Quack “Crime Writer” Fakes Evidence to prove killer killed because of Violent Games!

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Lo and Behold the fake bullshit surround violent video games has not died down. It’s been years since a moral panic and still idiots are using fake evidence to start another violent games moral panic. The idiot in question is the same idiot I attacked for trying to claim all gamers are baby killers after sandy hook, and it seems he found a new site to attack violent games from, and the site is just plain disgusting.

This is the post in question:


First of all, he references a crime, some kid shot his friend after taking a “selfie”. Then tries to claim they were both gamers. What evidence did he use to prove this? None. In fact, if you look at search results for the phrase maxwell morton “Gamer”, you get NONE but his site that “prove” the killer was a gamer! None Period. He then runs his mouth, tries to claim several nonsense claims.

“Real time acts of game-inspired violence, like this latest one, are on the rise now, especially among young males who compulsively play realistic single-shooter programs.”

Hello! Most “violent” games are not even that realistic. I did actual research on how many games out of all 605 FPS games ever released were realistic, and it’s a really small amount…

“Claim 6 : Most FPS games are “Realistic”

Source : Same comment poster as Claim 3

The commenter who mentioned that games that reward “Deviant” Behavior, also said that most were “realistic”. Visually graphic maybe, but people think that just because FPS games are “Realistic”  LOOKING they are total realism simulators, with an 100% analogue to real life Military Combat. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Visual graphics have not been increased over the years at the same rate as combat realism, what people think when they read these claims. The truth is that combat realism is found only in 1 RARE kind of FPS games, “EXTREME” Tactical shooters. These games are NOT uber violent. They are Simulators of real life combat. And most aren’t even that popular because they are Insanely difficult. They should be. 1 hit kills you. No Health. Things like “marine Doom”.  Most Tactical shooters are at most 75% realistic. They do bullet damage fine, and health not around every corner, but things like mimicking real weapons, that almost always fail, with few exceptions. Number 1, in these games, gunshot sounds are quiet. Real gunshots are DEAFINGLY loud.  Number 2, real guns jam, break, and need to be repaired regularly. NO games do this accurately. Because that’s stuff that the military teaches. Number 3, as a gun degrades it fires worse. Accuracy and similar characteristics go down. No game mimics these 100% accurately. Some might have weapon degradation. Number 4. Armor in most FPS games, even some tactical shooters is 100% resistant to bullets. or Very resistant. In real life armor isn’t nearly that effective. There are armor piercing rounds that  go right through armor.  Number 5. In Realistic scenarios like Simulations, Getting shot anywhere can be deadly, not just the head and chest. Shot in the leg. You can’t walk. Shot in the knee or elbow, or fingers, you  might be in so much pain that you cannot even move. Shot in the neck, risk of paralysis. Very few, if no games simulate this. Some games TRY to emulate real combat but most fail. The total of these games that come close in some cases in certain areas (like weapon physics, STALKER is a great example, or damage to the player (Far Cry)) are a small % of the total 605 FPS games ever made. MOST Fps games realism level is ridiculously low. For the first 10+ years of FPS games getting shot would just do minor damage most of the time. Not till Far cry come out did this change. Guns had no recoil in most old FPS games. Total % of TRUE “Semi-Realistic” games is 6.61% of all 605 FPS games ever made. But very few of these are even popular. Only 4.94% of all 81 popular FPS games are like this. These “Popular Semi-Realistic FPS games” are only 0.66% of all 605 FPS games ever made!”

He claims that young kids play them, which is BS. The average age of a gamer is 34,  according to an actual study by the ESRB.

“Researchers worldwide have conducted dozens of studies over the years exposing a direct correlation between excessive gaming and violence, but, of late, the multibillion-dollar videogame industry and its powerful lobby has found a few of their own *experts* to insist on the opposite.”

NO study ever has proven that violent games lead to real life violence. This is BS. There are tons of flawed studies that “prove” violent games lead to aggression, but aggression =/= violence! Repeat, there are NO studies that prove games cause Real Life Violence!

“Their current campaign is much akin to how the tobacco corporations used to propagandize that “9 out of 10 doctors smoke” their cigarette brands — before being heavily penalized for hiding the truth about the dangerous product they’d been peddling for decades.”

Again, some idiot trying to indirectly say the “link” between video games and real life violence is just as great as the link between cigarettes and smoking. Here is some REAL evidence that debunks this.

9 killers have been gamers in the past. Any others who supposedly were gamers have questionable evidence to prove this. That’s 9 killers out of 211,000,000+ GAMERS! That’s 0%! Compared to the actual PROVEN link between cigarettes and smoking, 41%! For 41% of gamers to kill people over  an 18 year period (from the first school shooting to now) we would have to have 4806111.111 gamers killing people per year!

He claims the gaming industry is hiding the truth? Without proof of course. He even says says games are dangerous. More bullshit, bullshit without proof. He is claiming the gaming industry is sponsering studies that have an opposite result to the fake studies the idiots who don’t like violent games have been doing. That’s bullshit. The “Gaming Industry’s” studies don’t use Electroshock therapy to bias the results of their studies do they? Well the other sides do! I was reading a PDF on one study that ADMITTED previous studies did this, and only did this to violent game playing kids to bias the result! That PDF, DELETED later to cover it up!

This “Crime Researcher” is a fucking moron who makes up bullshit to cause moral panics. He tried to claim gamers = baby killers after sandy hook, and now he is using a crime that has NO Link to gaming to cause a moral panic by making up evidence that proves the killer is a gamer! NO other site proves the killer was a gamer! It’s made up, and it’s bullshit people!

I think idiots like this should be jailed! They are doing the equivalent of yelling fire in a movie theater by faking their own evidence that “proves” video games cause violence! These people disgust me. Why isn’t anyone else attacking this one “writer” is beyond me.  What they are doing is totally disgusting, and it needs to stop.


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