Trans-Pacific Partnership Update, We need to stop it.

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

It seems the Trans-Pacific Partnership is being “Fast Tracked” Into the Congress without a debate. It’s time to stop this nonsense gamers. The bill that is being used to get it in is the Fast Track Bill. This bill allows the Obama Admin to Force legislation through congress without a debate, without checks and balances, and worse…. Who knows what kind of other laws could be “fast” tracked through congress if they abuse this bill.. This needs to be opposed.

The trans-pacific partnership would allow the government to use deep packet filtering (a technique to read packets) to find if buffer copies distributed through watching youtube videos are “copyright infringing”, and then shut down the site, destroy the computer doing the “infringing” and worse. Due to the way the law is set up, it would only take one accusation of infringement, without proof needed. This needs to be Opposed NOW.

This could be abused like no others. Any sites that are “accused” of copyright infringement would be shut down. This is not limited to pirate sites. Youtube has tons of pirated content on it, so do modding sites and many other sites including blogging sites. In an article I linked here before, I discovered that a music industries list of pirate sites had gaming file download sites on it ( and (A Host for many fan sites)… This is bad. We need to stop it ASAP.

Contact your REP and talk to them and send the message to them that this Fast Track nonsense is not needed!


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