SO…. FAUX NEWS want to track how much video games we buy and play?? WTF!!!!

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence
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In the wake of the newest mass shooting on a (surprise surprise!!!) Navy base, everyone is talking about their made up link between the shooter and “uber violent video games” and how his friend says he was an “obsessed gamer” (more on  that later). This has caused FAUX news to attack violent games Again!  A conservative moron named Elizabeth Hasselback is spewing nonsense about how there is a link between the 20-34 demographic and “video game violence” and how “we” (USA) needs to track video game purchases and, because this is NOT a gun control issue, It’s a “violent gamer control issue”! Like every single one of us is a violent psychopath in the making, not the mere 0.0% percent of gamers that are violent psychopaths, statistically (more on that later).

But you talk about this guy’s background, as we look into it,” Kilmeade continued. “He’s got a friend, who said, ‘Yeah, he had an obsession with video games, shooting video games. In fact, he would come over and he would be playing so long — these video games, these shooting games — we’d have to give him dinner, we’d have to feed him while he continued to stay on them.'”

“Are more people susceptible to playing video games?” Hasselbeck continued. “Is there a link between a certain age group or [demographic] in 20- to 34-year-old men, perhaps, that are playing these video games and their violent actions?”


OUR VIOLENT ACTIONS?! WTF! Last time I checked, only 0.0% of gamers are even violent! Out of 311,000,000 gamers worldwide in 2011, only 2 killed people! Only 9 out of however billions who played since 1997 have killed people. It would take1.6 MILLION shootings per year for 10% of gamers to be violent!!! Meanwhile a gigantic 41% of smokers get lung cancer. Hardly a strong link..

“What about frequency testing?” she added. “How often has this game been played? I’m not one to get in there and say, monitor everything, but if this, indeed, is a strong link, right, to mass killings then why aren’t we looking at frequency of purchases per person? And also, how often they’re playing and maybe they time out after a certain hour.”

So she wants people to be MONITORED for playing violent games. Not just any people. 20-23 year old men, like non-20-24 year old women aren’t capable of mass killing either.. Sexist asshole! You might say that monitoring people who play games is impossible, but with Malicious software anything is possible. If indeed someone in the senate supports such a plan to monitor 20-34 MALE gamers with spyware, it’s not good for us. What’s really scary is this quote Hasselback said. “And maybe they time out after awhile”. What is timing out? It is left to interpretation. The gamer or the game. If it is the game, does this mean she is trying to get people to remotely hack PC’s/consoles to shut  them down after a while? If so, that’s the most disgusting thing I have heard. Just because YOU THINK THERE IS A NONEXISTANT LINK DOES’NT MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL ME WHEN I GAME AND HOW LONG I CAN GAME FOR!!!’

Rant mod aside, I find it disgusting that Fox news is acting like gamer haters again after several untrusted Media outlets have said the latest shooter was an obsessed gamer. At least once the media has lied about a claim like  this. During the V-TECH shooting aftermath, one newspaper printed a quote from an anti-gaming mogul  that was more  than likely fake claiming Cho played Half-life. I just don’t  trust media outlets to NOT LIE about BS like this to use it against the industry.  If the latest shooter was a gamer, don’t print some fucking BS statement from “one of his friends” when “his friend” is just made up. IF there is a REAL LINK to violent games, PROVIDE PROOF! Don’t just make up BS!!! It’s disgusting, and so is this idiocy from Fox News, even more disgusting if they suggest violent games should “time off” after a while….


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