Idiot politician from Conneticut still trying to tax violent games (old post)

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While looking at, I came across this article. It seems that another idiot trying to blame violent games for sandy hook. It never ends does it? The “person” in question is none other than Debra lee Hovey, some senator or representitive from Conneticut, who after sandy hook, brought legislation to the House in Connecticut to Tax the Sale of violent games, saying they caused sandy hook, which they do not. She, recently has seen this legislation fail (rightfully so) and then said recently that she would bring it back into the senate there.

I quote:

“Countless studies, including a recent 2014 piece out of Iowa State University, have attributed the playing of violent video games with noticeable increases – in both frequency and severity – of aggressive behavior. This is true particularly among children and teens. According to that same study, more than 90% of video games rated E10+ or higher contain violent content, which is often justified and portrayed as ‘fun’. Moreover, it is now common knowledge that Adam Lanza was known to play these violent video games for hours a day. If we can educate consumers about mature video games as violent behavior triggers, and put more resources into researching contributing factors of violent behavior, why wouldn’t we?:”

What she doesn’t say is that many of these studies are flawed, and try to find a link between video games and aggression or violence and use things like eletrocshock therapy to increase the likelyhood “factors” that are found in the kids who play violent games. These factors can be brainwave scans, loud noise, etc. None of these prove the kids are acting aggressive, the kids act aggressive normally anyway, do they check for that? No. Many studies are biased and are funded by groups like the center for sucessful parenting, who clearly want to get rid of video game violence, totally by causing crap like this.

“I am disheartened this bill did not pass. Assuming Connecticut lawmakers are truly serious about changing the culture of violence in our state, taxing violent video games is a common sense start to achieving this goal. If mature-rated video games carried an extra warning label, and were charged an extra tax due to their violent content -similar to the sin tax on cigarettes-, a parent might think twice before purchasing that game for their young child. At minimum, a parent would be more conscious of the content in the games their children are playing. In reality, educating parents about the potential mental health implications to their eight year old from playing violent video games is as common sense as warning pregnant women about the dangers of drinking alcohol. If the children, teens, and adults who play these games (alike) were aware of the risks of violent video game play, they could moderate their exposure to such play and seek help if needed.”

Parents are already buying games, with heavy labels on them. No way a label or tax will change that. How far does Hovey want this to go? 50% tax on the sale, 100%?, taxing the buyer 10% of all property they own in the state every time they play the game, in an attempt to kill the industry. Make no mistake, a tax like this has only one goal, to do just that.  She claims 8 year olds regularly play violent games. Regular studies by the ESRB prove the average age of gamers is 34+ years old! 8 year olds play games that MAY contain some violence but most gamers are NOT 8 year olds like she is claiming!

“The science is clear and overwhelming; the playing of violent video games by children and teens does lead to observable behavior changes. That same study from Iowa State University showed that “habitual violent video game play increases long term aggressive behavior” and this increase occurs “regardless of sex, age, initial aggressiveness, and parental involvement.” That means even children with no previous signs of violent tendencies were shown to have an increased incidence of such behavior after prolonged violent video game play. An additional 2004 study concluded that adolescents who play violent video games for extended periods of time are often more aggressive, more confrontational with teachers and adults, and more likely to engage in fights with peers. Violent video game play does not only impact the behavior of children with preexisting behavioral issues, but the behavior of all children.”

This is another citation by her of a Biased study that proves nothing. Aggression is normal in kids. My friends kid never plays violent games, and he throws crap around constantly.  Aggression =/= Violence! Kids are like this anyway, does this fact even register in the mind of such idiots spouting nonsense like this?

“It should be the duty of the State of Connecticut to ensure parents and players are aware of this information. Labeling and taxing mature rated video games is an obvious way to achieve this. It is clear that violent video game play alters the psyche of our youth and induces violent behavior. Spreading the word about the affects of violent video games brings the issue of aggressive behavior to the general forefront of parent and player minds. Most importantly, recognizing and getting help for individuals who display patterns of violent behavior is a key step in preventing mass acts of violence before they occur. Therefore, I ask you as a Legislator and fellow citizen, let us work together to eradicate our culture of violence, and let us start with spreading the word about the harmful impact of violent video game play across Connecticut.”

She is spewing more nonsense here.  It is NOT the duty of conneticut to ensure parents that this nonsense is supposedly real. She thinks us gamers don’t know about the BS she and other anti-gaming morons keep spreading? We’ve been aware of it since the dawn of the violent gaming causes school shootings moral panic because the media constantly blames violent games for crap they did not do. I highly suggest any gamer in Conneticut contact their Representive and tell them to not vote for this Bill she is bringing into the House to Tax violent games….. It’s really important you Connecticut Gamers do this. I will update you with more info on the bill when it comes in…


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