GOP trying to overtax “Violent gaming companies” with the new Tax Reform bill. (old post)

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

So reading gamepolitics got me this article to attack. Basically, the GOP is trying to make it so R&D tax credit does not get given to “Violent Gaming Companies”, another ill planned attempt to kill off the industry in 5-10 years, like the Oklahoma Tax Bill that would have made it legal to tax people who stored, played, and otherwise consumed violent games 1% Of all the property they bought in the state, (which would be 100’s of dollars per storage, use, etc for me, more for others). Since no one could afford such a tax no one would even buy violent games and the industry would go bankrupt, provided the bill spread to other states like the filthy virus it was. Good thing it was struck down in court.

But the current Tax Reform bill has absolutely nothing to do with tax reform in a positive way when you factor in the future consequences the industry will have. I have no clue how high the current Tax Credit is for R and D for the gaming industry but it must be quite significant. Make it so this tax credit goes out the window and gaming companies will eventually (not right away but eventually) stop even trying to make new engines for their games because they can’t afford it. So they use old engines, and since old engines = shit graphics to most of the gaming community, the game will get shitty reviews and won’t even sell. Once this happens to 75 percent or more of the industry you have only the big corporations even being able to afford the tax credit and all others use old engines and eventually the new games with the old engines get panned as obsolete and they don’t make anymore money off of them, therefore they go out of business because they can’t afford to make new engines for their games.

I for one hate this. It’s not entirely the GOP’s fault, because to me Graphics =/= better game, Gameplay is far more important and so is story. But to modern consolitis infected morons graphics are everything and because of that this whole idea will eventually kill the industry. Someone has to stop this kind of thing now, because I don’t see the trend of better graphics = better game changing soon.

Write your representatives and tell them you think this tax is a ludicrous example of censoring an industry that the public thinks put out trash for games (which is the most common example of an opinion on violent games, unfortunately). Tell them the government should not be putting there noses into the gaming industry for a sick minded attempt to kill it off, which is what this really is!


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