Again with the legislation of Morality, the Missouri Game Tax Plan…

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Moral Panics, Video Game Violence, Video Games
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So I was looking through and Came up with this lovely article… Basically some Senator or something from Missouri wants to put a 1% tax on violent games that will fund treatment for “mental illnesses associated with exposure to  violent games”. Blah. If the whole idea that violent games lead to child molestation brought up “indirectly” by Mr. Holier than Thou  isn’t bad enough,  it now turns out that this 1% tax may also tax people who “use” or “consume” violent games in “this state”. Read this.. (Section 1024 second page). Whether “this state” means Missouri or USA I don’t know… because state can also mean country not one of the states of the US.

Now I need to do the following. I am posting a screenshot of the pdf in case they try to change or delete it which the anti-gamers have done in many cases (hide their evidence, or shut down sites debunking it).

The troubling part is the quoted part of section 1024 but I want to go first into the whole “mental illnesses associated with exposure to violent video games”. To put it bluntly…. THERE ARE NONE.. The whole idea that violent video game exposure causes mental illnesses is based solely on a mutated version of 2 claims, the claim that Violent Games cause violence and that school shootings are caused by mental illnesses. The claimer just claimed that violent games cause mental illnesses for an excuse for whatever unethical “treatment” the “state” has for gamers. Now what do I mean by “treatment”…… Brainwashing.

Already mental illnesses are already being treated through military discipline, AKA Drill Instructors screaming, threatening, and abusing people to make them follow orders. This is the kind of “treatment” people like this want!!!  To fund this kind of “treatment” they want to steal tax payer dollars? Number 1, any kind of “military discipline” on any civilian should be outlawed. It involves verbally abusing people, intimidating people, working them till they are exhausted, depriving them of sleep, giving them no rights, then finally beating and/or raping them into submission. In a christian fat camp run with military discipline in Alabama or some other Southern state, several cases of instructors sexually abusing children occurred and it was shut down. Stuff like this doesn’t happen in military boot camps but this law was drafted in Missouri. There already is a generation of (mostly) Military Vets that think we “aren’t disciplined” enough and want mandatory boot camp for all 10 year olds, even if they aren’t in the military, because we are all out of control. These people run their houses just like Military Boot camps complete with the abuse to beat and (maybe, I don’t know) rape their children into submission. They want this to happen to everyone? You really want people to be beaten into submission to treat an Illness that doesn’t exist. Already in the country electroshock therapy is happening in cases where “mental illness” is diagnosed in people the Bush administration did not like. You want the “next step” to happen to anyone exposed to violent games?
I sure do not. Half of my whole school was and we showed NO sign of violent behavior or mental illnesses. The idea that violent games cause mental illnesses is BS.

Now to get into the Tax Plan in section 1024 once this brainwashing BS is off my chest.  I quote:

“In addition to any other tax provided for by law, there is hereby levied
upon persons storing, using, or otherwise consuming within this state, tangible personal
property purchased or brought into this state, an excise tax on the storage, use, or other
consumption in this state of all violent video games, based on the gross receipts or purchase
price of such property at a rate of one percent.”

This seems to enact a tax for merely playing a game in “this state”, while being ambiguous on what “this state” actually means, OK, Or all of the country. “tangible personal property” means anything someone owns in “this state”. Now the real problem is that anyone who brings this “property” into “this state” now has to pay an additional 1% “excise” tax just to “store, use or consume” any or all violent games. 1) How will this be enforced. Will they barge into people’s homes and demand daily payment for all the “violent games” used or stored or consumed in any people’s homes in Missouri or the USA, which? There is no way in hell that taxing people for doing any of these things is even needed. These people clearly want to get big funds quick and don’t care if the entire gaming hobby just dissapears overnight due to  the million of people selling their video games because they can’t afford the OBSCENE tax for simply PLAYING a violent game! I wonder if this was drafted to kill off gaming, because I think it would.

NOTE: I calculated all these by this formula:    (Games in total * 60.00 dollar price) * 0.1 * hours * seconds * minutes * days to get these. I am not inflating this to make this look bad. These are accurate figures.

What about taxing the makers to make the businesses go bankrupt by either A) making games so expensive that no one can afford them cutting into the gaming industries, B) taxing all the companies so much that they cannot function without going out of business, or C) Taxing the fans of violent games so much that having them is not worth it so why buy them… A) won’t work unless a 50% tax of violent games at stores is levied. For b) you need a 90% tax or so to affect all gaming companies, but C) which what this bill proposes “indirectly” (make no mistake, this could be abused like crazy to do this), only requires a 1% tax on people who own violent games in “this state”.

“This state” (meaning Missouri), is DISGUSTING. Trying to extort money from owners of violent video games to the point where they are bankrupt themselves to “treat” victims of “mental illnesses caused by violent games” which don’t exist, is a huge corruption of normal politics that must end…. If you are in Missouri or even in other states I highly recommend talking to your REP’s about this. This COULD spiral out of control. DO you really want to owe millions for OWNING a violent game, or be sent to a “correctional facility” for being a gamer?


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