Top 5 Games that could have spawned Controversies, but Didn’t… (Old Blog Repost)

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’ve blogged about the top 5 video game controversies… Now I’m going to talk about the top 5 games that could have been controversial but werent. These games had elements to them that would piss off the most right wing evangelist preacher or video game critic. But they slipped under the radar thanks to other games that were more popular or more offensive or both…

5: Fable
Think of a game where you can do the following A) Get Maried b) have Sex C) Eat harmless little chickens. D) Flip off people in the game world and scream OY! (ACDC style). Fable allowed you to do this. All of this. And not one major complaint about it. I remember my friend playing it and constantly pissing off his virtual wife in the game to cause a ‘divorce’ to happen. It was a riot, especially the whole ‘OY!’ flipoff sequence. Imagine the controversy this could have caused…. Wow…

4: Fallout : New Vegas
A Game with a Sexbot. Ok……… And Prostitutes, complete with uber gorey detailed sex scenes… And one of the funniest controversial parts involves recruiting the sex bot and ‘testing’ it. It was so bad. “I cant feel my knees!” They lambasted Mass Effect for supposed Rape Scenes and are doing the same thing to bulletstorm but this…. It’s being swept under the rug. And IMHO, It’s far gorier than Bulletstorm. This and Fallout 3 have the goriest death sequences, heads popping off with gore flying out in slowmo. It’s disgusting. It could have been such a huge controversy but was also swept under the rug.

3: Fallout 3
Like New Vegas above, this could have caused a shitstorm with  the gore factor. Very gorey game and never really caused any major controversy. I’m shocked. It’s so gory and it’s very dark and post apocalyptic. Very eerie and has some parts that could have caused a major backlash, like the ability to kill kids, the ability to blow up a town with a nuclear bomb and worse.

2:  Serious Sam
The quintesential reincarnation of the almighty Duke Nukem 3D 5 years later, Serious Sam is one of my favorite games ever. It’s gorey, and violent, but that’s not the reason I love it. It has absolutely hundreds of enemies running at you at once. The sheer amount of carnage seen on one screen can be rediculas. 500+ enemies per level. 100+ foot tall boss enemies. 300 foot tall final boss. It’s off the charts. MASSIVE miles across levels.  It’s controversial in that it has really violent gore effects and has the same badass taunts and bad language duke3d has but isn’t quite as bad because it lacks any kind of sexual content. But since it’s not popular around here and is liked mostly by European gamers (It’s made by a Croatian game company – Cro-Team), it’s not popular to get on the game critic’s radar.

1: Blood
Pretty much the most disgusting game I’ve ever played. You eat beating bloody hearts for health, the gore is rediculas as enemies die with very painful tortured screams. It’s so visceral and very disturbing. Especially the ability to kill shirtless innocents who run around screaming as you pitchfork them to death in it. This game is VERY mature and is off the charts in violent content. It’s so bad that I thought that It’s a miracle no one banned it. Of course it does have it’s fun side, being very challenging and filled with great horror elements like references to the shining. It’s really designed to disturb you like a classic gory horror film. It worked…. But man is it bad… And not that controversial at all.


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