Gamers! Mail your Rep’s about the video game nonsense. They are trying to regulate them again…

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence, Video Games
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Checking Gamepolitics today I learned the truth about Obama’s Violent game’s conference between the ECA and the Senators, hosted by Joe Biden. According to the ECA, the whole thing didn’t go down well and the senators still blindly believe “Video games cause violence”. I quote:

Senators are convinced that there’s a connection between video games and violence. One has even said that a proposed study is simply “laying the groundwork for new regulations on video games.” We know that’s not true – so write to them today.

Yes, even when presented with the facts that violent crimes have decreased since 1980, while video game sales have increased, and that other nations that consume more video games than the United States don’t see the same level of violence, those we talked to pressed forward with the need to legislate video games and waste money to find a connection between games and violence we know doesn’t exist. These Senators believe that playing games leads to real world violence. They have even gone so far to say in private discussions they disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision that video games are free speech.

We’re not going to take these insults and lies. Video games don’t lead to violence and are protected free speech. That’s reality. We need gamers to speak up and tell Congress this.Write to your elected officials and then spread this action everywhere you can.

This year is going to be a rough one. No matter how many facts we present, folks seem to want to stick to their fantasy that we gamers are time bombs waiting to go off. It’s insulting to me, it’s insulting to you, it’s insulting to us and just not true. Take action now.

Keep on gaming,”



This is, Frankly Disgusting… Number 1) None of these senators even care that people don’t want video games regulated,  As gamers we have to stop this mess NOW. We can do it. We need to mail our Rep’s and Our Senators, but their message refuses to show the real issues, the media fabrications, the nonsense, the real reason behind school shootings.  The Representatives will assume the default message is  just Industry Rhetoric. Why would they listen to it? You must send them a much more detailed message like the one I have put below. One that shows the scapegoating by the media and how violent games have nothing to do with real crime. This is really important.  My message is a lot longer than theirs but covers a lot of stuff that very few people know about but is all true and people simply are not talking about it. If people want to use this message, go ahead. Edit it and choose the parts you agree or disagree with if you want, but make sure to tell them that A) Violent media studies never have proven violent crime is a result,  and that B) Special interest groups in the CDC Study will try to hijack it with hoaxes, for extremist groups did that before at the Supreme Court, quoting the “Doom will Become Reality Hoax”, which was actually not on Harris’s real site but a fake site made after Columbine.

This is really important. This could be like the columbine moral panic on “Doom” times 5 if you don’t act… Seriously.

Title : “Regulating Violent games solves nothing!”

“As your Constituent, I would like you to know that I am not happy about all the scapegoating happening surrounding violent games by the Government, and if you don’t know this already, the scapegoating has been going on for over 10 years (since Paducah!), and it continues without anything to legally stop it.

Most comes from the media who are fueled by right wing extremist groups who are pro censorship such as the The Eagle Forum, the Parents Television Councel and others. For years they have been sending people on to talk shows especially right after school shootings, to make up utter lies about violent games such as the “fact” violent games make kids violent, the “fact” violent games break down the inhibition to kill, and the “fact” that violent games are military training tools. None of these are true.

The truth is that, video games don’t make anyone violent, no study has ever been done even linking video games to violence, the aggression studies have been misquoted by people with anti-video game agendas on talk shows as proof they cause violence, without proving which studies they are talking about. One was a guy who was trying to sell a book. The other guy is a Defense Attorney for Murderers who gets them all to say “Video games made me do it” and is trying to get people to believe it, so he can win as much cases as possible. In fact no study has ever linked video games to Violence at all. Why do we need a study to link them now?

The Link between Adam Lanza and the Video game “Call of Duty” was based on 1 UK Tabloid basically saying “This kid lived in the basement (a video gamer stereotype), and had a computer. He had posters of lots of tanks and old fashioned Military Weapons. Since Call of Duty Players can name a lot of old fashioned weapons, he must be a Call of Duty Fan!”.  This all came from a “plumber” who visited the house. This article doesn’t prove he played call of duty, but then 25 newspapers all Quoted this plumbers words as proof he was obsessed with Call of Duty and some even said Call of Duty made him commit the Massacre. See the nonsense the Media Spreads? Millions of people now believe, that Call of Duty caused Sandy Hook. But it’s not true.

The same thing Happened after Columbine. Some unknown party made a fake Eric Harris Aol Site with a page that said “The fires will go off in the 21’st, Eric harris Hates you all, Doom will become reality!”.  This spread around to people and then the media quoted the “Doom will Become Reality” part and immediately everyone thought Doom Triggered the Massacre. Only Problem is that Harris never wrote these words, the site was made on April 21’st. It was proven by he FBI. But no one listened. One News article verifying that it was a fake Aol Site was taken down to cover it up by someone…. The media makes up bogus claims right and left about violent games. FOX News hired a fake hack psychologist to say “Bulletstorm causes rape because Rape is a violent crime, and since Bulletstorm is a violent game, it has caused rape!”. Millions Believed this.  A preacher recently said at a public function of some sort, that “Pornography releases Endorphins, it’s like a cocaine High, the more you view pornography the more you need that high, till Heterosexual Porn doesn’t satisfy you anymore, you then jump to Homosexual Porn, then to Bestiality or then to Pedophilia. Look at all the Rapists and Child Molesters who said they were addicted to Porn. These Violent Video games are the same way”. He basically said it in a way to make some people think Violent games lead to child molestation.   In the Columbine case, the Hoaxed page was used as evidence in the Supreme court case EMA Vs Brown. It was submitted by a Right wing pro-family Group who is anti-violent games. I fear some similar group will use this or other bogus claims (imagine if they use the Child Molestation one…..), in the upcoming CDC study as evidence… This must not happen. It’s not true and things like this could lead to Regulation when no evidence of a problem exists…

Legislating violent games will not cause Tragic School Shootings to stop. Doom didn’t have anything to even do with Columbine. The CHS Massacre was a revenge crime against the police in Colorado, and according to a freedom of information act request for documents the FBI was keeping secret,

Eric Harris was Raped by the Police in an arrest in 1998. This triggered the revenge crime, Not Doom.

We still don’t know why Adam Lanza killed 26 people. Why jump to conclusions till a real investigation gets done?

Thank you for your time and consideration.”


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