How Retarded the Bulletstorm “X-rated” Skillshot Controversy Really is (old blog repost)

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Reading up on the Whole Bulletstorm ‘X-rated Skillshot BS’ (Yes, that’s what I’m calling it now), made me realize how idiotic Fox News has gotten. For those who don’t know what bulletstorms ‘Skillshot’ system is, it’s a system that rewards killing enemies in different creative ways.  At the bottom of the article, taken from The Skillshots Page on the Bulletstorm Wiki is the total list of all the Skillshots in the game. Read them. How many are obviously sexual in content. 1 maybe. Rear-Entry. That’s it. Maybe Topless. Here is a lovely quote from the Fox News Article :

“The in-game awards system, called Skill Shots, ties the ugly, graphic violence into explicit sex acts: ‘topless’ means cutting a player in half, while a ‘gang bang’ means killing multiple enemies. And with kids as young as nine playing such games, the experts spoke with were nearly universally worried that video game violence may be reaching a fever pitch.”

Number 1. Topless in this game means to rip the top end off of an enemy. Literally. It’s nothing about Undressing anyone. Number 2 Gang Bang can be sexual but also can refer to gang activities without any sexual acts mentioned at all.  In this case it’s neither. It’s  a very clever play on words because in the game to get a ‘gang bang’ you blow up multiple enemies at once. A Gang of bangs. It has NOTHING to do with sex in this case at all.

I looked through the hundreds of Skillshots mentioned on an OFFICIAL source (Faux doesn’t use these) trying to find anything overtly sexual to see If I was wrong. I couldn’t. Only ‘Rear’ Entry has any sexual conotation but in this case it means shooting some enemy in the butt. Doesn’t say whether the pants are off or not.  ‘Gang’ Bang in this case is NOT sexual, nor is ‘Topless”.  Even the Classic Shooter Duke Nukem 3-D (Awsome Game BTW) Has more actuall sexual content (Strippers, pornography) then Bulletstorm ever will.  Also the Quote on the Age of kids playing Bulletstorm is clearly designed to Incite complaints from ‘Save The Children’ type groups and ‘Parental Concern’ Groups. The Average age of gamers today is 34. NOT 9.  I watched the Recent ‘Adam Sessler‘s Soapbox’ Update, and Have to agree on one point. This seems Awfully desperate by Faux news to cause a controversy, for the sole purpose of causing a rediculas anti-video game moral panic that is bad enough to spread to the government to cause bans of all violent games, games far less violent then Bulletstorm it is. Claiming Bulletstorm allows people to Rape Women in the game might just do it. Even though you can’t actually do that in any game I know of besides the 1989 title ‘custer’s revenge’, that has faded to obscurity and rightfully so.

