Well lo and behold, this new moral panic on the nonexistent link between violent games, and the Navy Yard shooting hasn’t fucking ended. It got 500 times worst, folks. Wayne Lapoopiere has reared his ugly fuckin’ head again!!!! This time blaming the shooting on the yet to be released GTA V.

“The evidence against Grand Theft Auto is not to be disputed. Clearly, excitement over the imminent release of this game led Mr. Alexis to commit celebratory murders… Either that, or [Alexis] was going on a ‘practice run’ in anticipation of playing this degraded piece of garbage.”

Obviously, Lapoopiere has had his head up his ass all of  his life because it’s plain to see that Mental illness caused this shooting. I quote

Alexis had been suffering a host of serious mental problems, including paranoia and a sleep disorder, and had been hearing voices in his head, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the criminal investigation was still going on.”

How could anyone call games “degraded pieces of garbage?” I have no clue. It disgust me. Games =/= Garbage! It’s fucking assholic! Wayne Lapoopiere is no better than the rest of the anti-gamer fucktards out  there.

“at anything other than Grand Theft Auto V for this tragedy is morally irresponsible,”

You mean, that blaming GTA 5, a game that couldn’t have caused the massacre is NOT morally irresponsible? Stop smoking Crack Lapoopiere! It’s just an agenda by these deranged gun nuts who helped to create the Sandy Hook Shooter to cover up  their role in the shooting. Lapoopiere should be held accountable, not the NOT YET RELEASED GTA 5! The next quote is the worst of the bunch…

“It’s high time Congress and our president backed sensible video game regulation. Anybody that wants to purchase a copy of Grand Theft Auto V must undergo a background check, a psychological evaluation, and a five-day waiting period. Most importantly, all copies of the game must be kept under lock and key when not in use.”

What the Fuck?! We need background checks, psychological examinations for people buying violent games now! Since when has anyone actually found ACTUAL proof that Alexis even played them? If you take all the BS the media spreads that says ALL the shooters in mass shootings were violent game addicts as the truth (it’s not), you still get a mere 0.00% of all gamers have had any violent crimes associated with  them. There are 211,000,000 gamers world wide this year alone, and only 2 has killed people according to the media.  So all copies need to be kept in lock and key? Even OUR OWN BOUGHT COPIES? WTF! Someone needs to throw Lapoopiere in the fucking insane asylum for talking through his ass…. Do we really have idiots like this who would do what he wants in our administration? I say we do!! It’s fucking idiotic!!! NONE of those 211,000,000 need to get background checks and psych evaluations!! NONE!!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP WAYNE LAPOOPIERE!

In other news, the site that posted this garbage article kept on giving me this crap every time I tried to copy quotes from it, showing up in  the bottom of the pasted text every single time!!!. Unwanted advertiser assholes they are!! sigh…

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