you got the morons saying the stupid crap like:

“Congrats… Your game may be now responsible for the death of 18 5 year olds.. Get off
your fat butts and add a disclaimer to these games that say “THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE”,
Cha-Ching, It’s the money isn’t i(t)? Well now real blood has been shed”

This person is Calling gamers “Fat Butts”, demanding they put a disclaimer that says “THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE” then accuses the the Gaming companies AND Gamers of Being greedy assholes that must “sell violent games to kids”. Apparently to them any one who Liked this game is somehow in the mind of the assholes here, a contributing factor to the school shootings, or even a cause. Then you get the religious nonsense from asshole zealots that “Satan is in control of your minds” Bullshit.

Now to address the fuckers who posted religious anti-gaming shit in the second image:

1) Their all fucking religious assholes who hate violent games AND gamers.
2) 90% of the ones doing attacking against the game don’t exist on Facebook anymore.
3) This sounds a lot like an attempt by someone with a bunch of fake names to attack the game…

But some of these are utterly idiotic. I quote: “Burn in Hell”, “May he rot in hell” (attacking gamers),
“A Guy who loves this game just shot and killed 25 people based on this game, and we think these games have no effect on people, he KILLED 18 KINDERGARTEN kids in cold blood”, and the worst (and must funny..) ” ‘Anonymous’ Take out this page and their website!!!! They are probably Millionaires!!!”.

First of all the fucking idiots telling fans of the game on THEIR OWN FUCKING Fan Page to “Burn in Hell” or “Rott in Hell” is ridiculously idiotic. Why are they exposing the fans to this? Bioware didn’t actually make the page, they don’t run it. They run Bioware.com. Take your protest there, but it seems they wanted to try to attack the gamers who like mass effect instead. Fucking stupid. It’s like they think the Gamers are responsible for the shooting, so they want the fans to burn in hell. What paranoid delusional crap is being forced on these people?

Then you get the idiot who said “A Guy who loves this game just shot and killed 25 people based on this game, and we think these games have no effect on people, he KILLED 18 KINDERGARTEN kids in cold blood”, which is insanely stupid. Number 1, he was a Suspect, not the conformed killer, but in this persons mind it does not matter, does it? Then the moron says that because the person that the media misidentified as the killer “liked” the mass effect page, the game made him Kill 18 Kindergartners. So the game must have done it, not some psycho who looked just like a psycho in all of the pictures I saw of him. And these people can’t see it? Are they that brainwashed and stupid?

The “Anonymous comment” is just plain funny, because Anonymous is anti-censorship, not pro-censorship, pro-insulting gamers, pro-religion. They fought the Westborough Batpist church and hacked their site, some people must be really stupid to think Anonymous gives a Rabid Rats ass about morons like this, these people were so stupid that they confused the facebook fan page with the real site… WTF? Either really computer illiterate or something.  Then to insult the gamers. Then you get the comments saying Ryan Lanza Shot up the school because the CNN articles (and others) claimed he was a suspect, and then to attack the game based on a “supposed” like Ryan Lanza had. Which brings me to another point. The “Likes” on a page are all private, so how did the networks even know who liked the page or not? They didn’t, it was fabricated just like the Call of Duty angle.  But do these morons even care? Hell Now. These scumbags didn’t even offer ONE GODDAMNED Apology to Ryan Lanza for this, or for the Mass Effect fans on the page, NOT ONE. They don’t even give a flying fuck that they told a bunch of gamers to “Burn In Hell” over a not so proven link to a school shooter that turned out to be FALSE….

I think some religious right wing group organized this though, because I smell a coverup.  Almost none of these posters are even on facebook. Why would they all suddenly leave? It sounds like someone decided to set up 100 or so fake accounts to be used in this attack against Bioware then deleted them later…. Sounds a lot like something some familiar midwest pro-family, anti-gaming, anti-gamer group that tried to Hijack the Supeme Court during EMA vs Brown would Do…. More on that later… Either way this is the stupidest thing I have heard in years, a bunch of Trolls on a Game Site on Facebook all religious right zealots insulting gamers and no one is being thrown in jail for this crap. No legal repercussions at ALL. It’s ridiculous. At least give them 6 years. They are above the law, they don’t have to serve time… It’s Stupid..


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