PROOF that the Adam Lanza “Score Sheet” is FAKE.

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Since the Newtown massacre, dozens of news articles have been saying Adam Lanza made a 7 by 4 foot tall spreadsheet with info on previous murders. The articles try to claim it is the work “of a deranged gamer” and that he killed himself to “save points”, at the same time, stereotyping gamers as murderers.

I did some more research into the fake Adam Lanza “Deranged gamer score sheet” claim today. Apparently the original article, which is here, said it was a document on his computer. Only problem is that it was found, that he destroyed the Hard drive of his computer, according to this site. How could the spreadsheet document even exist?! A PC with a Hard drive that has failed due to destruction won’t start. No way can anyone retrieve info from that Hard Drive. It’s impossible. This article proves they did not succeed at retrieving data from his Hard drive, so how could this document be real?

This means that this spreadsheet claim IS fake.

This is PROOF Lupica made up this crap. He is a scumbag. People like him should be rotting in jail for spreading hate speech. It pisses me off. How can a newspaper allow him to spread nonsense like this? How can the government? Since sandy hook, the government has done NOTHING to stop the spread of media fabrications surrounding video games or gamers like the article. It’s their responsibility to prevent BS like this. DO something to punish the media for calling gamers murderers and claiming this spreadsheet is real. They won’t because they too think gamers are potential school shooters.

I’m demanding it!

And I want your help Connecticut gamers….

I need it.

Talk to your senators about this. Say how you dislike nonsense being spread about violent games like this fake spreadsheet. Say how the article stereotypes gamers as murderers. Say how the spreadsheet document mentioned in the article is fake and that his PC had it’s hard drive destroyed so nothing could be recovered from it. The government investigation claims it’s real. Complain about that too. It’s disgusting. Make them feel your wrath.

I am going through with the plan to petition the government to regulate the media. I plan to go to the site and start a petition there. I don’t know what it will be, but I will update the blog when I do do this petition. Your signatures will be needed (and appreciated). Stay tuned gamers.


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