Google lists thousands of takedown notices of Fraudulent “Infringing” Content (OLD article from last year)

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Copyright Infringement BS, Moral Panics
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This is an older article published last year on my sister blog (, that never got mirrored here.. Enjoy

So I was reading how google would put any site lower in their search results based on copyright takedown notices given to them by copyright holders. On an article about this (not the linked one), there was a link to this google site showing how many takedown notices google receives per month and what sites are complained about. Most are free file hosting sites, and warez sites, but some big surprises crept in..

First, nearly half of the 2000 links I looked through when browsing page 1 to the page where the 2000 link was posted, were porn sites. A lot of blogging sites crept in as well, and so did facebook, twitter, and other social networking. However, their have been copyright takedowns of gaming file hosting sites as well, probably fraudulent ones.

Here are 10 screenshots showing what sites were given fraudulent takedowns, all circled in red.. These results were set per month so the URLS listed were all complained about in 1 month.

I saw quite a bit of blogger listed, mainly because there are blogger blog with pirated content on them, but wordpress? Sounds like a fraudulent claim, because I refuse to believe that wordpress hosts 763 URLS that have infringing content on them.

Yahoo? WTF!  It’s a search engine and doesn’t actually host anything that could be considered pirated or infringing. With 1808 “Url’s” to boot. I refuse to believe that this is a valid takedown notice, mainly because besides yahoo mail (which nothing pirated can be hosted on), and, what else do you have?

No We have the 335 Facebook takedown notices. Now on facebook, there might be some infringing content, but 335? Sounds awfully fradulent to me. I refuse to believe that 335 URLS have been found per month with obvious infringing content.  Same thing with the below takedowns. Twitter doesn’t even allow people to host anything but file links with very short descriptions and short 30 character “tweets”, where are the 333 twitter infringing URLS? Made up, that’s where!

Yet another fraudulent search engine takedown notice with 274 URLS of “infringing content” that is supposedly on a site that can’t even host that stuff. has search results and the mere idea that they are linking to infringing material might cause these “takedown notices” but there actually isn’t any material on google that is infringing, and notice how this said “”, as in the search engine, not youtube, not gmail, not anything else but the search engine itself… Sounds really fishy to me.

Now we got 239 quite possibly fraudulent takedown notices of content on, a document hosting site.  I’ve never heard of even being used to host copyrighted material, and while these results could be genuine, I’m not so sure… Moving on…

Now HERE is the one that pisses me off. Gamefront, formally known as filefront, is a gaming file hosting site, a really big one. It has thousands of video game demos, patches, mods, etc. Not once have I ever encountered anything pirated being hosted there… And I have never even heard of it being associated with piracy, but yet we get 232 takedown notices per month on a gaming file hosting site which probably deletes anything that could be infringing. Are these legit? Hell NO! These sounds fraudulent beyond belief. It’s like 2 copyright holders and 2 more organizations insisted on filing takedown notices on all legal files, because If you believe that filefront/gamefront has mostly legal files, how the hell can they have 239 pirated URL’s discovered per month? It sounds really fishy, fishy like an attempt to take down mods or something like that…

Now we get 192 takedown notices for, a video sharing site. Whether these takedowns are legit or not remains to be seen, but judging by youtube and it’s thousands of fraudulent takedown notices done by people trying to make a buck off of innocent uploaders, you really cannot trust these to be genuine, can you?

Another search result… Moving on…

Finally, another 66 livejournal URL’s being “found” per month, by 26 quite possibly bogus copyright holders, and 19 “organizations”. I have never heard of livejournal as a source for infringing stuff, and I refuse to believe that 66 have been found per month…..

What we have here, is an example of Copyright Fraud being done on a large scale by people trying to shut down sites that host LEGAL, Non-infringing content. Not once have I discovered any infringing (full games,etc) files on Filefront, or infringing content on Google itself, or on yahoo or wordpress  or on Scribd, etc. Infringing documents maybe but 239 per month? Yeah Right!!! It seem like most of these circled ones are quite questionable at least and obviously fraudulent at worst. And to bring up another completely different subject : Look at all the porn sites listed…. Is copyright law being abused to shut down porn?

It looks like it is, maybe part of the GOP’s “War on Porn” that they announced recently. If the morons in the right wing can over abuse copyright  law to take down Porn, then they can abuse it to take down any site that gets their panties in a bunch (Porn, Violent Games, Modding Sites, Youtube, Social Networking), because I don’t believe that Porn is infringing, hell I don’t see how 16,000+ notices on tons of  porn sites are all infringing on someones copyright. I see how they are all fraudulent to censor them too..

If these results are the ones that will all be listed lower in the search results, then the internet has already been censored, and it will only get worse…


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