The ‘Doom Will Become Reality’ Hoaxers Exposed? (Old Blog Repost)

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

As you may or may not know, A phrase attributed to Eric Harris “Doom Will become reality”, used to ‘prove’ Doom’s Influence on his homicidal Rage on April 20′th 1999, has been proven by the FBI as a Hoax. Thanks to What that site did not do is hint at who hoaxed this. The phrase came from an AOL webpage masquerading as his site (according to an article which has mysteriously dissapeared online) . And  the FBI proved it was made too late to be his work (see : This site – look at the bottom right of the page, after clicking the bottom right most link)

What I am about to do is show you who I think is responsible…. I cannot prove it…. But one thing I can do is eliminate the possibility that it is some odd hacker, who brute-forced his way into Harris’s AOL Page (if that article that’s gone now is wrong) .Number 1, I determined that the earliest newspaper ‘reports’ using the phrase were published on April 23, 1999. Doing a Little research I discovered how long an average person would have to wait to keep trying all the the available characters that could be used in the password, till he or she got it right and gained access to the site builder to upload the hoax HTML File.  Brute forcing is what this tactic is called. It’s the hardest but the most thorough way to figure out a password that you don’t know so you can gain access to a site that’s not yours or break into an encrypted file that you lost the password to or want to get in for some other reason. Brute forcing tests every single possible combination of characters that can be used in a password over and over again till you get the right one. The amount of time needed to do this depends on many factors.

1) Internet connection Speed
2) Lag from other Programs
3) Password Length
4) Luck

It takes Ages… But how long is the question. Could a hacker do it in 2 1/2 days before the reporters who were given access to the AOL files Harris put on his site could have found it? The answer is…….. Well see below…

from This Post

This post proves that there is no way anyone could have done it in 2 1/2 to 3 days.. It takes YEARS.A century of work AT LEAST…. So the possibility that some random hacker hacked in to Harris’s Aol Page has been pretty much eliminated. But the reporters?  But did they plant the Hoax? I think some reporter did this… I can’t prove it… And won’t say which newspaper he worked for. But a newspaper has the most to gain from faking the ‘doom will become reality claim’, because then they could spin the whole thing to damn video games to give the scapegoat the parents and the community want. You can’t sue a mental illness. You cant! You CAN sue the industry. If ‘evidence’ is found… the whole thing could be made to errupt into a the next big media frenzy on violent entertainment corrupting kid minds and making them killers. And that’s what happened!


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