My Opinions on Brown vs EMA (Old Blog Repost)

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Reading ‘Faux’ news I found this charming little video (won’t give them the pleasure of the extra views by linking it here) discussing the Supreme court’s deliberations on whether Violent Games should be Regulated or Banned. Number 1: Violent games are obviously not for kids, especially the super violent GTA type things that I don’t think should be allowed to be sold to kids anyway, just so that 1) they don’t get their hands on it 2) I hear many  complaints that the companies who make it are marketing to kids but the complainers arent realizing that violent games ARENT legally stopped from getting into the hands of kids. The rating system set up by ESRB is constantly mistaken as being a government enforced one… It isn’t . It’s a guideline for parents… that would be read by them to make the decision on whether the game should be bought for their kids or not. It’s bad system because the retailers don’t enforce it enough or at all.

That is the real problem, violent games legally should be restricted to people 18+ and older. Some are just downright sick. I mean, I enjoy them because of their challenge and their humor or their story, but not their violence. I played through Fallout 3, being shocked by It’s gore levels, but they werent the reason why I played it. I was there for living in the games world doing quests and leveling up my character.  If the government would step in and actually  restrict violent games (any of them really, I don’t care anymore if mildly violent games (jedi knight/morrowind/etc) were restricted to adults) then half of the problems would be gone, if they can think up a very well designed and worded law to determine BY content ONLY what games should be restricted…. The current rule is a copy of the Obscenity definition which is insanely vague.  Here is the rule they are deliberating on…
“it defines violent games as works that depict “killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being,” in a way that’s offensive, appeals to morbid interests, and otherwise lacks artistic merit. “

1) This is so vague. The games affected by the first part “killing,maiming,dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being” in a way that’s offensive, appeals to morbid interests and otherwise lacks artistic merit, would effect 95% of the mildly violent RPG/shooter games… because there is no definition of the ‘offensive’ , ‘morbid interests’ or ‘artist merit’. There isn’t a violent game out there that someone would judge ‘offensive’ and/or have ‘no artistic merit’. Who judges this? It doesn’t say. I can list 8 games that would fit this definition and only 1 out of 8 are super violent and have “maiming/dismembering/or sexual assaulting” in  them! (Captolized)

Doom (mildly violent)
Quake (ditto)
Quake 2 (same thing)
Unreal (Same thing)
Serious Sam (Moderatly violent)
Jedi Knight (Mildly violent, no gore – It’s star wars for god’s sake!)
BULLETSTORM (Uber Violent)
Morrowind (Mildy violent – no gore , just small bloodpools – no guns / just swords / spells)

If this deliberation is about a complete all-ages ban (even to adults!), then it can be twisted around to ban all 8 games, because mild killing with slight blood, like seen in most of these games could be twisted to violate the statute!  Only bulletstorm fits MOST catagories of violence, killing, dismembering,maiming, and no game features sexually assaulting… But none of the games have to fit all to be banned to adults in this case… Just fit one…. So it targets ALL violent games, even mild ones… Or could.

It’s too vague… One of the ladies in the Faux Newsvideo whined about all violent games fitting all catagories mentioned, like all or most violent games allow the player to Kill, Maim, Dismember AND sexually assault (rape – something she seems to think players can do in most games, she doesn’t realize that NO games have a controllable rape scene since custers revenge back in 1989, with worse graphics than Mario brothers !), and are disgusting and lack artistic value, and then made some nonsense lie about 2 year olds she knows who play them…. If this is really an All-Age ban and not some restriction to adults… Then we have a problem, especially if the justices think like her.


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