Well.. Reading gamepolitics.com lately has not gotten me much to work with, story wise. But this article has me scratching my head… Basically the Deputy UK prime minister is saying GTA (and probably games like that) turn people into addicts who live in their bedroom or living room and don’t talk to people, becoming “hermetically sealed”….. This is the last time we need more of this BS! You know why?


Whether Nick Clegg knows it or not, he is helping to perpetuate the stereotype that all gamers are sociopaths. Sociopaths that only play violent games, aren’t social, don’t talk to anyone, and just play all day, isolated from others. Stuff like this re enforces the nonsense that gamers are sociopaths, cretins, low lifes, etc. I know most gamers are NOT sociopaths. The ones that do do not make a majority. Saying all gamers live in their bedroom reminds people of Adam Lanza, who was reported by the Tabloids to have lived in his basement. To their mind now, Clegg is making gamers look like criminals.  It’s pathetic and it has to stop. I play only 2 hours of Video games per day, I am a social person. I don’t need nonsense like this to be spread. It’s bad for all of us… The more people stereotype us as living in isolation, or any stereotype really, the worse it will get..


What really gets me is how Nick Clegg decides to complain about how he can’t limit gamers gaming type through any law or edict near the bottom. Because people like him love to regulate us as much s possible, but since the unfortunate fact that his Country is a Free Country, he unfortunately cannot do that. Anyone like this should not be in office. Who elected him? People who don’t like violent games? It makes me wonder. Do we really have world leaders complaining about Freedoms that get in the way of controlling people because they view those people all as sociopaths and school shooters?



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