Brainwashed and Retarded MSNBC Morning Talk show host bashes Call of Duty (old post)

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

After reading gamepolitics again, I found this lovely article. Basically MSNBC’s morning talk show started talking about a former Panamanian Dictator, and then started talking about someone who was suing the makers of Call of duty for putting in their likeness into the game, or something like that.  Then they start complaining and stated “we don’t know what is worse, this Panamanian dictator or the makers of call of duty”.  They then go on to bash the game, say it “damages brains” of kids, and worse.

What kind of retarded assholes are these?

Number 1, Call of Duty is a war themed FPS, far from the kind of games that get attacked on retarded talk shows like this.  It’s makers are FAR from the kind of people the said Panamanian Dictator are, those kinds of people who kill their own people, help to move millions of drugs throigh the border, ran a country with an iron fist where banks helped to launder money of drug dealers, etc. This idiot is comparing Infinity ward to this?

It’s just mind bogglingly stupid.

As for the claim that “games like this damage brains of kids” brought up on the talk show, this is Bullshit used to attack games. There has never been one study that proves that games “damage brains” like this, it’s a stupid claim brought up on a talk show, and now that bullshit like this has been spewed, millions of people who believe all they hear will believe this nonsense. It’s retarded.

There have been studies claiming that games cause brains to be effected, but they are all funded by the same group who claims they want to prevent entertainment from being violent to save the kids, what does that tell you? Major bias, and engineering involved to the results of such studies.

You have to be brainwashed to say and believe “violent games damage brains”. It’s a stupid claim. These claims are the kinds of claims brought up by hack researchers and the hack psychologists constantly. There is no evidence what soever to prove them, they just say them, can’t prove them, and people believe them because news stations and talk shows like this one keep hosting these poeple and claim they are “media violence experts” when they are really media violence attacking quacks.

What is up with video games being attacked on talk shows?

It’s happened since 1997, and it still happens. Talk shows keep on attacking violent games, half the scaremongering and scapegoating is brought up on talk shows, and I wish people would STOP watching crap like this so they would not get the money they are. It’s stupid. It’s crap like this that keeps reminding me that we need restrictions on what the media can say. If you agree, sign my petition to the Obama Admin to make it punishable by jail time for media to use lies and false truths when attacking games here. You can help stop madness like this before it starts again!

This is the first time in a while nonsense like this has been brought up, and hopefully it’s the last in a while, because it’s retarded.


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