Mercy 100 Shoot/kick an enemy in the crotch, then the head.
Intoxicated 100 Kill enemy after drinking an Alcoholic Drink.
Head slicer 100 Wrap a flail around cover cutting your enemy’s head off.
Firefighter 100 Kill a large group of flaming enemies.
After Burner 50 Set an enemy on fire and shoot him to death.
Fertilizer 50 Make the enemy explode into pieces and let the pieces fertilize the ground.
Gang Bang 25 Kill multiple enemies with a Flail Gun explosion
Bullet Kick 25 Kick the enemy, then shoot them to death.
Headshot 25 Shoot the enemy in the head.
Minefield 25 Shoot a flailgun shot at the ground near an enemy and detonate
Gag Reflex 50 Shoot an enemy in the throat, causing him to vomit blood.
Overkill 50 Shoot an enemy in the head with a charged PMC.
Vertigo 50 Kick an enemy off a cliff or building.
Bad Touch 100 Impale an enemy with a cactus.
Fire in the Hole 50-150 Leash a person and shoot his butt. Enemy specific.
Full Throttle 50 Kill an enemy while firing full-auto.
Trap Shooting 50 Using the leash to slam more than one enemy in the air, then kill an enemy.
Machinist 50 Destroying an enemy vehicle.
Enviro Mental 50 – 250 Kill the enemy using the environment.
Meatball 100
Feeder 100 Leash or Kick an enemy into a carnivorous plant.
Frequent Flyer 25 – 100 Kill an enemy while his is in mid-air
Double Cut 100 Cut 2 enemies with the chain of the flail from the Flail Gun.
Brain Blaster 100 Get a Headshot with the flail gun.
4th of July 150 Cause an enemy on the ground to explode and fly up in the air.
Chain Reaction 50 Kill multiple enemies with a charged Flail Gun.
Mass Murderer 150
Stroke 50
Bullet Slide 25 Kill an enemy with bullets after sliding into him.
Double Ignition 100 Ignite two enemies with one shot.
Heat Wave 100
Killing Spree 150
Burn 50 – 250 Kill multiple enemies with a charged shot from the Boneduster.
Voodoo Doll 100 Leash/Kick an enemy into a rebar.
Body Wrap 50
Steady Hand 250
Direct Hit 25 – 100 Kill an enemy with the Bouncer
Facial 50 Headshot with the Bouncer.
Boom 50 – 100
On the Ball 50 – 250
Kick of Doom 50 – 250 Kick a Bouncer bomb.
Bombshell 175
Shocker 100 Kick an enemy into some electrical wiring.
Brotherhood 550
Yoink 100
Acid Rain 100 Leash enemy skyward then finish him with a charged Boneduster blast.
Deep Penetration 100
Piledriver 250
Splatterpunk 100
Sadist 50 Wrap an enemy with the flailgun and kill them before it explodes.
Flyswatter 50 Leash Launch an enemy into the ceiling
Trip Wire 50 While an enemy is running shoot their legs or feet to trip them. Then quickly finish them off.
Graffiti 25 Kick an enemy into the wall multiple times until their blood covers said wall
Rear Entry 50 Shoot an enemy in the butt.
Spun Right Round 150
Friendly Fire 300 Manipulate an enemy into being killed by other enemies.
Savior 250
Topless 250 Cut or bomb the torso of an enemy away
Skyjack 100
Drawn and Quartered 100 Anarchy specific skill shot, have two players leash the same enemy at the same time, ripping the enemy apart
Blind Fire 500
Pancake 250 Flatten an enemy
Slam Dunk: leash enemy skyward then leash back down to the ground 50
Nom Nom Nom 200
X-Ray 100 Kill an enemy through a different enemy.
Parashoot 100
Juggler 100 – 500 Leash an enemy skyward and shoot him multiple tiems with the Boneduster
Flak 50
Bossed 250
Grenade Gag 25 Wrap a Flail around an enemy’s neck
Sausage Fest 50
Smart Mine 100 Wrap a Flail around an enemy then pull/kick another enemy towards him and explode the Flail
Parashoot 500 Leash a gyrocopter pilot out of his vehicle and finish him off with the Peace Maker Carbine while he’s in the air.
Boned 50 Headshot an enemy with a charged PMC
Torpedo 50 Slide into an enemy and finish him off with the shotgun.
Blind Fire 100 – 500
Pump Action 50
Homie Missile 100 Wrap a Flail around one enemy then kick into another. Explode.
Bossed 750
French Revolution 200 – 300 Get a minimum of two headshots with one of the flailgun’s charge shots.
Fireball 50 Kill an enemy directly above the player with a charge shot from the Screamer.
Ding Dong 100 open a door using the leash to let the rubble crush an enemy
One Hit Wonder 25 Kill an enemy with one shot to the head with the Screamer
First In Last Out 100 Use the leash to launch a group of enemies in the air kill, all enemies and kill the the first leashed one last.
Tenderizer 50
Meat Slicer 50 Dismember an enemy with the Flail Gun by wrapping a charged shot around cover.
Fast Draw 50
Toxic Love 50 Kill an enemy while infected with green mutant toxin.
Misfire 50 Shoot an enemy with a charged Screamer and have them die from something else.
Enlightenment Shoot an enemy in the head with a charged Screamer and have it detonate.
Antidote 50 Kill a toxic-mutant with a headshot near other enemies and then killing the resulting ‘infected’ enemies.
Fireworks 50 Leash an enemy skyward, and kill him with a charged Screamer shot, making him go upward.
Letterbomb 100 Kill mutiple enemies with a single charged sniper shot.
Breakdance 125 Kick an enemy and finish him off with a charged drill shot.
Hotshot Headshot an enemy with the sniper rifle.
Pricked 100 Kill an enemy with a cactus.
Broken Wings 250 Kill an enemy with a headshot using the sniper rifle in mid-air.
Pump Action 250
Sledgehammer 100
Early Retirement


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