1999 death threats and the coverup Revealed.

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I told you in an old post how my anti-video game censorship crusade began. I was brutally threatened by an Internet troll on a denverpost message board after rudely responding to him after he did the same to me after I posted how I hated how denverpost and other news sites were making up utter BS about Doom’s fake connection to columbine.  It’s a long story but what isn’t is there culpability in allowing someone to threaten my life and how nothing has been done about it since.

The troll swore, used sick sexual innuendo, threatened violence AND rape to anyone who said something trying to defend violent games on the forum.  And for 3 months the troll was allowed to do that, threaten to crack my skull in and much worse. The final post involved the troll saying “I have enough evidence to prove gamers get violent” or something like that, something very lawyer like.  It was almost like the troll was a lawyer and was trying to get evidence that gamers are violent through  a warped method of insulting gamers constantly till they eventually would threaten him back and writing down the responses.  I have no proof this troll was a lawyer, except for this and 1 other thing, the persons email address was, email for the law community.

Eventually the site was shut down, the entire forum service actually, and the entire email service was also shut down. The account for that this person used does not exist and this image taken with my web browser proves it.

It seems this whole thing was being covered up. First the post that said “I have enough evidence” was taken down suddenly, no more than 20 minutes later. Then the entire forum service goes down and the email service too? Too weird to be a coincidence to me. But what really proves this is that actual evidence that proves the identity of this troll (probably a fake identity) was found by me recently, and it was taken down too!

For years I have been using reverse email lookups to find the Identity of the troll who threatened me. Almost all of them were scams and the ones that weren’t gave me no matches.  I kept looking for more for 12 years or so and until this year I didn’t find any clue who this idiot troll was. I tried and It gave me a match to a person in San Diego but nothing else. That was a start… But the more I tried the more I failed to find out more. Dozens of google searches of the email led to nothing, I was hoping to find an account of the troll threatening gamers on some other message board lazy enough to use the same email but no such luck. Until this year. Google searching “” lead me to this result which I took a screenshot of because I was afraid it would be taken down:

So the troll in question was “Mike Pope” from Thailand? Somehow I think this is a pseudonym because Mike Pope doesn’t sound like a name from a person living in Thailand to me. It sounds fake. It’s besides the point because this result was taken down by google mysteriously.  Another cover up? I don’t know but if you google “” you don’t get this result anymore. It’s a coverup, I tell you.

So denverpost allows this loser to threaten my life, threaten to crack my skull open, threaten to “fuck me up the ass” and worse and nothing was done to ban this user, what so ever, no action taken whatsoever. Their scumbags, I tell you! They first publish an article making up nonsense about doom after Columbine saying Eric Harris made a version of Doom to train on that has features Doom Cannot do, then they do this? It pisses me off, that this idiot and the idiots in this fake newspaper get away with this.


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