Brown VS EMA Supreme Court Hijacking must be exposed….

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People think US could never ban violent games to adults. Their Wrong. In Brown VS EMA, a chilling effect would have happened if the justices in the supreme court decided to vote for California and allow the bill. The bill would have used the Obscenity Clause to choose what games CA cannot sell to kids. The clause allows them to fine retailers that try to sell a game that “lacks serious scientific, educational, and literary value”.  Since the Fines were absurdly high, the retailers, once fined, would not know what games they could sell ahead of time. The judges in CA, once offended by a game, would not say it has those above values. It’s only a matter of time till they fine a store for selling a game they find offensive, and that would cause them to stop carrying violent games because they would not be able to afford the fines. The bill was spreading to other states too.

Why am I mentioning brown vs EMA?

Well back in 2009, an extreme pro-family group, the eagle forum put up an Amicus brief for the case, for the justices to read. This article shows that they did this, and it’s filled with BS, but that bs is so old, I won’t try to debunk it. What is really bad, is what was in that amicus brief.

It’s long been taken down, they don’t want people to know how much BS was in the Amicus Brief, and that they were trying to Hijack the Supreme court with Hoaxes and Lies. I read the thing a long time ago, and it contained the claim Eric Harris Said Doom Will Become Reality (A Hoax Disproven by the FBI : debunked here), the claim that doom made Micheal Carneal shoot better in real Life (Debunked Below), and the Claim that violent games are being used to break down the inhibition to kill in the Military (Debunked Here). There were other claims but I don’t remember what they were…

Here is my debunking of the Micheal Carneal BS claim that he trained on doom and became a better shooter:

“This is one of the biggest BS claims going out there right now. That Micheal Carneal learned how to aim just from Playing Doom without training at a range. There are tons of problems with this. First of all, doom at the time lacked vertical aiming. A random number generator determined how high your bullet went. You have no control over how high you shoot at all. Explain how carneal hit 3 of his targets in the head then? He couldn’t have. He fired 8 individual shots with semiautomatic pistols that don’t fire multiple rounds when you hold the trigger down, and hit 8 kids in the head or chest. Doom trains you to hold down the mouse button down, your gun in the game will fire multiple times. All of the guns do. Unlike anything but full auto guns in real life. After killing all the enemies in the current room you let go and rinse and repeat in the next room, etc. If Carneal trained on Doom, he would fire one round while holding down the real guns trigger and no more shots would fire (because his gun was not full auto), and would not be able to hit all 8 targets at all. He MUST have trained at a range. ”

You can see the bogus claims are a problem. They’re being cited now in Supreme Court cases by Wackjobs. This is practically Perjury. Don’t try to tell me Eagle Forum did not know these lies were lies. I don’t buy that for a second. They have been running their mouth attacking games by saying they have “Decapitation of Prostitutes”, “Pushing people into Running Saws” and “Sodomizing People with Broomsticks” for years. NO games have these features. NONE.  They just spew their nonsense, ad-infinitum.

People like this NEED to be punished… NO ONE but me knew their Amicus Brief had so much BS claims in it. Someone should have read the thing and attempted to contact the SCOTUS to try to get these fuckers punished for lying to them.  I just want the gaming industry to know these anti-gaming groups do more than whine about violent games. They try to sway supreme court cases with fake evidence like this. It needs to be stopped. Someone should be required to read amicus brief’s by groups like this and punish them if they put lies and hoaxes into them. They are NOT trustworthy.


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