Ralph nader calls gaming companies “Electronic Child Molestors”. We’re child molestors now. SIGH….

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence, Video Games
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Reading gamepolitics.com I came across this lovely little article. Apparently Ralph Nader is jumping on the fucking stupid bandwagon started by that preacher I mentioned before in a previous article,  that violent games cause real life child molestation to cause a huge panic that will lead to them getting banned and gamers possibly put on sexual offender’s registries…… I quote…

“We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment]. Television program violence? Unbelievable. Video game violence? Unprecedented, I think he should sensitize people that they should protect their children family by family from these kinds of electronic child molesters.”

Electronic Child Molesters? I thought that preacher was the only moron saying this… Apparently there ARE other idiots trying to claim that Violent games actually cause child molestation. This is disgusting… There is not one shread of credible evidence, NOT ONE, to prove that violent games have caused child molestation… NOT one child molestation case with a link to violent games, not one school shooter with links to pedophilia, NOT ONE!!!! These claims are complete fabrications being pulled out of people’s asses for the sole purpose to cause a moral panic. The preacher before posted his crap on youtube and millions heard. Now Nader echos this statement, a nonsense claim with no proof, whatsoever… I don’t have to keep saying the industry does NOT market violent games to fucking 2 year olds, but again I will, ESA did a study that proves that the average age of gamers is 34. Thirty-fucking four..

There is absolutely no proof that video gaming companies are taking advantage of “innocent little children”, who are far from innocent, breaking computers, torturing cats, throwing fits, biting random people, you name it!!!  So fucking be it… No one even cares…. But once someone even dares to claim that violent gaming industry is perpetrating pedophilia and child molestation, the nonsense will begin again.

The Oklahoma Legislation and the recent claim by Obama that he will get the CDC to investigate video game violence, will no doubt spiral out of control to mention this Bullshit claim that violent games cause child molestation. There is absolutely no excuse for this. No proof whatsoever. Then billions of anti-gaming groups will do falsified studies to “prove” that violent games cause child molestation, leading to another attempted ban on violent games and more drastic action, like putting all gamers in “brainwashing” camps to get rid of “paedophile” urges that don’t exist by cruel treatment, harassment, exhaustion, electroshock therapy and even beating the “urges” out of people. Sounds like a nightmare to me… But it’s what these people want!!! Mark my words!!!

I personally know 15 people who have played violent games. NONE of us have ever had the urge to molest children. NONE. Where is this crap coming from? it has to end…. I plan to oppose this by starting at least one petition on whitehouse.gov. This bullshit has gone far enough!!!


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